– Hey hey! Welcome back to another video
and in this one I’m going to be going to stay at the hotel that has banned
bloggers and youtubers. I’m gonna grab my stuff and head to the airport and jump on a flight from Bucharest here in Romania to Dublin, Ireland and go
straight and see what happens at this hotel since bloggers and youtubers are banned. So about three weeks ago a British
youtuber, an influencer wrote to a Dublin hotel requesting that in exchange for
some exposure on her social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. That’s pretty I guess standard in the influencer industry
but what I noticed about the letter she sent she did not address the hotel by
its name and she described the hotel as “stunning”. Now the manager of the
Charlesville Lodge Hotel, White Moose Cafe in Dublin, Paul Stenson, he wrote a
one could say rather cutting reply quite a biting email. So basically this
huge Twitter storm erupted with a lot of people attacking the youtuber, whose name
is Elle Darby, she then went and made a reply video where she basically attacked
the hotel owner defended herself. – I don’t feel like I did anything wrong in that.
– The White Moose also replied with their own set of videos this went on and on
and it’s known as #bloggergate, the whole scandal. So I’m really intrigued
and excited to see what’s going to happen as I fall into the category of people that he has
apparently banned from the hotel so let’s see what happens when I show up with my
vlogging camera tonight in Dublin so yeah should be interesting. Lots of stuff, thanks a million! – Here’s your receipt!
– Perfect! So I’m here. In the hotel that banned youtubers.
standards of the hotels that you send Elle Darby, I think you need to raise the standards of the hotels that you send these emails to I mean the idea this is
a luxury hotel and luxury hotel room is a joke. This is fucking funny and this is
where I’m fucking staying actually I feel like should send you a bill for
having such poor taste so after the scandal broke out Paul Stenson, the
manager of the White Moose and Charleville Lodge Hotel, he sent
Elle Darby an invoice for over five million euros claiming that she owed him
that amount of money in terms of free publicity that the whole scandal had
actually given her. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow and let’s see how they react
when I go downstairs to this big baby this big black. This big vlogging camera so good night! Good morning everybody so speaking to
you live from the Charleville Lodge Hotel here. One thing I do have
to say actually and I do have to compliment the hotel on is the speed of
their Wi-Fi as I’m here uploading you can see some of the footage already that
I’ve shot here so that’s great. That is a big plus I’m big fan of course of
high-speed Internet. This is probably the least impressive room I’ve stayed in a while.
It’s bloody small man! I did only pay forty four euros a night,15 euros for
breakfast that would explain why cuz we’re in Dublin it’s quite an expensive
city. Elle Darby must have literally spammed every hotel in the city if she
also included this hotel Stunning? Stunning? Stunning? Elle Darby please that’s
what happens if you spam. Anyways the breakfast was decent and as I said the
Wi-Fi was just something that’s very important to me is also top so it’s
actually not so bad for my uses. Okay, let’s go and take a little walk around
the hotel – So firstly the lounge is not normally
like this. We had an inspection here last week. That’s why there are flowers
fresh flowers in the lounge they’re not normally here so it’s looking a little
bit nicer than it usually did … does and Charleville Lodge is by no means
stunning. It is a very budget lodge so if you’re not impressed by at Conor’s room
well you know what did you expect you? Know what I mean we’re not a fuckin’
five-star hotel. – What irked you so much about that email in particular? Because you
must receive like similar emails like all the time, surely? – We receive I’d say once
one one a month or two a month. The ones I like are the ones that say I’ve booked
a room. I’ve paid for it and you know why I am a youtuber or an instagramer. I will
put photos or videos of your property up on my channel. Is there any chance of an
upgrade? And I would say absolutely. Pay for your room, I’ll give you … I’ll even
put a bottle of Prosecco in your room. I’ll give you everything I give you free
breakfast free parking everything because you’ve actually paid for
something but if you come to me and say oh free accommodation I’m sorry no. If
she had approached it in a more businesslike manner actually addressing
me by name rather than hi there and said look this is a business deal let’s put
the cards out on the table let’s do business! I might have looked at it
differently but the fact that she didn’t even know who she was talking to and
have done no research on us whatsoever and was asking for something for free
without even giving me an idea as to what the ROI might be that pissed me off.
