you top story right now late-breaking news we win and take you back to that story of a structure fire on the northwest side still developing max Massey is live on the scene what’s the latest max [Music] good morning guys we are told now that the fire actually stemmed from a water heater in the back of the restaurant let’s take a look fire department still on the scene but we are told that the fire is out we’re told that this all started earlier this morning a bartender at whose sous cocktails the next door smelled smoke walked next door opened the door and saw a lot of black smoke and some flames he called 9-1-1 the fire department tells me that it was a quick easy fire to put out they actually spent the majority of the morning making sure that the fire didn’t spread to the locations of the other shops here in the shopping center now we’re here at the shopping center at Babcock & Callahan on northwest side and right now fire crews obviously still on scene and the command is about to go there see how much damage is done but right now they’re expecting between five and ten thousand dollars mark Leslie