Address: Illampillai main road, vembadithalam, salem people waititng to eat. Cost of lunch- 350/- inr per person(that includes mutton biriyani, white rice ,curd,and two non veg dishes) i have been running this eatery for more than 20 years people all over the country come here to eat here saree rates are low, so a lot of people come here for purchase so all the customers come here to eat they go and tell other people about this place so we got famous through word of mouth we have country chicken varuval, country chicken fry, mutton sukka, mutton varuval, boti, kathambam means boti (mutton intestine), 65 boneless, vanjaram fish, mutton biriyani, rice, rasam, curd . curd here will be like icecream if you eat here no mistake happens to the body, there is no indigestion problem so a lot of customers come with family also and we cater to them accordingly is it open for breakfast? no, only for lunch we are open how about dinner? weekly 3 days we’ll be open for night that too customers call up and ask how about leave days? if there is any auspicious day for example this sunday is hanuman jayanthi , next day is amavasai (new moon) so these days business is dull so we give leave if customers call and come it will be good.