– You seem in the past to of taking issue with some of the demands of some
customers in respect to being vegan and gluten-free, being a snowflake, being a
feminist maybe can you elaborate a little bit on the policy of the hotel
respect to certain demographics? – Well honesty is our
best policy you know we’re not controversial we’re honest because I’ve
been honest view in a PC world where we’re not allowed to actually speak your
mind I’m labeled controversial even though
all I am is honest. I have nothing against vegans. I’ve nothing against the
gluten-intolerant although I do believe they’re suffering
from a make-believe disease. I have nothing against feminists. The only women
I do hate are the people who think that all men hate women but in general
there’s no minority I actually hate but the people I do hate are those who are
entitled. The entitled and it just so happens that the different minorities
tend to be quite entitled. A vegan came in here one morning with her meat-eating
boyfriend and she happened to be German just happened to be German looking at
the menu I’m vegan. What have you for me? And I said well we can do if you do you a
vegetarian breakfast. Well is that all? What about me
me me me me me me me? As if she was the only person in the restaurant. I said
look if you’d given up 24 hours notice we would have been able to do anything
for you but you kind of have come in at the last minute and looked at me as if I
had 10 heads because we don’t have 50 thousand items on our menu to
suit your idiosyncrasies dietary requirements. So I put those words into a
Facebook post and the vegan community erupted and the cafe was bombarded with
1 star reviews and World War V began. – They didn’t understand the word ‘idiosyncratic’ they mistook the word to be idiot? – Idiotic – ‘Idiosyncratic’ for anyone
who’s watching that doesn’t speak English as their first language just means like
individual characteristics something peculiar to someone it’s not negative or
positive it’s just matter of fact and it certainly does not mean idiotic.
– Different different dietary requirements and then the gluten tolerant one ok. So
a girl came in and she said your pancakes
are they gluten-free? And we said oh no your celiac is it no no I’m not celiac, I just don’t I don’t eat gluten alright
I’m afraid they’re not gluten free. Oh well look I’ll have them anyway. The fact of the matter is that less than 1% of the population suffer from a very
rare autoimmune disease called celiac disease which is very very serious and
it actually makes people who have genuine celiac disease to eat gluten
has a serious serious effect on them. Those who suffer from the imaginary
make-believe disease that is gluten intolerance there is no real beneficial
or detrimental effect on them if they eat gluten. They are just following a fad. They see
that Khloé Kardashian has given up gluten because apparently she’s gonna
lose weight which is absolutely bullshit but they buy into that and they believe
it. Then the third one was the feminists. I have no problem with people
breastfeeding in the cafe you know humor is our best policy here so I said once
that breastfeeding is perfectly fine at the cafe but as you’re bringing your
milk you know you can’t be bringing you in your own milk when we have perfectly
good milk here so the corkage charge will apply 5 euro
for one breast or 7.50 for two and the feminists we’re up in fucking arms. Maybe these
two girls do you do well you know. There’s always a small
cohort or portion of the population who will take offense to anything any of
these minorities whether it’s feminism veganism or gluten intolerance-ism. They
will speak about your business at the end of the day so we kind of use them
as our sales reps yeah so that’s that’s the policy on all of that.
