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GmbH on behalf of the WDR music You won’t believe where I am. I can hardly believe it myself. I’m standing at 320 m height
on the helipad of the most luxurious hotel in the world. Welcome to Dubai.
Look forward to desert, beach,
Safaris and superlatives. The tallest tower in the world:
Burj Khalifa. The largest gold ring in the world. Maybe the
most beautiful mosque in the world. Definitely that one
with the largest chandelier. The sweetest camels in the world,
because they are made of chocolate. Their milk is coming
from the farm of a Cologner. And the Burj Al Arab,
the seven star hotel and landmark of Dubai. I just stood up there. On the helipad
of the world famous Burj Al Arab. On this plate, madness. Down here it’s
almost as windy as up there. I could only stand there because no
Sheikh arrived with his helicopter, who booked a suite. Or four suites. Dubai is the ideal destination in winter
for those who want sunshine. Here is summer, sun, beach, sea. music Dubai is just 6 hours flight
away from Germany. We travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi,
the largest of the 7 emirates. So first of all Dubai. Let’s start at the Burj Al Arab. Wow, what a lobby. The pure luxury,
wherever you look. There are only suites here, more than 200 of them,
and up to 780 square meters. To live here, you can
only afford if you are sheikh. But I’ll treat myself with drinking tea at 300 meters high. In the Skyview Bar I’ll meet German Britta Hadler who is at home in Dubai. Hello. Hello.
– I am Andrea. Hello Andrea, welcome.
– Thank you. Good that you are there. This is Britta Hadler,
she will show us Dubai. You live here.
– Exactly. How did it get you here? You came from Buxtehude originally? I live here now
for 5 years. Since I’ve herad for the 1st time about Dubai, in den late 90s, That was
a little bit of 1,001 nights. … I decided
I have to go there. That’s the right thing for me. Then I had different jobs
in Germany with Arabic reference. 2008 was the time. I emigrated. What are you working in Dubai? I run the office
a German heating company. A lot of Work ? Yes, that’s a lot of work. It’s not like you imagine, beautiful life in Dubai, but I work
more than 50 hours a week. This is normal here?
– Exactly. But we enjoy
the weekends on the beach or in the beautiful hotel. Now you are sitting in front of me in Abaya? This is the… … traditional … … dress here in the United
Arab Emirates for the women. I converted to Islam, and
therefore I wear this dress too. As you will see, with the
Temperatures here it is very pleasant. Very airy, you are well dressed. We are here for teatime. It’s called High tea, literally
at over 300 m altitude . It’s not easy here,
you can’t just walk in and order. You have to register in advance. Of course this is very popular. You have to book very early. It is a highlight. Every tourist who comes here
and can afford that will do. I would like to do that too. I would have thought it more expensive. That costs now 60 euros. When you go on vacation,
you can treat yourself to the luxury. Here’s sweet, this is salty,
What do you like? I like to take something from the sweet. What can I offer you? Maybe this little plate.
– With pleasure. Everything looks great. A teatime
you can enjoy it here. I could sit here for hours
at this outlook. You can’t just walk into this hotel and look around. Look at the rooms, or the people. They want to rest here,
they pay a lot of money for that. But we were allowed exclusively
into the largest suite of the house, to take a look. The Royal Suite,
almost unbelievable 780 square meters. A golden staircase
invites to the 1st floor. But Sheik can also
use the private elevator. 14,000 euros for the suite. Per night. The Majlis, typically Arabic. The salon
for the well-groomed conversation, if you get a visit. Or spontaneously
want to give a reception. In the bedroom a bed,
which rotates at the touch of a button. Gold, wherever the eye looks. Every detail, even in the bathroom. What a look
on the Arabian Gulf. I do not know
where to look. Actually, I want to look at you,
when I talk to you, but you hang here and look. Is that still the case?
– Yes Yes Yes. Absolute. Every time
if you fly out of here and you take the last pictures
with, there you think, I’m glad to be back soon. And when you come back in,
one thinks, It’s the best at home. Is that really your home?
– Yes. Wow.
– That’s very nice. This is a hotel area down there? Yes, that’s Madinat Jumeirah. Madinat is called in Arabic city. You see, it sees
a bit like a city. That’s a very nice facility. I would like to take you with me
Let’s take a look. – Absolutely. There, in this narrow box,
we drank tea. music That’s a lot more
than a hotel complex, right? Yes that’s true. You said, like a city.
– Exactly. This Madinat Jumeirah contains
hotels, restaurants, bars, as you see here. It is very popular. For tourists and
of course also with locals. It’s perfect in the weather,
to sit here in the evening, to drink juice,
to eat here. Or just to go for a walk. music There are many things,
you can see. You see these details
at the houses, these Arabic ornaments. The turrets. There is a lot to see here. It’s a channel system, has something
from Venice, eh? – Yes exactly. Many bridges. In the hotels, the tourists,
Which countries are they from? From around the world. Dubai is popular
throughout the world. A lot of Asians are coming, Also many German tourists. But of course, also
from the neighboring countries, Saudi Arabia in particular. Because that is not so far for them. They love to shop here,
but also to sit here. The United Arab Emirates
are a family friendly country. The Arab families
they all have a lot of children. That’s why it makes sense
to come with the whole family. We have great beaches,
we have here in front, you’ll see it soon,
small single bungalows where the Arab grand family can stay. A hotel room is useless for them, right?
– Exactly. Madinat has, like any
Arab city, also a “Souq” with everything you need
and maybe you not need. A bazaar,
which is also good for surprises. Oh, that ‘s gold to go.
– Yes exactly. This is unbeliveable. You probably only know
Coffee to go. I saw that at the airport
and thought: what?? Exactly. In Dubai with us
You can also buy gold in the machine, as you can see. You can pay with the respective
Currency, with Euros, and, interestingly,
for the daily gold price. This gold price will be updated every 60 seconds. You always have the real price
and is not ripped off. Exactly. And the cheapest thing is …
That’s silver. That’s about 70 euros. 340… And then gold.
