Welcome to Vollrath University. I’m Chef
Rich, and today we’re here to talk to you about the Vollrath Direct Contact heating
system. The Direct Contact Heating System is just that. It’s a system that’s components
that work together to create a high-efficiency warmer. Here you can see the two components
that make up the direct contact heating system. First we have the self-insulating thermoset
well. And we also have the high-efficiency cast in heating element. Again, these two
components together allow the Vollrath 700 Watt warmer to meet the same performance criteria
as much higher wattage units. These two items again, because of the efficiency of when the
water is in direct contact with the heating element. Rather than heating through the bottom
of the well allows the most efficient heat transfer into the water. Now let’s compare
one version of the traditional well and show some of the inefficiencies that these can
have. As you can see in this version, the heating element is not located inside of the
well. It’s actually located underneath the well. And as you can see in this manufacturer’s
design, there’s actually about a one-half inch gap between the bottom of the well and
the heating element. As you can see, this is very inefficient. It’s much more efficient
to have the heating element in actual contact with the water than it is to heat through
this gap. A lot of heat is actually lost in this design. So much so, that this manufacturer
had to put these vents in the side of the warmer to allow that excess heat to escape.
So now we’ve shown you the direct contact heating system, but what does it mean? Because
we’re more efficient at transferring energy into the water, that means we can use a 700
watt element, where a lot of the competitors need 1200 or more to perform the same task.
Because of the inefficiencies of the element design and how efficient our design is, again,
that 700 watt element can be used. Well that’s important now that we can put 700 watts and
three of those units on your standard 120V/20 Amp circuit, whereas our competitive units
– one, possibly two units is maxing out that circuit, so much more efficient design. The
direct contact heating system is available on seven and eleven quart round warmers, full-size
countertop warmers, and is also featured in our line of serve well and affordable portable
serving lines.