– An authentic, real one sayin’ something is completely different from
somebody fabricated saying it. In today’s, like, melodic rap space, it could actually be a way better bar but just written on paper
it don’t captivate me, you know what I’m sayin’? Hit with the brooms, I
mean, that ain’t fair. You took out the ad-libs. Maybe if you put the ad-libs in here then I would knw what’s going on. ‘Cause like my brothers,
my brothers, yeah, uh-huh. My goons, my goons, yeah, uh-huh. See it’s probably, it
might have got it too but for now, its a one. If this is someone I like, personally, please don’t be offended. They did this. I (bleep) with Pusha, that’s my (bleep). If push comes to shove,
no (bleep) intended, I’m always right with Pusha. Its a great bar, this a five. I don’t know who this is but I like that, Lemony Snicket, Series of Unfortunate Events, I love that bar, that’s a five. I remember when I first heard that bar, I didn’t understand it at first, we was in the house, making a song, and Chance came in with the first verse and the hook of Cocoa Butter Kisses. And when he first said tonight
she just yellin’ (bleep), two weeks she’ll be yellin’ (bleep), I didn’t understand the
change in meaning on (bleep). That’s just one of those
simple things that’s like just, its so reality, that it really hits you and you gotta connect to it. And then, you know,
Timmy, Tommy, and Chuckie, Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza, this all the shit (bleep) grew up on. You know, very nostalgic. This is a five bar. Fatimah doesn’t have bars. Forever. I remember being at the U-Media Hero Washington Library downtown, when Fatimah was a poet,
before the name Noname, Gypsy and before she rapped. She been doin’ it like this since, you know, she we was 16, 17 years old. So this is a five bar. That’s a Joey Purp bar. And that’s my brother. I know he mean everything he say. You know, I think that one
thing, with this art form, that is important, and adds character, and adds value to a person is bars and their words is that
they mean what they say. An authentic, real one sayin’ something is completely different from
somebody fabricated sayin’ it. That’s a five bar. Great bar right there. That was on some radio
show I was freestylin’ on. And, you know, just
put my real-life in it. Put the gang in it. Put right hand Presidential
like Joe Biden. See look, you’re supposed
to wear your Presi on the left wrist, I guess
this is just customary. When I first got mine, I used to wear it on my right wrist, just ’cause that’s where I was at with it. ‘Cause I think I had
silver on my left hand and gold on my right hand. Now sometimes I will usually will maybe do gold on my left hand,
silver on my right hand. But you know, Joe Biden, right
hand man to the President. Cut ya girl in eyeliner. That’s just facts. It felt pretty next-level, pretty bossy, if I’m able to steal a
man’s woman wearin’ makeup ’cause I’m just that type of (bleep). Five bar. That’s the truth, although Ronald Reagan definitely played this significant part while his administration was in power and the Contras were funded by Americans, which was a Nicaraguan rebel group that was to overthrow the Sandinistas and the way that the
Contras made their money was by selling cocaine, to America. So Ronald Reagan’s administration was completely responsible for ravaging the black community with crack. Five bar for this one. I don’t know, am I reading this wrong? I just think maybe I don’t
get it, or somethin’. ’cause I liked where it was
going when it was about (bleep), I thought that was going to be funny but. For me that’s gonna be a two bar. That sounds great. This is a great bar. You gotta keep the peace
like the Dalai Lama. That’s very hard. You know, you might as well
slide into a big body Hummer, even though when I see
somebody in a Hummer in 2018, I be like shame on you (bleep). So that’s a five bar anyway though. Yo, waddup, this is Vic Mensa
and I just rated those bars.