hello guys and welcome back to another
video here at Tim and Matt’s travel reviews and today we’re looking around one of
the airport lounges here at Chopin Airport in Warsaw Chopin Airport is located around 10
kilometers south of Warsaw city centre and the lounge we’re going to be looking
around today is the Bolero lounge the lounge costs €34 to enter all
is free for anyone who is a one-world sapphire member or above anyone under 18
has to be accompanied by an adult and anyone under 3 can access for free the Bolero lounge is located at Terminal
A between gates 7 and 8 the lounge itself is open advertised between 6 a.m.
in the morning and 11 p.m. at night They do ask that if there’s a group of nine
or more that you pre book in advance or let them know in advance and they’ll make sure there’s space for you as you can see here the lounge is very
clean and quite quiet but as this can be used by multiple airlines and can be
accessed by paying guests, this does get from time to time very very busy there is a selection of hot and cold
food as well as hard and soft drinks completely complimentary the food itself
isn’t the biggest choice when I visited there
the usual sandwiches or soups but enough to fill you up before your flight and whilst we’re having a walk around
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