just check this bathroom looks like a discotheque I will bring it a DJ and we’ll do amazing party here inside amazing just check these lights love it ok guys so today I came to a special place called the villa Vita park it’s a small resort one of the most luxury places in the Algarve one of the most luxury places in Europe and I will share a little bit of this place I will show you two villas you would like to see the villas because they are really expensive per night I will tell you the prices of a night continue watching the video because you will see the villas I will show you lots of good details of the resort it’s not a detailed video because I want to come back in summer when the resort is busy when the weather is great today you will see the weather is amazing even that we are in February so I hope you like this my my small vlogger I’m doing today and just check the Dolphins what golden ones if you like luxury come with me okay we are going there for the reception and then you have your more information to the beach to the pools clubhouse residence ocean the restaurant two stars Michelin and also the other restaurant it’s my first time here so I think it’s here the main reception let’s see if I’m not lost [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so now we will visit a little bit of the resorts and the real tape with buggy it will be fun [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so let’s go inside and Jenna here you have the living room sophisticated one nice colors I love this decoration and then you have one room I also like the decoration of this room really high-quality televisions of course this is a five six star place a nice closet and a nice bathroom with shower and a bath oh and now let’s go to the best part of the house my favorite one and Jenna I kill too many I see huh Wow there in the top you have a terrace that of course I want to visit that for sure as an amazing view okay as you know now it’s February we are in winter and the outside it’s not prepared because of the rains but of course during the season or when they have clients all this area is prepared and cushions of the of this the chairs and everything are ready and this is really really nice just check the color of the water shining the Sun and this is the private area from this Villa must be amazing to relax in here with the view for the main pool and you still have this area here of garden that you can explore and lay down here to ask for a massage or extra service that they can provide here in the auto with the butler this area is amazing it’s so so beautiful I will try to show you now there in the top as you can see this house is amazing amazing so to go to that side I think we had to choose other way but doesn’t mind doesn’t matter so check this view let’s try to use the zoom to get that boat amazing zoom that this camera has shakes a little bit when I put extra zoom and I’m not using nothing to support the camera only in my hand so sorry if the quality goes it’s a little bit windy today nothing special but maybe it will influence them the sound of the camera I hope not but this is here it is the famous Villa Vita park where you have the famous restaurant oceans with two Michelin star sir one of the two Michelin two Michelin star that exists in the Algarve we have more Michelin star but with two only two restaurants and this one here is one of them okay this is nice right look happy I’m happy so now I will visit the fourth room and you know it it exists my exist and I will visit now this is the address it’s on the top I thought the house only had three rooms they are really similar but for sure the view here to be much better and my curiosity is just to check the view because the room the rooms are similar as you can see good technology they are so clean that I’m worried to heat the glass and here it is Chanin let’s check this view look this amazing is amazing here and we are in February look this weather I almost can have my eyes open with the Sun I have to put my sunglasses but it’s not polite for you I have sunglasses so this is our pool we were before other that’s for and they’re over there you have the beach you have it’s amazing this place is amazing I’m loving wouldn’t you love to be in here now I would more time spending the night I will one day so another detail this bathroom also have a steam bath like this you can see it and I have a steam bath can you be now here it is it’s better not turn on and I want to but it’s better not okay to give you an idea so you have an idea of the price of this Villa in August for example a night here it’s seven thousand and five hundred euros this Villa per night and has a butler included breakfast at the Villa and I want you to tell that it’s all booked for next July and August seven hundred seven thousand five hundred euros per night and it’s fully booked ok so we have to choose another one you