[Intro Music] [One day in 2020,]
[Marinabay Hotel at Gimpo] [What a view!] (Excited!) (Excited!) I will change my clothes to swimsuit. [But where is your swimsuit?] Oh yeah. I forgot lol [How were you going to change without swimsuit lol] [second try]
I will change my clothes to swimsuit. [A few minutes later] Let’s go! [Music] [So Hungry!]
[Let’s eat out!] No. Stop doing that lol [* Sorry for the wobbling video] The hotel looks more beautiful in the evening You’re right. wow This place is quite scary. There is nobody here This region has no people River view looks better. Don’t take video of the other side. Sorry I have already taken it. The scenery looks great. You don’t have to turn your head The lights from the mall and the yacht make great scenery Do I look handsome in the video? NO Watch out. You may fall I am wearing grey-colored clothes overall. So what… Where do you think is the entrance? I think it’s this way Do you trust me? Um. I am not sure about that… How much do you trust me? Well… That’s a… YOU DESERVED IT Capture this This restaurant is featured in TV show ‘Hotel de Luna’ There were so many people waiting. We waiting over 30 minutes [We. will. eat. here!] It was sooooo gooood!!! Highly recommended! Well, now Let’s burn some calories from dinner [*Again, sorry for the wobbling video] I’ve always been thinking that He’s Got a big ass [Outdoor Hot Springs] Now I know why they open skypool in winter [I am on Fireeeeee] Look at that Look at the moonlight [Next Morning] [They didn’t really have that much food] You have to eat breakfast when staying a hotel. Whenever I go somewhere and get back, I always feel like I have missed something [Got a pimple] The End