– Its expensive. 1450. So about 250 euros.
– Exactly. If you just need some gold.
– Exactly. Very convenient. Here, it smells good.
– Yes. Beautiful. Whitening Cream, what is it? You have seen,
that there are many tourists in Dubai, but there are also workers from Asia. They use whitening cream,
so as not to get tanned like us but to be white.
– Okay. There is a lot of emphasis here
that you have a white skin. This is the Asian and
the Arabic beauty ideal. music That’s all very nice here,
but somehow … …so perfect. So … a bit artificial. I have that too
connected with Dubai. I know Souqs differently,
the traders are more intrusive. This Souq, you have it all
right, is a bit more noble. You also saw, we are here
surrounded with 5-star luxury hotels. The clientele
is different accordingly. Of course there is
the original Dubai. I would like to show you that.
– Yes. What do you call that?
– Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai.
– Exactly. music Located in the heart of Dubai
one of the most exciting and oldest Attractions of the city. Merchant ships with spices
lie at the harbor of Dubai Creek, an 11 km long water arm,
There is always a lot going on. We are here on the creek,
this is the old part of Dubai. Interestingly, you are
on this side you can see the dhows. These are the traditional ships,
the merchant ships. They come particular from Iran, Zanzibar,
from India. And of course the spices … Supply the spice market,
on which we were. music With our boat we go directly
to the old city center of Dubai, called Bastakiya. So that’s Bastakiya. Exactly, that’s the old town. Everything is as it was
before the oil boom in the 60s. You see here
traditional trading houses, in which Persian textile merchants
or pearl merchants used to live. The name Bastakiya is Derived from the
the Persian city of Bastak. The Persians built their houses
from limestone, clay and shells. Today is everything
restored in the old style. Bastakiya is one of the
most atmospheric places in Dubai. It is worth it,
to stroll through these old streets. I want to show you
something very special. This door is very typical
for the Bastakiya district. It is interesting that
in the past the main door very little was used.
– These ones. But family members, but also visitors are particular
gone through this little door. I would not have seen that
at first attempt. Why? The visitor goes in here, for example,
you bend a little, that is a gesture of respect. You make yourself a bit small. At the same time the woman of
the house is given the opportunity to to put on a headscarf, so
she is dressed accordingly. Even the house people,
who have lived here used that small door?
– Yes, exactly. That door
was used very rarely. – Mm. I think,
that is very interesting. Absolutely, beautiful. We do not have that at our houses.
– No, never seen. That’s atmospheric
a special place. Bastakiya is
as a cultural district also very popular among artists. We have many art galleries here,
small cafes, very atmospheric. Are the emirates
interested in art? Yes, increasingly. It was not like that in the old days?
– Yes, but now. You see, that’s it
very Emirati motifs too. The camel, the hawk, the Emirati. The typical houses of course. You can see that,
typical desert pictures. music What are the towers?
with these stakes? These are wind towers. The wind tower is
the traditional air conditioning. And that’s interesting. Air comes in from all 4 sides. Every breeze is caught. Through a shaft system
the cold, or the cooler air goes down. By the speed
the air gets even cooler. And in the room below you have
practically like an air conditioner wonderful cold air. It’s probably clay,
that also cools. Exactly,
The houses traditional have been built of clay and coral stone. Andrea, I have to … … to prayer. That’s what believing Muslims do
5 times a day. – Yes. You too 5 times?
– Exactly. We have lunch now. I would just go pray,
and I’ll see you later. Yes. see you soon. By the people in her
new home Britta has Islam met and answers
found on their life questions. Regular praying gives
her day structure, she says. (pray in Arabic) (pray in Arabic) In the meantime I’m strolling through the old souq. It is time
for a new pair of shoes. No, actually I wanted something
buy for the backpack. There should be something to find here. Britta told me
I would definitely have to act. A dirham is about 20 cents. How much is it? This one? Twenty-five. Twenty-five? For twenty? OK. Thank you.
– Thank you. A singing camel from Dubai
comes in the backpack. I hope,
You forgive me the kitsch. But camels are important here
they are indispensable. Everything that comes in here,
can you win. If you write us a postcard
and write on it, what’s in the backpack. Camels are from Dubai
not indispensable. Not from the emirates at all. They have a special meaning,
they are almost worshiped. The desert people say we live by the grace of Allah
and by the blessing of the camels. Because Allah created the camel
from a soft white cloud. She floated through the air,
without being able to find any foothold. Allah decided,
to create the earth, to give the camel a home. You are created from a cloud,
would you have said something. Sweet, right? Yes. We have the saying
that you should have faith in God. But at the same time, it’s better
to tie up the camel. This sounds familiar to you? Oh, trust is good …
– … control is better. That’s what,
you should not miss that either. We are at
in the Heritage Village. That’s sensational. We see here
the Emirati women, who sit, cook, bake here. These are eg
Emirati sweets. Or, of course, bread. That’s very interesting
to look at that because you n great insight
gets into the Emirati culture. How do they live, what do they look like? You notice
that the women wear masks. Yes, what is it? That comes from the past time, as the Bedouins
still living in the desert. You were every day sun
and exposed to the sand, and you had to try
to protect your eyes. That’s why it comes. Many still wear it today. They know that from their grandparents. music Folk festival character – is it for locals or is this a tourist destination? No, the Heritage Village is
popular with tourists of course, but also with Emiratis. People come together,
you celebrate together. There are traditional dances,
which are listed. There is music, food,
there are stalls where you have traditional crafts
can buy. It is for everyone. Do the henna paint ?
– Yes . Here is also a beauty … ritual.
