Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. In today’s video I’m going to show you the
durability and longevity of Victorinox knives. Here we have a brand new 8″ chef knife. I’m going to pull it right out of the package. We’re going to peel it right out of here,
if I knew how. Brand new knife. What we’re going to do from here, I’ve got
two markers. I’m going to mark up the blade. Now that we’ve got our Victorinox knife properly
marked up and unique to iself I’m going to hand this
off to our testing department and we’ll see what it looks like after its
vigorous trials. Here we go! We’re testing this Victorinox knife three
things. The first is dishwasher safeness. Now I don’t recommend putting your knife in
the dishwasher, but oftentimes it finds its way there. Just be sure that you keep it in a stable
condition so that way the blade doesn’t get knocked
around and flaw the integrity of the edge. As we all know, big reasons why we don’t put
blades in the dishwasher is, one, a safety concern. Grabbing that blade
is very dangerous. But also the high temperature, the chemicals
and sanitation and soap, and the agitation of the machine itself
creates a lot of harm for that fine edge The second thing that we’re testing for is how well your blade holds up to cutting
technique and poor use. Always remember, as previously stated, never use a complete straight down motion
with your blade as that is very harmful to its edge. Also be sure what kind of cutting board you’re
using. Never use a glass cutting board, as those
are just for decoration. So, also know that wood cutting boards are
also harmful to your blades as well, even though we highly recommend wood cutting
boards. Be sure that you notice the difference between
end grain vs. a side grain. End grain is what you want to use; side grain
is much more harmful to your blades. The third and final thing that we’re testing
for is resistance and durability to storage. Knife magnets are great because they keep
your knife isolated and away from any other blade or utensil. However, blades often find themselves in a
haphazard drawer knocking themselves into other things that
are metal, whether it be another knife or utensil or
tongs, really decreasing the integrity of your edge. Now that we’ve done the rigorous testing of the daily ins and outs of a kitchen, let’s see how well this knife blade hones
and cuts a tomato. Notice the nice artistic drawing that we put
on this blade before the rigorous testing that it went through. As you can see, the red’s still there. It’s just turned a little bit more pink, and it’s definitely got some wear and tear. Let’s see how well this thing hones. Now that we’ve honed this knife we’ll test
it on this nice ripe tomato. I’m
Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply and that’s the durability and longevity of
Victorinox knives. If you’ve got any further questions or comments, please comment below or call our sales floor
directly. Please subscribe. Here’s to a better mise
energy place!