hi guys I’m TyeChloe and we’re on vacation today at the Pelican Hill resort this is in Orange County welcome to our crib for two days we love this place this is the bathroom and it has marbles everywhere and has 2 sinks big bathtub and bubbles and a big shower if you don’t like to take a bath nice and clean and the toilet bathroom is so nice you can live in there okay let’s go into the bedroom and they have a nice flowers for Mother’s Day and they have fruits for you and the minibar is always nice and packed with some goodies some nice bed , not hard or soft just the right amount it has a down feathers, I love this room if it has a fireplace so romantic at night when you have it on and you have the patio door open feels like you’re sleeping outside and camping in the woods we have the ocean view here with the flowers and all the natures you all secluded by Nature whew so nice it’s like home away from home and here she got her face paint with the horse and the rainbow on it she’s so excited time of our life events over here we want to monitor events when your face days on balloons they have all the contestants or you get to meet princess Moana, and then princess Cinderella or Aurora on another big nice buffet all kind of food can never eat it all the bar is awesome – it is great there’s a famous here nothing pool this is huge the water so warm swimming everywhere I had food by the pool, this spot is so great so one of the top spa and then we have top golf course and top wedding in everything top knot this is where the wedding very high-class luxury at the wedding at the and your resort this whole thing turns into a garden when you have a wedding flowers that everywhere is so gorgeous makes you wanna cry, so pretty and so famous this view has a golf course here world-class golf course and you can have your membership there I have a little shuttle to take you to the beach okay thanks guys thanks so much for watching subscribe thumbs up , Bye .