– Shall I do that? – Yes. Hello. You can paint me with henna?
– Yes. What am I doing?
Foot maybe. Did you do that too?
– Yes, that’s very popular. Especially at weddings,
there’s the “Henna Night”, where the women are all
paint with henna. That’s beautiful. Mashallah, you’re an artist.
– Very nice. In Heritage Village you
revive the past, when in Dubai only Bedouins
and pearl divers have lived. Nearby is a great museum, where you can feel the past
with all your senses. The Dubai Museum is located
in the former fort of 1799 in the middle of the city. The replica sailboats,
the dhows, lay a few decades ago
lonely on the beach. “500 km of beautiful sandy beach,
Sunshine all year and at most every 50 km
a sporadic bather. So remote, undiscovered
and unknown is this beach. He will stay there for a long time. Hardly anyone in Germany knows the
Names of the Arabian principalites, the ports and towns
this distant coastline. There are no exciting
Engineering constructions of modern times, no ruins of old civilizations. ” Life in the desert
was barren and laborious. The date served the Bedouins
as a main food source. The camel was a faithful companion
and workhorse at the same time. Besides, it supplied wool,
Milk and meat. Camels are the extreme
Living conditions of the desert superbly adapted. With all your senses visitors can
dive into the old time. Accompanied by a soundscape, the real-looking characters
breathing in more life There is always a surprise. Suddenly it gets dark
and you get the feeling in the dark night
to be in the middle of the desert. chirp Behind the desert lies the sea. That has always been for Dubai
a big meaning. With the pearl fishing
The riches of the emirate began. At the beginning of the 20th century there were more
as 300 pearl divers on the creek. 50 dives a day
were the rule. 3 minutes the divers could without
Oxygen stay under water. An incredibly exhausting
and dangerous work. 1940 fell the pearl fishing
the cultured pearl to the victim. The merchants started instead
to trade gold. A profitable business to this day. Then came the oil. End of the 60s
the black gold changed the Emirates from scratch. The “petrodollars” were
the basis of wealth, the ruler
just fell into his hands. A real construction boom
was the result. Even the sea
land was wrested. From the Bedouin village developed almost overnight
a land of superlatives. With spectacular architecture
and beautiful beaches. meanwhile
has the glittering metropolis also as a holiday destination
conquered a top spot. A profitable alternative to
the slowly draining oil wells. The gold trade has remained. The Gold Souq in the heart of Dubai
shines and sparkles with everything, which is good and expensive. A shop window next to the other.
– Yes. How does this work?
Every business has the same thing. Who buys so much gold? There are over
3,000 gold shops here. But gold is the dowry
par excellence for Emiratis. But also for other Arabs
and in Indian culture. You see many Indians who are extra
come here to buy gold. They come with their daughters.
– Exactly. It will be here
properly spent money. Some things are definitely priceless. Look, I want you
something very special. This is the biggest gold ring
of the world. 58 kg of pure gold. Another superlative. You know we are in Dubai. Crazy..
– Yes. Who comes up with such an idea?
– Look at that. If you imagine your finger,
which would suit. Huge. Are you in the gold fever?
– You can not escape. Everything full of gold. Maybe we will find a little one
a little gold for the backpack. That would not be bad. Let’s go inside. Wow. Where are we going to look first? Have a look behind it. Hello. We look for a little … … piece of gold. A pendant mabye ? Souvenir? Souvenir, yes. Small pieces. That looks good. They look cute.
– Yes. Turtle.
– A heart. Look, a key. If you give someone a key
want to give. Actually, our viewers would have to
get a heart. That goes by weight.
It’s the weight, is not it? Yes, I have to check the weight. The star is sweet, too.
– Mm. Little horse. Arabian horses. Den Stern find ich schön.
– Der ist süß. Der steht für Strand, Sonne…
– Genau. Auch für das Glitzernde hier.
– Genau . How much is the star?
– This one? 235 I’ll make it for you. 235. 210? 210. That’s too less. What’s your last price? I can make it very bottom for you. 220. Is okay, oder? Das ist okay, ja.
– Then we take it. Very nice, thank you.
– Thank you very much. A gold gift for the backpack.
Wonderful. Bye Bye.
– Bye. The is decorated great from behind.
– Beautiful. (both) Wow. That’s for the understated. With a subtle taste. Is something for everyone. Look, this is the spice souk. The famous spice market. Here are many spices
sold from all over the world. Beautifully. What is interesting
here is the harbor. The ships, especially from Iran,
attach here. This market will be so
directly supplied. Most of the spices you have here
come from Iran. Nice colors.
– Yes. It smells so delicious everywhere.
– Yes. That’s really fine. Beautifully. That looks nice.
That’s frankincense, right? Exactly.
– Great. And this? These are dried lemons. They are used for cooking.
– That too, right? You can recognize them. That was it? That’s Chilli. Definitely nice.
And this? That’s oud. What you see here,
is resinous wood. This is placed on it
for a good smell. You take it that way and hold
this under the clothes. And it turns out so. It is important to
good smell. – Exactly. Why is that? It is an important sign
a sign of prosperity. Of course also of hospitality. I would give that to you,
and you would add that to yourself. Unfortunately, I have no robe
to keep it over. Very nice. What’s this,
I’ve already seen that before. This is indigo.
This is used for coloring. And the?
– That’s sulfur. Helps against allergies. Oh. In fact, sulfur. They have humor (laughs).
– Yes. Spice is something typical.
– Yes. For Dubai. Hello.
– Good day. How much is it?
– 20. 20? You speak German?
– Little. Look, you have everything with you.
– Mm, yes. This is dried lemon,
Laurel, Star anise, that’s cardamom,
Cumin, fennel, cloves. black pepper, turmeric,
spicy chili, ginger, cinnamon, and that’s coriander.
