The best thing about what’s going on at
Vulcan today is the amount of new technology that we’re delivering in all of our product
segments, and the V Series is no different. It has redefined what a heavy duty range should
be, in terms of its visual aesthetic, its unsurpassed versatility and modularity, and
most importantly, in the level of performance that it can deliver to the marketplace today.
When we started this V Series development project back in 2005, we had three key goals
in mind. One, we wanted an enhanced visual aesthetic to the product, because display
cooking is much more prevalent today than it was decades ago. Secondly, we wanted to
increase the level of versatility, and not just more than what our product offered in
the past, but more versatile than any other product in the marketplace. And third, it
has to perform well. We wanted to have a level performance that exceeded our customers’
expectations and exceeded all other brands in the market. We have 6-burner, 4-burner
open top ranges, we have griddles, we have planchas, we have charbroilers, even heat
hot tops, French tops, range match fryers, undercounter refrigeration available, range
match over-fire broilers. Our large burner head gives a great distribution of heat for
even sauté pattern. When we use that burner design and pair it with an aeration bowl that
helps concentrate the heat from the burner to the bottom of the pan in our unique “blade-grate”
design that minimizes the amount of surface contact the pot has to the grate and allows
more flame to directly impinge to the pot, we will deliver superior boil times to our
competitors. The normal or an average burner with a particular
20 pound boil test has a boil time of approximately on average of 21 minutes, and this particular
burner, the new V Series burner, can have results of that same test in less than 17
minutes. [Joe Maresca]: What’s really special about
this range is that it is modular top and bottom. So it is a truly modular lineup, where you
have all these different size top components and like-sized base components that you can
combine in an almost unlimited amount of configurations. The V Series is the most versatile, best performing
range product line in the market today.