VTECs infrared platformer is the first
product in a line of products that will be sold under the IRX brand. IRX is infrared extreme. It’s a true infrared platform that brings productivity, energy
savings, and ease of operation to the end user. You can replace any traditional
charbroiler with the VTEC and realize benefits immediately. Because you have
more usable space and you can control your cooking environment much more
effectively. The gas savings alone will pay for the unit, but the best part is
with the even heating on this unique charbroiler, you will see consistent
results batch after batch no matter who’s managing the grill. Charbroilers
historically have been something that have been very difficult to manage.
Traditional charbroilers cook with a lot of convective drying and conduction. As a
result, the moisture is stripped out of the food. The VTEC charbroiler utilizes
infrared energy. It cooks as quickly as any other platform but without that
convective drying. You will actually produce more yield, meaning your food
comes off noticeably larger, heavier, and juicier then you would get off any
traditional charbroiler. VTEC’s burner system is made up of three components.
You have an atmospheric burner, an emitter panel, and a stainless steel
cooking grate. The three of these components work together to generate a
true infrared platform. Unlike traditional charbroilers, which have hot
spots and cold spots, every burner zone is entirely uniform with the VTEC
platform. This allows the unit to be partially used in off-peak hours, saving
even more energy. It also allows different temperatures to be utilized on
one grill for different products. It’s typical for heavy-duty charbroilers to
exhibit as much as 400 to 450 degrees of temperature difference across corners.
On the VTEC platform plus or minus 20 degrees. In addition to the operational
improvement, you’ll also see labor savings in cleaning. Everything that
falls in the emitter panel is reduced to carbon and ash.
As a result, cleanup is completely dry. You simply brush away the debris. There
is no need to ever remove the carbon emitter panels unless it is time for
replacement. Because everything that falls on these emitter panels is reduced
to ash, you have no grease or debris falling into the crumb tray that could
cause secondary fires or flare-ups. The VTEC is available in fourteen inch
through 60-inch sizes. That’s one burner zone through five. And
what that offers is the ability to cook a number of different menu items on a
small platform and zone control on larger platforms, meaning you can set one
burner for one temperature range and another burner for a different
temperature range. The Vulcan VTEC infrared char broiler is a game-changer. We deliver increased production and improved food quality with consistent
results — all while reducing your gas and labor usage. Experience true infrared
cooking and taste the difference.