– We have to act. Exactly. 20th 10? 20 dirham, I do not do it,
20 Euros. – Yes. Can you also 4 euros. 10? Nope. 15? Yes. Yes?
– You’re welcome. He can speak German well. Yes. Many Thanks. OK. Well, that’s great
for the backpack. Great, do we want to put it in directly?
– Exactly. Once Dubai spice
for the red backpack. Right next to the creek
is the water taxi station. The whole day goods are loaded and unloaded. music We want to go back to the other side of the creek. That’s just by boat
a few minutes. We are at
on the traditional water taxi. That’s the Abra.
– That’s really great. That’s still the easiest
Way to cross the creek. They drive over to Bur Dubai. I would suggest
that we go to Bastakiya. I know a nice restaurant.
We could give it a break. We do that.
– With pleasure. The restaurant
is located in the old town. Tradition in a noble ambience. Beautifully. Hello. The coffee is always poured like this? That’s the typical,
traditional greeting ritual. What’s in there? This is cardamom
– Spiced coffee. And what a nice pot. Very nice.
– Shukran. Shukran means thank you, right?
– Exactly. Let’s taste it.
– Yes. Mh, spiced coffee.
– Exactly. This is traditional. Also the pot. The coffee, and the dates… Of course. They look delicious. It’s a typical food from here, right? In former times it has been stinted, the date has … lots of Vitamins. Great minerals etc. It’s for the people back then
unlikely important. You are an “expat”,
as you say here. Quite a lot of foreigners live here. There are hardly any people
who come from Dubai. 80% … … strangers.
That’s true. Many Germans
or where do they come from? Most of the foreigners
comes from India and Pakistan. These are the people
who do it all here. Both in the service, but also the, those great buildings like that
Burj Khalifa eg build at all. Then, of course, there is a lot
many foreigners like myself, from Europe, from the USA,
from Australia, for a short time or
to do a job for a long time. You can only live here if you are
has an employment contract, ne? Exactly, your employer
is your sponsor, who gives you the visa. We are emigrants, so to speak
temporary, as that’s nice. When the employment contract is gone,
do you have to go immediately? Exactly.
– Really? There is none
Residence permit without job. You are a special case.
You are sitting in the abaya. How is this accepted?
They look at you. Yes, because sometimes they do not
know exactly what she is now. Actually
are you a business woman. You have a super job. So you can be here as a woman
live normally, work. At a good level.
Many are very well educated. Nevertheless, there is still the multiple marriage. How is life as a woman in Dubai? That’s the fascinating thing about Dubai. It is traditional and modern. We also have a female
Minister of Economic Affairs. The girls have
a great school education. Most women study. There is religion
and the tradition. The religion does not change. It will sometimes
designed differently. The people are very traditional. Especially because there are so few. But I hardly have … I have none other than you
White European woman seen in Abaya. There are a few. I also know some, you spoke
That’s right, with the multiple marriage. I also know some women,
who are the second wife. Or sometimes even the 3. Is inconceivable for us.
– Exactly. That’s something to get used to. I do not know if that either
would be eligible for me. I just want to ask. But it is
a personal decision. If people are in this
Relationship are happy, why not. I live alone. You have to go here
do not worry about security. Dubai is a safe emirate. The whole country is very safe. You can go through the park in the evening
jogging, driving somewhere, go by taxi alone. You do not have to worry. Now I look at the pot.
– That’s great. It’s 1,001 nights
– That’s 1,001 night, that’s right. I know your taste
a little bit. I thought
that you will like it. Oh, that looks almost the same. Sweet, for the backpack?
– Exactly. Super thank you. A coffee mug,
a traditional … … Dubai coffee pots from Britta. Many Thanks. I perceived that you
very culturally interested. At art, at photography. Here around the corner
There is a nice art cafe. With guest rooms, small but nice. Our first hotel tip for you. The stylish XVA Art Gallery. Art and hotel under one roof. In the courtyard you can eat
excellent breakfasts and also eat vegetarian. The whole building
looks like a big art gallery. Each of the 9 rooms is from a regional
well-known artist. Modern flair of the Arab countries
mixed with Bedouin. The hotel will be happy
booked by individual travelers. Right on the creek,
next to the Heritage Village, is that
Barjeel Heritage Guesthouse. Here you feel
put into old times. The colonial-style rooms
are comfortable, and you can dine in style. Outside, with a beautiful look
on the creek. Inside in a restaurant, where you have a lot of colonial flair. For Dubai a cheap address. The Atlantis.
A real splendor castle. Based on
the sunken Atlantis. You can reach it from Dubai
with the monorail train. The hotel is located on the “palm tree”. An artificial island
on the sea. Typical Dubai. Atlantis is not only
Namesake of the hotel, all motifs in the plant are the
modeled on sunken city. That’s why the system is special
popular with families with children. It is worth it,
to look for offers. Room for families
have connecting doors. For child care
is also taken care of. music Who gets bored at the pool, he can make himself
comfortable on the hotel beach. And swim in constant
24 degrees warm seawater. Sun loungers with windbreak
are included in the price. Not just for hotel guests
is the “Aquaventure” a great family fun. It is the largest adventure park
on the Gulf. There is also something for the little ones
unusual water features and slides. Film Music: Arielle
“Under the sea” * Under the sea, under the sea. Where would the water be better and wetter,
when it was here? The above toil like mad,
so they look so distressed, where do you hate striving,
where do you live? Under the sea. * If you want to feed fish, you can
to the Kuhnasenrochen in the basin. Also swim with dolphins
is possible. The “palm tree” became artificial
sprinkled with sand. She has a 2 km long trunk
with 17 palm fronds, on which
million-dollar villas stand like in a terraced housing estate. Not just the hotel beaches in Dubai
are beautiful, also the public beaches
are recommended. Tip-top, clean, safe. You can also be a woman
move freely. Beautiful sand here.
