We’re back. This time I double checked and triple checked and it is not a blockout day. We made it in. So we’re actually going to eat at Lamplight Lounge today. We’ve only eaten at the Cove Bar so I’m excited to try Lamplight Lounge. So right now we’re waiting for a table and we’re just walking around Pixar Pier. -Going to check it out for my first time. Yeah, he hasn’t seen it. I was here a week ago? I was here when it first opened. So here we go! I feel like a mad scientist. It’s like juice! I put a spell on you! I really like it. Can’t tell if I’m in the shot. -So you’re drinking the what? The lamp lounge pilsner? -Beer Yeah. They made it just for here, a local brewery. Forgot the name of it, but it’s good. It’s tasty. It’s actually pretty good, this is the non-alcoholic version. Right up my alley because I don’t drink. And it’s really tasty. Oh this one’s cool. -How many do we have? -Four? So we got the lobster nachos but with tri-tip instead of lobster. -Because you love steak. -Steak is the best. So, here we go. It’s good. So we like them, a lot. The nachos are really good. I’m just digging for the cheese right now. We shared this the two of us, but I feel like you can easily share this with like two more people. I’m gonna try these things now and see what they are. It tastes like candy. These taste like Jolly Ranchers in the middle. Not Jolly Rancher but like gummy, some sort of gummy candy. -Like a gummy candy? Yeah. -Yeah for me these taste like Jolly Ranchers. I’m a big fan. Okay so we just finished eating at Lamplight Lounge. What did you think? One of the better places in Disneyland. This is, yeah. Probably my new favorite place to eat at. It was really good, we had the tri-tip nachos not lobster. The ambience was dope. It’s beautiful in there I wanna live there. But the food was really good, we only tried the drinks, 2 drinks. I had the Infinity Fizz and Alex had Um the Lamplight Lounge Pilsner. It was beer. Some local brewery that made is specifically for them. And then we had the nachos. It was really good. We didn’t want to eat too much because we’re coming back in August. So when we come back in August we’re going to try something different. Definitely recommend it. We’re in line. What is it called? Because I call it the lemon stuff. For the Adorable Snowman Adorable Snowman. We’re going to get the parfait. The lemon parfait. That’s where we’re waiting to go. And we are all the way over here. Which one do you want? -Whichever one you want. No pick! Pick! Okay. Can we get the parfait? Thank you! Look what we got! This is already it’s already melting. It’s really lemony. Hold on wait. Okay. I think I cracked the code, I think it’s closest to like one of those popsicle sticks you get from the ice cream man as a kid. I think like, I remember it tasting like the Spongebob popsicle stick. It does taste a lot like those Spongebob um like character popsicles. It’s really messy to eat because it’s super hot outside. This is going down baby! This thing is huge! Like maybe it doesn’t look that big but it’s a lot! It’s good to share it. But it is a lot. We’re not finishing this, this thing is humongous. We’ll try to finish it. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it I’d probably give it like a 7 or 8 just because I don’t like lemon too much but I Iike it with the raspberry. I love lemon. So maybe I’d give this like a 7.2 I do like Dole Whip more though because I like pineapple a lot. And I prefer pineapple.. I’ve been going to town on this by the way. I know I haven’t been able to take another bite since he took it from me. It is worth the line. What do you think? Yeah, especially when it’s hot out like a day like today like I actually enjoyed it way more than I expected to like it. Yeah I liked it more than I thought I was going to like it too. So this was our first dessert on the pier. And we’re going to try some other ones. Hell Yeaaaah! Alright so we’re taking a break from having a ton of sweets. Got them sugar sweats! Yeah, so we’re still full. So we’re just going to hang out in Disneyland for a little bit. Maybe go on a ride! We’ll see! Bye! Why doesn’t anyone ever take photos at this blue wall? We’re in Tomorrowland. Waiting to go on Buzz Lightyear. To Infinity and beyond! I suck at this game! I’m better at Toy Story Mania. We’re heading back to Pixar Pier. We just went on Buzz Lightyear. So now we’re going to try the Jack-Jack cookie. We’re in line for the Jack-Jack cookie num nums. I love cookies! So I am super excited to try the Jack-Jack cookie. Thank you! -Nice and fresh! Alright, finally going to try the cookie. I like the melty chocolate. They put it through this like little oven. So it makes the chocolate all melted and it’s perfect. It’s really warm. And really chocolatey. And delicious. This is my new favorite cookie. It’s going to be one of my go to desserts when I want something sweet in the parks. Yeah, if you’re having a sweet tooth this is a pretty good choice. And the line’s not too long. And you can meet Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible while you wait which is dooooope! I give it a 10! I give it a Last bite here we go. Was it as good as the first bite? No because now I don’t have anymore. So that’s it for today. Gained a couple pounds for sure. So we ate at Lamplight Lounge. We really liked it. The fizzy drink…the Infinity Fizz I believe is what it’s called was my favorite thing. The nachos were really good. The beer. The Pixar beer. And then we went to Adorable Snowman and had the parfait. Which is really good, it’s refreshing. Yeah, today is really hot too so that was nice. Yes, on a really hot day it’s really good. Then we had the Jack-Jack cookie num num. Which I know why it’s called num num because it’s like when you’re eating it you’re like Num num num num num num num! And I think out of everything what was your favorite thing? The beer. My favorite thing was the cookie, and the drink, the Infinity Fizz. I like the nachos too. And the nachos! I guess the the adorable snowcone was pretty good. It wasn’t a snowcone! I’m trying to vlog and he’s just making faces. Yeah we’re done, for the day. We’re just gonna walk around, go to Cars Land but no more food. Because…we done. Our bellies can’t take it. I don’t know what we’ll eat next time. But we’re going to be going back to Lamplight Lounge in August. And when we go back we’re going to eat a lot! That’s it for today, thanks for watching! We out. Subscribe to our channel. And we out!