>>I want to welcome you
all here and thank you for being here. This is an
important day in the history of Oklahoma City
Community College. If you look at the flag
behind me, this flag was — we were assisted by the
offices of Senator Jim Inhofe to get this flag here. This is a flag that has flown over the United States
Capitol building and so we thank Senator
Inhofe’s office in getting the flag for us. The people that we owe
the greatest thanks to are our veterans. Jordan, Jack to you
and the other veterans in the audience right
now thank you for helping keep the
United States free and safe, we all owe a debt
of thanks to you. I want to say to you that back
in March of this year the board of trustees for the foundation
and the board of regents of Oklahoma City Community
College had a joint retreat and at that retreat I made some
specific requests for funding to the board of trustees
of the foundation and one of those requests was for $5,000
to create a veteran’s lounge on the campus of Oklahoma
City Community College. Before we left the room,
we had the money, and so to the foundation thank you
so much for your response. I think Tony Arango and
Joyce Mauldin were in a break out session, and they
came up with the idea of getting the pledges and
they were like that fulfilled and other monies have
been donated since then. So in just a very short period of time the foundation
helped create this room that will be used for
our veterans from now on. There will be generations
of veterans I think that will benefit from
it, and as I said earlier with all the thanks to
go around to everyone, the people we really need
to thank are the veterans for serving the United States
and help keeping us free and at peace as much
as possible. The primary focus
of this room will be to serve our students
who are veterans. All of them will tell
you they have needs that are a little bit different from the other recent high
school graduates that come to OCCC their experiences
particularly if they’ve been in combat are much different and their world view is
a little bit different. So with that in mind we’ve
asked one of our students who is also a veteran,
to come speak today, his name if Jordan
Haynes, Jordan would you please come
forward and share your remarks. [ Applause ]>>Good morning, thank you for having me today,
President Steward. And I’m a current student here
at OCCC as he had mentioned. I am currently working
towards my business degree, I will be finishing at
OU, I’ll be majoring in economics and marketing. I was in the army for
just under five years. I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. I served two deployments,
one to Afghanistan, one to East and Central Africa. Got to be part of some
really great things, worked with some very
special individuals and like was mentioned, our experience does differ
greatly from the other students at this school and that
is why this room is so meaningful to me. Us veterans get to be in this — get this room to be with
like-minded people, other people who have shared our experiences, people that have also made the
same sacrifices that we have. Grown to a certain
level of maturity that others might not have
the opportunity to grow to in the civilian world. And for that this is a great
gift and I would like to, on behalf of myself
and the other veterans at this school, I would really like to thank you,
President Steward.>>Thank you.