Soft, fine and white. If you’re lucky,
you can find a few shells. But the nicest sandbox of
Dubai is outside the city. Here we go. Sand without end is everywhere. Dubai is in the middle of the desert. I’m on my way to Ursula Musch. The German lives for 15 years
in Dubai and has a camel farm, where you can visit them. Quite authentic, of course. (Camels roar) About 1 hour drive. Suddenly you are in front of a camel. Hello Surani. This is the
Favorite camel from Uschi Musch. Uschi’s farm can not be far away. There was a baby. Just a goat cub
born on the farm. Yesterday also one. The lunch break is over. Although most
are still a little sleepy. Visiting soon. For that
everything be prepared. Uschi Musch looks
after her favorite camel. The animals can spend the day
run around freely. In the afternoon she brings a Bedouin
back to the farm. Now it’s time to eat
to prepare for the guests. Hello, greet you.
– Hello, I am Andrea. I’m glad, Uschi.
– The Uschi. I am very pleased. This is an adventure
to come to you. – I believe that. Not for everyone. I have never
driven through the desert. It is very relaxed here.
– Yes. Beautifully. What is that tea? Black tea with peppermint. Mh, very tasty. And here, please. What sweeties. What’s this? These are legemat.
That’s yeast pastry. Freshly baked. The shiny, the brown … … is a date honey. Mh, very tasty. You have for us
baked a holiday pastry. For the guests.
– Great. Many Thanks. How is it you came
to Dubai? From Swabia,
it’s nice, too. Yes. Originally, I was
on vacation here. 25 years ago.
– That’s how it starts. So start, yes. A few years later I have
Locals met. First they visited me, and later they have me
invited to their home. Then I lived with them. They did not want
that I go to the hotel. So I’m half in the hotel,
half used to those. You have practical
found a new family. I found a new family
and feel good, I can move freely. I actually move
like a local. Be called so by those too. By what I do … … I have certain names. Which one?
– They call me Beduia. Or Osha. That comes from Uschi. Aisha, Osha. Beduia is a Bedouin.
– Yes / Yes. That’s a big compliment. You are sedentary on me
and rooted. You breed camels, race camels too. Yes. That came in the course of time. I have one of the sons
a young camel was given. A female.
– A precious gift, right? That was a nice present. I still have the mare today. I have a beautiful stallion for them
picked out, a winner stallion. A racing camel. Yes. A racing stallion who has several
Race already won. And had a name. Only the best for your mare. For my mares
anyway only the best. You are very successful with
of your breeding, you have a lot of customers. Apparently you have a good hand. If you have something here,
has camels, also racing camels. This is the sport, camel race. Like the young camels
be trained to race camels, that’s something special. We were allowed to look at this. What looks so funny requires
tremendous body control. That’s how you look at the animals
can hold, unbelievable. The coaches
riding alongside their racing camels, to drive them. In the process, the animals become active
used to these little robots. Later, at the actual race,
they are by microphone through the remote-controlled robot
cheered on by their coaches. In the old days kids were jockeys
on the camels, because they were easy. This is now prohibited. Waving to the winners
very high prize money. A good racing camel
is easily worth 1 million euros. A friend of Uschi
trains here regularly his precious racing camels. He shows us his favorite. This one is good for the race. Has a good body,
beautiful muscles. I hope he brings it too. He now runs 1,200 m. A little nervous though. These boys
are still pretty playful and incredibly curious. But they’ll get it
the best eating, with them
be real racing camels. Also on the camel farm
is equal to meal time. Uschi cooks everything himself
for their guests. Meatballs made from camel meat. Bread is baked on the barrel. And a colorful stew. It’s getting dark soon. That’s in the desert
all of a sudden. That’s something special
what you offer your guests. You can do many organized excursions
Book in Dubai. With you, everything is authentic. This is original … … Emirati cuisine. In contrast, many confuse ie Arabic cuisine,
Arab food. But Arabic, that’s 80%
Lebanese and 20% other countries. I think,
it’s like in Germany. The traditional food
disappears more and more. Will through
replaced foreign food. You can even spend the night with you,
or? – You can stay overnight, yes. Here in the tents then?
– In the tent, yes. But as I said, everything is authentic. Not how to get that
Usually introduces. And delicious. I am glad. And, wait. I have something for you. Moment. Aladdin’s magic lamp. Close up. All right, for your backpack.
– Perfect. Wonderful. And you have a wish.
– Really? Fits perfectly with your robe.
– Good luck. I pass on to my viewers,
comes in the backpack. And you have a wish free. Thank you very much, Uschi.
– Please, nice. Fantastic visit with you. Well, that’s here
a very beautiful thing, a night in the desert
to spend at Uschi. But an absolute hotspot at night
is also the tallest tower in the world. Burj Khalifa. music We stand in front of the water features
of the Burj Khalifa. That’s, Britta,
one of the highlights in Dubai. – Yes. That’s the attraction par excellence,
which you can only recommend. Is really … It’s hard for me
to look into the camera. Burj Khalifa.
Burj’s name is Turm. And Khalifa? Khalifa is the president
from Abu Dhabi. The tower was originally named Burj
Dubai, until completion. The construction was interrupted in 2008,
because the money went out. And the president, the
has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi … The President of the United
Arab Emirates. – Exactly. He helped out the Emirate of Dubai. So could the tower
to get finished. He was then renamed
from Burj Dubai to Burj Khalifa. That was billions,
who has loosened up there. There you can the tower
call for him. – Exactly. music Around the huge fountains There are many possibilities
for night owls. Eat in good restaurants or
Drink cocktails in the hotel bars. In a city that never sleeps, you can also up
go shopping after midnight. Next door. That is here
the absolute consumption hammer. (laugh) Yes that’s true. We are here
in the largest mall in the world. Biggest mall in the world?
