Hello viewers and welcome to Venice so
what we are going to do in this video is have a look around Venice and get some
establishing shots to prove we are here then we’re gonna go over to the Venetian
Hotel in Las Vegas and compare the two. So first off coming up
establishing shots in Venice let’s go! We’re gonna show scenes in Venice then
scenes in the Venetian Hotel so let’s go! Take a look. ‘Where’s the Venetian Hotel?’ Las Vegas. Hello Mel, well what do you think of St.
Mark’s Square in the middle of the afternoon busy it’s busy I think I
prefer it at night, it’s quite cool, there is a bit of wind blowing yeah but it’s very
very busy. Next pan up to the bell tower and then pan down in Nevada. A bit of a scrum Little tip if
you do come, don’t come in the middle of the afternoon
so now we’re gonna hop over back to Las Vegas and look at the Venetians version,
let’s go.