I’m anticipating potential
solutions for the city of Vienna. I think that it is
a very good approach to bring the city’s stakeholders
together at an early stage. To trust in the power
of the architects at work here. Globalization will surely remain
one of the big challenges. Even though it’s also an advantage,
it puts us in direct competition with many other destinations. So the goal is to maintain and
really develop our independence. There are lots of sub-trends,
all of which play a role, but all things considered,
we need livelier products, more authentic local products. And that means all hotels,
from budget to luxury hotels, need to exude
an unmistakable character. And that includes the hotels being
a platform not only for the guests but also for
the local population. Staying at a “Grätzlhotel”
(neighborhood hotel) is an adventure because you are really
staying overnight in a shop. That means that you
can freely observe the city from behind open privacy panels. I’m sure that not only my industry
of technology and IOT sensors, etc., but also the new accommodation concepts
will bring about many new developments. The integration of guests, and how you
get them to commit to the business, there’s lots of
digitalization happening. And I think that this will become
significant in all real estate markets. You can’t preserve the past
until you generate the future.