thank you make sure you text me okay [Music] [Music] hi I’m good I’m Kensi I’ll be your waitress um that’s what you like anything to drink sir have some water Hey hi and did you need some more time to look at the menu I’m just gonna go with plain bagel and some cream cheese keep it simple all righty um did you get a chance to look at her specials do any of those specials come with a side of Kenzie no smile if you leave a big tip have such a pretty smile as pretty as you are you know I don’t know if a smile is gonna be enough so here you are oh thank you did you need some more time to look at the menu with the beg or whatever that’s fine I’m not gonna get anything else can I ask you something Oh like why are you working here you’re way too cute to be waiting tables and I’m in college this place works in my schedule oh you’re in college yeah well you know there’s like other ways to make money for especially for a cute girl like you like you know I could hang out with guys you know and make money like that just hanging out whoa you know pretty much listen how about this hang out with me I’ll give you 600 bucks sure all right so do you think I’m joking I know I’m really where do you live I live right around here so when do you get off um I have got a break in like an hour can you then okay uh yeah let’s let’s definitely do this I’ll be after I eat my food I’ll hang out here in the plaza I’ll give you my number and we can make this happen all right cool I’ll be back with your food in a minute all right oh what’s that a cookie oh thank you sweetheart so give you something as well ah oh my gosh what’s what’s this way just take this for right now just whatever deduct the food and then can you bring me the when you bring me the bill I’m gonna write my number on it for you all right thank you sir just to show you I’m serious so we’re gonna hang out later right yeah definitely all right make sure you text me okay Britton bring over the check in a second okay and I’m Larry my number on it I want to sweetheart cookie sprinkles here you go honey write my number on here and then I’ll be out of here and I’ll just be hanging around the area so in about an hour right yeah definitely all right perfect thankful I’ll give you a minute a real fete yes yeah there you go that’s for you so my numbers on there thank you make sure you text me okay cool cool all right [Music] [Music]