Waldorf 800 Series Script
* The Waldorf 800 Series, a range of European inspired equipment redefining the ultimate
commercial kitchen. With Bullet proof performance & dependability and modular design with almost
unlimited options * SMOOTH OPERATION ñ On its own, or as part
of a whole cooking line, every unit in the Waldorf 800 Series is designed to look fantastic * ROBUST CONSTRUCTION ñ with the superb finishing
that has become the hallmark of Waldorf products * MORE FLEXIBILITY ñ with an expanded range
of products and features, the Waldorf 800 Series can be configured to suit virtually
any application * MORE POWER TO COOK ñ Waldorfís 28MJ advanced
performance open burners give full heat control ensuring youíll never be short on performance
when you need it most. * CHILL FACTOR ñThe addition of refrigeration
units to the Waldorf 800 Series range means food can be contained and cooked in one place. * CLEANING MADE EASIER ñ The Waldorf 800
Series range is designed for easy cleaning. Rounded corners and streamlined surfaces enable
easier wipe down and hygiene control. * THE ENVIRONMENT ñ The Waldorf 800 Series
range is as energy efficient and earth-friendly as possible and they strive towards reducing
environmental impact even further * THE POWER TO CREATE IS REALLY IN YOUR HANDS * The Waldorf 800 Series consists of: Cooktops,
Ovens & Target tops * Griddles, Griddle Toasters & Char Grills
* Salamanders, Deep Fryers & Oil Filters * Brat Pans & Pasta Cookers * Buy your waldorf 800 series cooking equipment
from Sydney Commercial Kitchens today