– Yes. There is absolutely every business here
absolutely every brand. There is nothing,
what you can not buy here. I have all the luxury brands here
seen that come to mind. – Exactly. Of course, the mall is even more
as just a shopping paradise. You have many restaurants here,
you have a huge aquarium. In this aquarium you can even
dive and feed the fish. Madness. Of course,
we have something very special. We have a skating rink. A skating rink
in a shopping mall? – Yes. That’s energy wise …
How do you have to cool that down? There shine with all
environmentally friendly Germans the energy-saving alarm lights.
– That’s true. Save energy
is not the topic here. For example, I pay for electricity every month
and for water around 20 euros. 20 Euros?
– Yes exactly. That’s really nothing. Then you have a little money left
to shopping. That can be implemented here. Oh, I have to try that.
Here is Camelccino. This is coffee with camel milk.
Are you in? – Yes we’ll do that. Ah. Hello. Thank you.
Here comes our Camelccino . Thank you. Thank you.
– Enjoy. Now I’m really excited.
– Yes, give it a try. Well. Very tasty, but it tastes different
as a normal cappuccino? Already, yes. Little…
Little bit bitter. Also somehow … fuller milky. As if the milk were fatter.
– Right. Uh-huh. Definitely delicious.
– Delicious. And very unusual. Now we can go one step further. Not just Camelccino,
but also camel chocolate. We show you,
where that is made. I am with the k�lner
Martin van Almsick dates. Martin has been managing one for 5 years
Camel farm producing milk and then out of this camel
Milk chocolate is made. The farm is 1 hour from Dubai
Down town center, in the desert. For chocolate you need milk. It will
made on the camel milk farm. You have 3,000 camels here, Martin.
– Right. Why camel milk? First is …
– Oh, we can feed them. … camel milk what normal
in the Arab world. Wow, they are big.
– We have no cows here. In addition, one has to say that
the camel milk has properties, the clear
the cow’s milk are superior. Look once.
You already know that. Oh, that looks great. (Laughs) Camel milk has half as much fat
like cow’s milk … Well, you get a new one. … 5 times more vitamin C,
many minerals. Uh-huh. The most important thing is, there is none
known allergy to camel milk. Also many people
with lactose intolerance can camel milk
Enjoy without problems. They look great. Can I
to stroke the car? – Why, surely. These are our older ladies,
they are not milked anymore. Are very interested in carrots.
This is a dessert after the meal. That’s ours
Hungarian veterinarian invented, that the camels also eat carrots. They did not know that.
– No, they have never seen. But that’s Dubai too. There meet people,
Things, experiences. And so the camels get carrots. Can you do that?
milk as well as cows? Not quite.
They also have udders, of course. But the teats, the udder itself
is different. You have cows
Bred for over 150 years. They have a DIN-standardized udder.
This is not the case with camels. That’s why there is a special one
developed camel milking system. You need
different teats approaches for the machines. Exactly, the machine
has been developed here. How much milk do they give? There are big differences but on average 7 to 8 l
per camel and day. We try,
to increase this harvest a bit. Right now we have to
modest with the 8 l. Significantly less than cow’s milk. And are they there
somehow sensitive? Or how does it go,
the operation? The camel cow … It is always said that they are
so gentle animals. – Are they too. Very friendly,
intelligent animals. Pleasant animals to work. But if you think they are stupid, can the
Stop the milk flow completely. They can prevent that. That’s why you have to see
that the camels are doing well. This is a kind of fun for camels.
A 5-star hotel. Which will be
cut the nails, they are shampooed, etc. Ah. Already a special place for camels.
– To give you good milk. Absolute. That’s the key. Only happy camels
give good milk. The credo of our doctors. Now I want
try this chocolate, which definitely has 0 calories.
– There are a few in there. But you can try that,
in the chocolate shop. – With pleasure. Tschüs. music Beautifully. And cold. So, fresh. Must be fresh. It is about
a chocolate shop. You have to see
that stays at 24� �. That feels a nice cool. Fits the name.
“Al Nassma” means “fresh breeze”. Cooling breeze, that is
something positive here in the desert. If you imagine it’s 40� �,
then comes the cooling breeze. That’s what people find here
very pleasant. That looks great. Nice colors. That’s the blast. I already have that
seen in the Camelccino bar. These are our hollow body camels.
– Fantastic. The oriental version
the Easter Bunny. Arrives very well, we have
in 2 different sizes. Something like Santa Claus and Easter bunny
Holds 2 days with me, but that’s too bad to eat. It lasts a few months here. Many people buy that,
to put it on the shelf. Very nice. Looks so friendly.
So beautiful eyelashes have the. Just beautiful animals.
– Very pleasant animals. What does the chocolate taste like?
– Do you want to try? With pleasure. – I recommend
like our whole milk. Since you get the properties
the camel milk well with. How much camel milk is in there?
– About 25%. As with a normal good
Milk chocolate. Here you go. A little honey is there.
Vanilla is in it. I already have this
Cappuccino Camelccino tasted. Here, too, comes the slightly salty one
through, the camel’s milk. Uh-huh. And this… That she is not that fat.
– Mm. It’s not like this…
– Is very low in fat. Very pleasant, the honey is here. Slightly salty.
It does not scratch your throat. Mh, I love chocolate. And that’s great. How are the Emiratis
Chocolate? – The sweet chocolate. Anyway, sweetie?
– Yes. sweets
are part of the culture. Also part of the offer,
the welcome culture. We are dealing with something here
that comes from tradition, comes from an emotional
occupied corner … – With the camels. …the past. That’s what we bring to the 21st century
in a modern, luxurious form. I would have one more thing for you
and your backpack. – Mm. A chocolate box
for your viewers. – With pleasure. Camel chocolate for the backpack. It’s a challenge, of course. Are viewers always in danger
that I’m going to make that up. No, I do not.