– I read Paul’s kind of synopsis of what happened during bloggergate when you had
this argument obviously with dispute with … and you analyzed it and you
explained the value of actually basically pissing off certain vocal
groups who take issue with your policy so it’s quite a smart social
media strategy. – We’ve had over 50,000 reviews written on a cafe that has been
open since 2015. It’s now 2018. We have 35 seats. If you do the maths
there, it’s a little bit odd to have 52,000 reviews. They’re all I’d say … I wouldn’t say 10% of the people have actually been here So just goes to show how I suppose inaccurate unreliable Facebook reviews
are whatever about TripAdvisor. – You also have your own YouTube channel you have one particular video about influencers and what you see is what’s
going to be the death of influencer marketing. – There’s a load of websites now
about sell you followers. They’re even like a post for you. You’re hardly thought
there was that many Filipinos in Finglas did you? – Do you think that influencers or
social media influence is something that’s going to last in the long term? What are your thoughts? – I just don’t think there’s much transparency in the whole thing I think that if I’m an influencer and I’m
sent a pair of shoes from I don’t know shoe or Aldo or somebody like that and
I’m paid 5,000 euro to say they’re great I’ll probably say they’re great. – I think
integrity is something that’s very difficult to guard against with
influencers because yeah they have a conflict of interest. They are given
something for free, they will get more free things if they continue to say
positive … if they give positive reviews all the time. This is a problem for sure.
– Correct and like with the whole SMI girl who won’t be named if I had given her
that free room for five nights would she have been honest in her review? Would she
have you know spoke her mind spoken her mind in the video? Probably
not. – Would she have still said it was ‘stunning’? – Absolutely you know she probably would
have even though it she’s effectively lying. – If that social influencer came
back and paid her room would you … would you welcome her with open arms?
– If anybody came in and paid for a room I’d welcome anybody. Everybody
is welcome as long as you’ve the money to pay for the room you
know. I don’t, we don’t ban anybody from from this place you just have the money
to pay for a room. Just don’t ask me for a free room. Everybody
watching this, come in and stay with us but pay your way! Bye-bye! – So now that I’ve survived or even
thrived at the hotel that banned youtubers and bloggers it’s time to
digest the last 24 hours. So on the one hand Elle Darby wrote a
reasonable business proposal for free or discounted accommodation in exchange for
exposure on her social media accounts. This is something that’s pretty normal I
think in the social influencer world. However this was a copy and paste job
she didn’t even include the name of the hotel and she falsely described it as
stunning and moreover she didn’t explain the value that her exposure on her
social media accounts would bring to this particular hotel she doesn’t have a
Travel Channel she’s not focused on Dublin or Ireland so I don’t really see
the value that being in her social media would bring to a hotel in Dublin
especially because her target demographic seems to be young young
women young girls so I’m not sure did she just write to scores of hotels in
Dublin the same email looking for basically a free hotel room? Clearly this
is incompetent because she could have just gone to couchsurfing.com and found
a host who was willing to take her in for free, without her even having to
take maybe a photo and post it on her lousy Instagram in return. Elle, you would know these travel tips if you had signed up for my free travel training. Link in the description below! Next she jumped up the opportunity for more media exposure that this email had given her
well she is a social media … and she’s shamelessly played the cyberbullying card
when she was not being bullied by the hotel. She’d of course received a lot of
hurtful comments if you’re a snowflake but that’s just par for the course of
being on YouTube. People say terrible things about you all the time
unfortunately. On the other hand Paul Stenson of the White Moose Cafe has
been highly skeptical of what he describes as amateur influencers and had
in the past made some professional level YouTube videos on his channel that
mocked these social media influences because they show an unrealistic view of
their lifestyles and predicting that their influence will be short-lived.
– This makeup brush gave me herpes and six kids died trying to make it.
Who gives a fuck once I’m getting paid? When you get your free stuff you have to
put hashtag SP and hashtag ad in front of everything. So was his attempt to
obscure her name and refer to only as SMI or social-media influencer genuine?
Or did he plan to expose a suitable social-media influencer whenever he or
she were to write to him. He certainly had his merch ready pretty quick yeah
thanks thanks again for the … I may not have gotten a free room but I have gotten
a free t-shirt so thanks again for the kind of free t-shirt Paul! One thing is
for sure is that Paul Stenson is a social media genius. So write me in the
comment section below what your thoughts are on social media influencers whether
they should ask for or even receive free stuff. Is it really free? Do they provide
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Slán libh! (‘Goodbye’ in Irish)