So what we used to do at Hockinson Elementary
School is literally throw everything away. This is like the biggest can ever and it could
totally be recycled. What could happen to those buns? We got enough people to kind of buy on, sign
on so that we could have our Sort Table. We get volunteers from 4th and 5th grade to
supervise and monitor the table. Big hit was the Share Table, the packaged
foods and such and the whole fruits that kids always were taking those, by the end of the
day they were pretty much gone, everything from the Share Table. And then now we’re taking it to the next step,
this awesome, wonderful milk dispenser. Yeah, we thought it was cool and that it would
be better than the cartons because they make waste. I went up to the school board and talked to
them. I told them all the reasons it would be a
good learning experience of how to use it for kids and it would eliminate waste and
they would be able to choose how much they can get because people usually don’t drink
all the milk in the carton. Well the first thought was, “Oh no, that’s
not going to work and we’re going to have a lot of spills.” We ended up doing it the very first day of
school. Really nervous, didn’t know what was going
to happen, and it actually went extremely well. The kids actually spilt more milk using the
cartons than they have with the glasses. We used to throw away up to about 10 gallons
of milk a day. We’re now doing maybe a total of, maybe 3
gallons of waste a day. So it cuts down on our time that we’re spending
hauling 5 gallon buckets of waste someplace. It definitely makes our job a lot easier inside. Slow and steady wins the race because you
know, maybe every week you get a little bit more of a buy in starting with the older kids
like a Green Team, or a student leadership team. And then kind of getting their teachers to
buy in and of course administration and custodial staff is huge. Don’t give up because it was kind of hard
to go up and speak but you just have to, kind of, do it. You know what, you’ve got to try it.