So, what would you like to have? Anything…..What you like! Going to order Chole Bhature for both of us. You also try it. No! Its very oily. Daal Makahni? NO ! Its taste is not good. Chinese ? No! So, what will you eat? Anything ! Amritsari Naan ? No ! It is not good here. Masala Dosa ? No it is quite heavy for lunch. Damn ! What will you eat ? I told you, anything. Mushroom pyaza? No ! Its not good here What will you eat? You already know what i like to eat ? Paneer Tikka ? No its very bad ? Biryani ? Its very heavy. Oh god, what will you eat ? Mam, your order please ? Chole Bhature please I am going to order chole bhature, you also try it. No, its very oily !!!!!