Hey guys, Paul at Rapids Wholesale. So it’s
time to look forward to a new range! I understand the selection might be daunting. Hey, we might
have you consider this units from Vulcan. This is part of the Endurance line. Rock solid
equipment, go ahead and check out this video. The Vulcan Endurance sets a new standard in
durability and performance in the restaurant category. The range itself has a MIG welded
frame. This is more typical of a heavy duty type range, but not typically found in our
competitors in the restaurant range category. The grates on the surface area are very heavy,
large cast grates with a deeper grate in the back to accommodate a larger pot. We have
a large front plating ledge and the grates line up so you can slide all your pots off
the heated surface to the front plating ledge and do all your plating during your operation.
The oven is a 35,000 btu oven on a 36 inch cavites. It’s the largest oven you are going
to find in that class. And the oven comes standard with two oven racks. Which means
you can actually bake on both racks at the same time and get a good quality bake because
of the unique way we bring the heat into the oven. The Endurance oven liners have perforations
in there which we call our accelerator air flow technology. And what it does is illuminates
the typical hot and cold spots that you find inside an oven to give you more even distribution
of the heat so you can get that good quality bake. In our 36 inch modules, the oven control
is separate on the side and in what we call a cool zone. Most of our competitors ranges
have the oven control up top where the burner knobs are. That is a high heat zone especially
when you have a solid top above those controls trapping heat below a griddle. The open top
burners on Endurance range are 30,000 btu. There is a two piece lift off burner for ease
of cleaning. This burner will give you very rapid boil times, has a great distribution
of heat for sauté. And also has a great turn down ratio which will allow you to do so simmering
of large stocks and sauces. A typical range has a standing pilot for every open top burner.
What we’ve done with this range is we use a flash tube pilot system. So we have one
pilot for every two open top burners and they are midpoint underneath the cast grates. Because
they are protected underneath the cast grate they are not going to extinguish with a boil
over during the cooking process. More importantly is they’re not going to get clogged up with
grease or other food particles during high volume operations. Since we have three pilots
on a six burner range instead of six, this customer can see 270 dollars per year in energy
savings just during the idle operation of this range. This range offers a unique modular
system. What we’ve done is we’ve broken down 150 possible range configurations into
28 individual modules. That allows dealers to have a smaller investment in inventory
but still offer a large variety of product to their customers, and also if you’re dealing
with a very tight installation out in the field, the range can be brought in easier
to handle sections and assembled at the job site. The Vulcan Endurance continues to deliver
the durability, performance, flexibility our customers are looking for in the industry
today. And should you have any questions about these
Vulcan ranges or any other restaurant equipment, go ahead an buzz us here at the shop. Or you
can jump on our online chat. And remember at Rapids Wholesale, your bottom line is our
top priority.