We have reached Singapore. Singapore Changi International Airport. And from here we will go to Immigration Counter. Let’s Go Hello Guys, we will reach Malaysia kuala lumpur Airport in 40 minutes And Our next flight is at 8 o’clock, which will take us to Singapore. At that time there will be 7:00 in Malaysia and from there We have only one hour to catch to second flight quickly. And by 9:00 am we will reach Singapore. Let’s go on an Awesome trip Yes.. now we have reached Malaysia.. And now we have to catch Next Flight to Singapore. Catch you later.. Now we are in the Aero bus which will take us from one terminal to the other terminal. Do you know Gates is called Pintu here. Something different but good.. Our Pintu is G 6, From where we have to take a Singapore flight. Now we are going on our Singapore flight, whose number is MH 601 Lets see bye Finally we reached Singapore and got a stamp. WHO WANT BOTTLES.. Now we are going to pick up our Luggage.. Hi guys.. Bad News Our luggage was at Malaysia Airport only. And now it’s coming from the next flight. MH 611 Just Flight has landed.. We are waiting for that & We have also inquired that our luggage is coming in Next Flight The time for our cab’s arrival is 11.15 AM It’s at 11.15 o’clock yes.. 11.15 o’clock we are waiting for that If our luggage arrive before 11 o’clock, we will go to the same 11 o’clock cab If our luggage does not come, then will go to 1 o’clock. if our cab arrives at 1 o’clock we will reach our hotel by 2.30, in that round our plan of evening will cancel (Night Safari) see what happens Its not good Our Luggage did not come The flight that we have arrived Have to wait let see Finally we got luggage we both are very happy Now we will reach the hotel for breakfast we are very hungry let’s see what happens there see you There, we tell you which hotel we are living in The rules here are very solid The Car comes and stops on the red light lets see our hotel where we stayed the village Hotel Bugis come this is Domino’s pizza very nice shops here behind mosque The Sultan Mosque we are going to our hotel Village hotel Bugis This is the main Entry Gate come on this is our room Room number is 1620 Now i have opened the room opened welcome welcome welcome This is a outside view from our room window we came from this road this is crossway in hindi we said “Chauraha” in india I think ,These are local markets easy to purchase anything few restaurants On front – The Park Royal hotel very good property (Hotel) and with that Hotel. The Pan Pacific Hotel And behind, you seeing the sea sea? Yeah Sea This is also a beautiful building, which is visible from my room Grey One This is the best area in singapore This is the same area like the Connaught Place in delhi posh area According to India If we compare costing of the food then we’re eating a Rs.1400 food we eat in Rs.500 See what has given Garlic Bread Choco Lava 2 Cokes and Pizza We have just lunch from Domino’s Pizza And this in front of our hotel Village Hotel Bugis you can see Is good enough And today we are going to Night Safari wildlife safari ( Night Safari) Which will be our 5.30 pm Cab and after that We will go there for fun and see how Night Safari is. I just drink coke See you after an Hour.. Bye .. Hi. So now we are having towards to Jungle Safari (Night Safari) probably we will reaching there by 7 pm Approximately So. now we will see, How it is Get back to you Bye