hi today we’re featuring some of our
exciting pizza ovens that we just got in and a few that have been here for a
little while we’re gonna start off with this Zesto it is a half size model so
it’s not your standard full-size the unit is 49 inches by 36 by 52 inside
measurements are 36 inches so you can easily fit to 18-inch pizzas and inside
dimensions are 30 inches so what’s that decent size unit for second oven we’re
featuring is the doyen plz 3g so the G on the end would mean that this again is
a gas so it’s a three deck oven you can have a peek inside there the unit has
been refurbished it looks like it is brand new it comes on a stand as well to
the stainless stand on wheels these particular doyen ovens have a 20 minute
preheat time and you can put au pizzas in fo 5 to 6 minutes for cooked this is
our Daytona a rotating pizza oven it’s a super cool oven cook time on these units
are generally 60 to 90 seconds and like I said it rotates as well too this is a
gassy of it you don’t need a hook for this you can vent these units directly
out your building so that’s obviously a nice option you don’t have to bring a
hood in and you can add it break beside your existing line or open the front of
your business or a restaurant I guess or wherever else you want to put in and we
have another smaller jet air electric convection oven the dimensions on this
unit are 32 and a half by 33 by 68 so it’s an awesome compact size this unit
is a 4 shelf unit and it runs on three-phase power this is a very sharp
looking unit it’s been refurbished it’s on a stand with wheels so you can push
it around if needed and we have this beautiful funky
3 Dec electric oven can cook 3/16 inch pizzas at one time in this unit you can
basically program for how many toppings you have on your pizza
so for cheese you would just push one for a couple toppings – if you had a
load of pizza you push 3 and it all cooks accordingly – you