This week I spent a few nights at the Sydney Capsule Hotel. I was in town for a physics conference, and I thought it would set the mood nicely. There are about 16 pods in the room, each with their own storage locker. My initial impression is that it’s really good, but it’s getting late and I don’t want to disturb the people around me so to avoid this from becoming a capsule hotel ASMR, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Open the pod bay doors Hal. Hey, so here’s my review so far… It’s definitely very futuristic, it has vibes of hibernating on a spaceship on our on our way to a destination somewhere and it’s pretty spacious actually. There is room to move around if you consider this to be room. It’s about one meter by two meters. It’s pretty much like a backpackers though when you take away all the futuristic stuff. It’s kind of in between a backpackers and a hotel. You’ve got a lot more privacy than a normal backpackers, and the price is about in between the two of them as well, maybe $50 or $60 a night. It kind of feels a little bit antisocial because you never really see your neighbors and it kind of feels like everyone just keeps to their own pod probably on their phones or whatever. It’s nice in that way, but it can also feel a little bit lonely in here. Having said that everyone i’ve met so far has been really friendly here and I think it’s because a lot of people are here for the novel experience, and they want to try it out. Something that I do like about being in this capsule is that it makes the world feel small so it’s a real contrast between the bustling streets of Sydney down below because we’re right in the center of the city and being in your own little pod where you’re sort of removed from all of that. And I kind of like that feeling, I feel like it’s almost easy to be creative inside of the pod because it sort of removes distractions, and you’re left with just the white electronic style walls and your own mind. There are definitely some downsides to it, like the pods themselves are actually really quite flimsy. They seem to be made out of some sort of plastic material and that means that you can feel other people in their pods sort of moving around or when they get in and out and if you’re really sensitive to sort of disturbances at night, maybe you wouldn’t get a very good sleep. I found it okay but definitely you can hear other people and whilst everyone has been really respectful and not made much noise, it’s definitely a sense of not being totally isolated. The capsules themselves don’t make any noise. The inbuilt alarm wakes you up with flashing lights which was a bit startling. There is a TV – but it doesn’t display instructions in English and it was pretty hard to use to be honest