Is closed. Exactly, is closed.
– But really fine. With pleasure.
Is a nice gift. Thank you very much.
– With pleasure. Was very interesting here.
Good luck. The sky has gotten a little bit
it does look like rain. Yes, you hardly believe it.
It’s raining in the desert, too. There are about 4 rainy days a year
in Dubai, everyone is happy now. I’m fine, I drive
now to Abu Dhabi. I’m in the car for 1.5 hours
then that fits. Camels go across the street. Camel Crossing. This is not a crosswalk,
but a camel stripe. Martins camel farm
is over 50% owned by the sheikh. He has at all important
Projects his fingers in the game. The people worship the sheikh
and his family very much. His portraits hang everywhere. music Done. Abu Dhabi. What a skyline. The capital
United Arab Emirates. This is the beach of Abu Dhabi. The wind is like on Sylt,
only warmer. (Laughs) Exactly. The special thing is,
that this beach is surrounded of a beautiful
Seafront, the Corniche. Ah, the famous Corniche.
– Exactly. We have beautiful parks,
There are small, nice cafes. It is very inviting. And wonderful turquoise. Perfectly. Great water, beautiful beach,
madness skyline we also have in Dubai. But we are here in Abu Dhabi, the seat
the United Arab Emirates. A special place,
what is different here? Abu Dhabi is the richest emirate. From here are the funds
spread over the rest of the Emirates. The president …
Do you know what his name is? Something with Chalifa and Zayed, right?
– Exactly. The sheikh
Chalifa is Zayed Al Nahyan. Sheikh Chalifa is Zayed Al Nahyan.
– Very well. He has for prosperity
taken care of among his people. He has one
free health care introduced for all Emiratis. At the same time free education. That’s why he is natural
extremely popular. That’s that bearded man, the one
every skyscraper, on every corner. Yeah right. That’s good to be Sheikh.
Here. (Laughs) Abu Dhabi owns
unlike Dubai also natural islands
with sandy beaches. And the city is growing and growing. music Nice place
did you choose Is really a nice cafe
next to the other on the Corniche. It’s good here. What should you as a tourist necessarily
have seen in Abu Dhabi? Of course, there are many superlatives. No.
– But. We have eg
the Formula 1 race track. There’s our Sebastian Vettel
ever won. – Exactly. Already 2 times. There is the possibility there
that he, outside
the racing season of course … That one there
can go with touring car. Right next to the Formula 1 circuit
is there… … “Ferrari World”. That would be something for my sons. That is a
huge amusement park. There you have
another superlative. And there is there
the fastest roller coaster in the world. This is
the perfect Formula 1 feeling? Do we have the connection?
to the racetrack. For superlatives
you have a big heart here. Faster, higher, farther.
That applies in the Emirates. But with all technology love,
for all high tech is also very great value
Tradition. Here in Abu Dhabi There is also one of the largest
Mosques in the Arab world. That’s a tip from our spectator
Susanne Herbig from Dubai. Again, we have
our viewers. Many Thanks. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Named after its founder
and 1st president the United Arab Emirates. 80 domes and 4 minarets
decorate the mosque. she should
to be the image of paradise and offers space
for 40,000 believers. Everything
kept in snow-white marble. Only one of the specifications of the sheikh. For Muslims
White is the color of peace. On the pillars: the date palm
as a symbol of fertility. The golden ornaments
stand for the land, in which milk and honey flow. In the middle:
the largest chandelier in the world. With sparkling Swarovski stones. The word “Allah” in calligraphy. 99 different names for God
stand on this wall. The free field above
is reserved for the 100th name. This will be revealed only during the day
the resurrection of all Muslims. Floral motifs everywhere. The desert is to blossom. The prayer clock
displays exactly the 5 prayer times. They are directed
after the course of the sun. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, according to the ideas
built by the sheikh. It was his last wish such a large and beautiful mosque
to build for Abu Dhabi. The capital of his emirate. Call of a muezzin I have to
of course also watch: the Emirates Palace. The luxury hotel is located
at the western end of the Corniche. In fact,
was the former dome construction formerly as a palace
intended for the president. He’s his own, of course. We meet at the beach
3 of Uschis camels again. You should the hotel guest
Arrange desert atmosphere. 250 t of marble and 8 t of gold were
processed for the hotel palace. The huge entrance gate looks
like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It only opens for delegations
Government’s order opened. The huge lobby,
called “The Dome”. The hotel has 394 rooms, 1,400 employees made up of more
come as 50 different countries. music I’m amazed
not out anymore and I’m curious
which still awaits me here. I’m the same with Michelle
dating, the “Lady in Red”. Good day.
– Have a nice day. Hello Michelle, I’m Andrea.
– I am glad. You are the “Lady in Red” here.
– Exactly. I know this song
by Chris de Burgh. What does a lady in red have?
here for a task? We are
responsible for the guest care. I say “we”,
we are 2 ladies in Red, who work at the Emirates Palace. From the welcome of the guest
for adoption. We are the good soul of the house. And take care of us
for all the wishes of the guests. It’s a great job
our dream job. I think the passion
you have to have one for that, too. You are the mediator
between the reception and the guest? That’s not there
must go. – Exactly. The phone is always on. Even if I am free,
I answer the phone if there are special things that
I can do for the guests. I like to do that. That’s part of the job. Is this really all real
Gold? – That’s all real gold. Looks great. – Right.
Here everything is gold that shines. Beautiful . Hello. Thank you. This is
this wonderful cappuccino. That’s the Palace Cappuccino
with gold dust. Something very special. Yes.
I have to try that, of course. I’ll do it that way. I’ve never tried gold before. This is the 1st time. Enjoy.
– Thank you. Just melt away on the tongue.
