After having taught to obtain the title of Skipper, for a totally insignificant price. I need, a little vacation. And I chose to go to Los Angeles. Previously, I visited American cities such as Miami, New York, San Diego, and also Los Angeles. But never, I have recorded these cities and I have shared them. The flight lasts approximately seventeen hours. I will leave the links of those flights in the description of the video, for the lovers of aviation. In addition to visiting Los Angeles, I’m thinking of going further south, crossing the border, and spending a few weeks in Mexico. Viva Mexico, you bastards. Viva Mexico cabrones. Every time I visit Mexico, it’s as if I’m in my homeland. I plan to visit Tijuana and Rosarito. But my future is totally unpredictable. Why? Because I’m crazy. It can give me a madness, and end up anywhere in Mexico. The only thing that I assure you is that I will spend a few weeks in Mexico. My friends, You are prepared, to accompany me in this new adventure in American lands! We will visit places, such as Los Angeles, Tijuana, Rosarito, and God knows how many more. Do not talk more. Relax. Accommodate Fasten your belt, we’re going to the international airport in Paris. And in Paris, we will take the flight that will take us to Los Angeles. Come on, to America. Testing, testing, testing … 1, 2, 3 .. My friends, we will talk about flying. Flying has been one of the greatest dreams of the human being. Maybe, because a long time ago it was a privilege reserved for birds. For some fly, it’s a real nightmare. For me, it’s a wonderful experience. Any flight is short, it could be many hours inside a plane. Everything starts at the airport with check-in, boarding, the tingling that starts nothing else you settle into the seat, and finally the takeoff arrives. You feel like the engines increase, and your tickling. The aircraft increases speed, and takes off. At that moment you feel nostalgic and think, We’re leaving, there’s no going back! After, two hours of flight with the airline Air Europa. Arrive at the Paris-Orly airport. In two hours the flight departed for Los Angeles, from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Between the two airports, there is a distance of forty-two kilometers through Paris. Thanks, a taxi-motorcycle traveled this distance in just forty-five minutes. Arrive in time to embark towards Los Angeles, it’s a shame that you do not record the taxi-motorcycle. The flight from Paris to, Los Angeles was a nice and comfortable flight that Air France offered me. The flight is nocturnal, and shortly after taking off we were offered an exquisite dinner. Later I saw a movie, and I fell asleep. I was awakened by the magnificent aroma of the food I was offering, which symbolized the end of the flight and the beginning of our adventure in America. My friends arrived in Los Angeles, where everything is possible. And besides the stars in the sky, also there on the ground. Begin, our adventure in America. Arrive at the hotel. I’m looking forward to taking a shower, changing my clothes, and going to enjoy Los Angeles. After having rested a little. My appetite was opened, and I went to a coffee shop set in the fifties. There, even a bicycle hanging on the roof. This cafeteria is located on Santa Monica Boulevard. In addition to having an exquisite meal, you will be distracted by the decoration. Very nice restaurant. Look at that hamburger. Since I was little I’ve always wanted to see one of these machines. We introduce a coin. I’m going to put the tequila song. With my stomach full, and with the tequila song, I say goodbye to you my friends. Finally, get to the Hollywood sign. I commented, that there were two options to upload it. Walking, or riding. Well, choose the third one. Run. I do not recommend this option, I have the heart that comes out. But arrive.