Hey guys Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
Now Matt and I are in beautiful Vancouver uncovering a few of the
best things to see, eat and do now these tips are perfect for anybody
who wants to experience Vancouver in the summer but only has a couple of days and a
very limited budget to do it Let’s go Located at the north western edge of
downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park has been a designated green space for over a
hundred and thirty years it’s a really It’s a really popular spot for visitors and locals
and it is easy to see why you can visit beaches, wander trails lined with
beautiful cedar, fir and hemlock trees visit the Aquarium, check out the sea
wall there are cafes, plenty of spots for a picnic and of course you can hire
a bike and whizz around For the very best free views of Vancouver
you want to head right here to the High View Lookout at the Cypress Provincial
Park. Now we have a hire car so we drove up here super easily there’s a parking
lot you can just jump out spend some time have a picnic and get a sense of
the size and scope of Van City As you can see the Capilano Suspension
Bridge is a real favorite among tourists I mean it’s absolutely packed and I’m
freaking out I’ve really bad social anxiety and I’m not sure I’m going to be
able to bring myself a get on there cause it’s a little bit claustrophobic
so in addition to the suspension bridge you can do a cliff walk and there are some
cool tree top adventures too there’s plenty of food to eat a little bit of
shopping you can do at the Trading Post I just want to make this clear
I’m not afraid of the heights I’m afraid of the amount of people on here
it’s freaking me out If you have shocking social anxiety proceed with caution if you’re a normal functioning human
enjoy yourself We’re in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical
Garden and it is beautiful If you love gardens like I do
You wil love this one Vancouver’s Chinatown is one of the
largest in the world and for those on a budget it is the perfect place to
explore on foot and take in a little bit of local culture and history along the way
Behind me is the Sam Key Building and it is the narrowest building in the world
I know what you’re thinking Phoebe it’s not that narrow but I want you to take a
look at the two different paint colors that dark paint…
that’s the Sam Key Building Now we’ve been walking around Gastown
and Chinatown for a couple of hours now and there are a few people on the street who might
be homeless or a little bit down on their luck if you aren’t from a country that has those
kinds of issues you may find it intimidating but honestly, we’ve had no problems as with any country, anywhere in the world just be a safe traveller and
keep your wits about you You can’t come to Vancouver without visiting
it’s oldest neighborhood, Gastown Now this area grew from a single tavern
founded by John “Gassy Jack” Deighton way back in 1867 and is now grown into
a charming, historic and quaint part of beautiful Vancouver. There are lots of
boutiques, shops, gret places to eat and of course the iconic steam
clock which you see behind me walk around, dip into shops, grab a cheap
bite to eat from somewhere like The Warehouse where all food is $5.95 and
experience Vancouver You can’t come to Canada
without trying poutine now Matt and I are both vegetarians
so we’re here at Mean Poutine where the gravy is herbivore friendly What the heck is poutine? If you’ve never seen or heard
of it before it is a French Canadian classic they take perfectly-cooked
crunchy french fries cover them in gravy, cheese curds French onions and there are a whole
bunch of other toppings you can try too hot dog, look at those cheesecurds oh that is so good it’s amazing Traditional Canadian foods and delicious
budget eats do not get any better than these bad boys You are staring right down the barrel of a box of
Tim Bits, if you don’t know what a Tim Bit is look it comes from Tim Hortons, hence
the name Tim and the bit, well… they are essentially donut holes
so just a little round, bite-sized tasty morsels of donut
and they are so good Now this box of 10 cost me $2.29 absolute bargain We’re at the Granville Island Brewery on
you guessed it, Granville Island Now I saw this handle for maple
cream ale, maple cream beer all the way over in Calgary and I was like
when I get to Granville Island I have to try it I thought it would taste exactly
like maple syrup, it doesn’t It tastes just like…. beer The Granville Island Public Market is
perfect for anyone on a budget because it has a wealth of food
that you can try Now this is the first time my deprived Australian
eyes have ever laid themselves on perogies My dad is Canadian, he has been talking
about perogies since before I can remember now what they are is yummy
yummy dumplings filled with all kinds of great things like
meat, cheese, potato and onion I’m really excited for this
this feels like a big life moment Is that seagull? That’s not a seagull… It’s a chicken That’s a chicken…an
aggressive looking chicken that thing is huge! If you love great views you will love the
Sea to Sky Gondola it’s about a 45-minute drive from downtown Vancouver
now the views up here are stunning they’re absolutely incredible there are
loads of trails, food, you can bring your own for a picnic one thing I will say
obviously this isn’t a super budget option but if you are going to splash
out on one experience this has to be it so far, this is my favorite
thing we’ve done As the sun begins to set, I recommend coming right
here to the Shannon Falls Provincial Park where you will find the incredible Shannon Falls
Now they are the third largest falls in British Columbia the drive will take you around 35 to 40
minutes from downtown Vancouver but if you’ve done the Sea to Sky Gondola it’s 1 or 2
minutes down the road so you can easily pop in When we were looking for someone to stay it
was really hard for us because it’s was peak season it’s super expensive so we went
on Airbnb and…. yeah we stayed in North Vancouver at the Airbnb for two
nights and then we went to Walmart bought all brand-new camping supplies
and we headed out to a little campsite called Porteau Cove near Squamish.
It’s $20 a night for a walk-in site at Porteau Cove and the views are incredible, Porteau Cove is stunning
you’ve got the cove, you can swim out the front there are mountains in the
background the sunsets are incredible I love it Thank you so much for watching you guys
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