– Yes. That’s not all,
what we have here with gold. Now I am gilded from the inside.
– Yes that’s true. I’ll show you
something very special. – Oh yes. No, that’s fantastic. This is our cake buffet.
– Looks great. Is this all real gold?
– That’s all real gold. The Emirates Palace
uses 5 kg per year. Only for the dessert. Only for the desserts 5 kg? – Exactly,
and for our Palace Cappuccino. This is all real gold. – There is
one more beautiful than the other. That’s true,
the choice is huge. Oh, I know them. There we were on the …
– Oh, there you were. Where the camels are milked. Yes. We also have Camelccino,
we offer. I have already tried that. This is a dream.
These are works of art. And every day others? There is a different selection,
that changes from day to day. Some remain the same
the favorites. I would be lost here. music Welcome
in our Palace Suite. Is beautiful. That’s just the hallway, right?
– That’s just the entrance area. I’m afraid we have to hurry. Today discretion is announced.
An important delegation is coming. From another Arab country. That’s probably fast,
that’s the first one. – Right. Within 1 h
there must be 100 rooms available. Then you have to
the whole hotel ready. I look faster. Now we are on the way
to one of our bedrooms. Beautifully. To one of our bedrooms,
how many are there? There are 3. These are 3 suites
in a big suite. 680 sqm in total. Oh, fine.
– This suite alone is 200 square meters. Looks great.
Like a castle. Like a palace. You should like here
the queen or the king. Who has slept there?
– Many famous people. Richard Gere eg
– Oh. Michael Jackson. But also many heads of state. Our Angela Merkel?
– Our Angela Merkel too. Beautifully. You want to be Angela. Awesome, great. music You can eat in the dining room
the suite, of course, too. And especially discreet. Excellent food is available
but also in the hotel restaurants. For example, in the Mezlai. One of the few restaurants
with original Emirati kitchen. Mezlai is called “door lock”. Chef Salim al Endari becomes us 2 typical
Prepare Emirati desserts. Today I prepare a local
emirate court before. We call it Petita. Here we have the ingredients: Dates without seeds. Sate flour. Cardamom powder. Saffron water. Clarified butter. And rose water. We mix it all together. (speaks English) It’s better, before one
To put plastic foil on the sheet so that nothing sticks,
and then roll out flat. Then we prick the dough out. In any form whatsoever
you like it. A situation comes down. Then cream on it. And cream on top too. And a few berries as decoration.
Whatever you like. A little pistachio crumble
on top of that, to make it look beautiful. Now I’m still doing
a local dessert. His name is Shabab and it’s similar
like a crepe or pancake. Then take a small one
Wooden staff to loosen the crepe and be able to turn around. On the other hand
he also has to be golden. We inject
a little cream cheese on it. You can
use any kind of cream cheese. After that it is rolled. We have a few again
Pistachio nuts and some berries for decoration. Which berries, does not matter.
What you like. Topped with some cream cheese. It will be with some orange syrup
or simple syrup. Then it’s done. Good Appetite. We are sitting with the
delicious Emirati plates on this dream beach
from the Emirates Palace. There’s one last one
Superlatives for you today. We had yes
not yet this shipment. That is here
the longest private beach. However, only from Abu Dhabi.
– After all. Hello? Do we want to try?
– Yes. I’ll take such a … … crepe stuffed with cheese,
that was, I think. And dive that into the … … orange honey with cinnamon. Mh. It tastes really Arabic.
– Mm. Do you know? Sesame biscuits.
– Delicious. Beautifully. I have you, of course
something else brought. Look here.
– Oh, how sweet. What’s this? A gift. For the backpack.
– Exactly. A parfum?
– Exactly. Beautifully. That’s right
A big role here, right? We have so much about the scents
spoken by 1,001 nights. The scents of Arabia.
– Looks really old. You make yourself a bit
on your wrist. Conduct that. Mh. Musk. Right.
– Oh, yummy, yummy. The first gift for the backpack …
Watch out. … once musk. Great, I suppose
home, the smell. Like an Arab princess.
– Mm, exactly. That suits the delicious food.
The spice mix. That was so funny, as we did
were in this spice souk. Everything in it. The dried ones
Lemons, cardamom, chili. For all who are at the
to try Arab cuisine, at the Emirati. What else do you have?
– Then I have this beautiful pot. We have them in this
Bastakiya Nights Restaurant … …to have
drank the Arab coffee. What was in there?
– cardamom. Cardamom swam there.
And it was all … spice coffee. Bastakiya, the old district
from Dubai, the original one. Oh, I hear it
crack again immediately. Camel chocolate. That’s what we looked at, how the milk is produced
for this camel chocolate. I still hear the “crackle”,
if you bite. That’s something special.
– very exclusive. Chocolates…
– Unique. – … with camel milk. That’s something again … … typical from 1.001 night. Aladdin’s magic lamp by Uschi. We were in the desert near Uschi,
who breeds the race camels. Who opens it,
has a wish free. – And? I do not do it.
Is for our viewers. You still have a good wish. That’s a highlight, of course.
– Yes. From the Gold Souq in Dubai. Actually we wanted
buy something bigger. The largest ring in the world
for the backpack. Unfortunately, he did not fit. 58 kg of gold.
Was a little big. They would have been worth it. But that’s a sweet star pendant
out pure gold. This is the desert star. Do you still have something in your backpack?
– Yes . ( laughs ) That had to be. That was also in the Souq of Dubai.
A plush camel. It was beautiful with you. I found it very nice
that you visited us. Anytime , come again .
– Mm . Good luck to you.
– Thank you . All that you see
can you win . If you us write . A mail or postcard.
I keep my fingers crossed. Then you have a piece of Dubai
and Abu Dhabi at home. That was beautiful. We are happy if you
the next time. Music from the camel Oriental music Copyright WDR 2015