We are for this special episode in Tunesia, a country where tourist numbers dramatically dropped after the terrorist attacks in 2015. Hi there !
We arrived in our…. All inclusive resort. We are not here to relax, but to visit abandoned hotels. So I have a lot of potential hotels, but no clue if they are really abandoned. We are going to check a few tomorrow and we hope something works out, otherwise it’s an expensive joke. Boring. Do we have a good time?
-Part of the exploring. We’re not here to relax! No explorers have been here before, so we don’t know what’s abandoned. So I pinned a lot of hotels and we’re going to drive by them so see if they’re abandoned or not. This one should be abandoned. No, it’s active again. There’s another one close.
We’re shopping for abandonments. Curious what we will find.
We have taken a big risk. Indeed, with no info at all. Real exploring. Slow down, there should be another here. Bingo !
Epic. You can walk in easily.
-We’ll do that one later. At least 1 swimming pool shot. I think this one is abandoned, we should check it out.
Check that gate, cool. Love the oriental style. Nice playground. It’s not disappointing ! Bob exploring in his swimming pants. Love it !
-How.. Somebody there?
-There’s a horse. Someone’s coming.
-This way? Glad we came to Tunesia.
We found a lot of abandoned hotels, but most reopened in 2017 and 2018. So I didn’t know if there were any abandoned hotels left. I’m happy we found this already.
-And when you look around you can see touristic activities going on. Dirty water. Exploring on flip flops.
-Holiday urbex. Escaped from our hotel.
We are not the only one that walk around here. From which year?
2018. 2016. Russia. Janine would have liked this.
-Indeed, and it’s huge. We just have to get inside somewhere. Slanted shutters. We look through a window. It looks good. Decayed, messy and the interior is still inside. Great. It’s gigantic !
-The biggest one we’ve ever explored. Endless. Like a theme park. There’s a broken window. We’re in the cafetaria part of the giant resort. The best part is that everything is still inside. With an abandoned feeling. We jsut heard the resort closed around 4 years ago. Quite some decay for such a short period. Especially because it is dry here. Different than Northern Europe.
Sandy. It has some kind of style. Think it was one of the more luxury resorts. buffet. Curious for the entrance hall. Kitchen. It’s nice. It’s so big. It has everything.
Multiple pools. 5 pools.
A lot of side buildings.
-There will be also inside pools. I like that the beach beds are still there, with those palm leaves on it. This dog scared us. Here’s the beach again. Thre he goes. It’s just a stray dog.
-A stray dog, no guard dog. We don’t need to book a hotel the next time. Closed. You can see that these locks are there for a while. Rusty. It will rust faster with the salty air but it’s locked for a while. You can see a bar here. A salt pool. Worth a shot. The water is really gross. Check those cobwebs. A fully intact gym. Looks like we’re going to the lobby. Jesus. We’ll come back later.
Very Luxurious, swimming pool, relaxation, massage, hamman, etc. One of the coolest hotels ever. Let’s go straight. Check this. Again oriental style. They sold all kind of herbs here, like in Egypt. Basil, Thyme, The main entrance? The wellness entrance. A dome, nice.
There’s the barber. This location is the find of the day. The products are still present. And unused. A face mask. Like you can see the oriental style in this treatment room. So many kinds of hydrotherapie. Another one here. I have never seen this one before, what does it say?
-Algae therapy. Love it.
-Can’t be good. Maybe for a hangover. The day after.
-We never explored a hotel for our channel before, but it’s a stunner to start with. How do you come up with that?
I wouldn’t want to lay here, I would like to lay in the sun, that’s also therapy. Restaurant, snackbar. Locked. We’re sweating.
-Indeed, it’s 35 degrees. The humidity is not bad overall, but here it’s bad. This is the 6th or 7th pool we’ve seen?
-Countless. Exploit this hotel.
-This water is also bad. Ithink it’s pretty expensive to get this hotel running again. Nice and cold here. Strange we didn’t see snakes yet.
-Yeah Ithought about that too. Nice picture. I heard somebody shout “hey”, but we will be fine. Check this ! A really cool lobby. Yeah, it’s cool.
-It’s very modern, but unique. For the people who think it’s not abandoned and say there’s no dust, check this. It’s funny that luxury hotels are most of the time in modern European style. They don’t want the classic look. You see a few oriental details. It’s a bit of a mix. We just passed at the other side.
-Indeed. There’s some booze, probably empty.
-I think so too. We have some prosecco.
-Two gin tonic Capital destruction. There have been terrorist attacks here, but it’s ridiculous, because there have been attacks like in Paris. New York, London. And they say it’s still safe to travel and countries like Tunesia they say it’s a no go area. It’s a policital game.
-Indeed. The chance something happens is really small. There has been a terrible attack here, but when you look at all the other attacks in London, Paris and New York. And people go there like nothing happened, they are maybe more alert. I still go these places. But look at the aftermath here, the whole tourism industry collapsed. Such an impact for this country and it’s inhabitants. And we are exploring here in our swimming pants.
-For fun. But it’s good that we show it. We also show that it isn’t as dangrous as people think. We even left our car open by accident and nothing is stolen. Thre are bad people everywhere. Another reception.
-One of my highlights with the natural light, the oriental style, chandelier. and the decay. Strange because it’s pretty dry.
-Still some humidity. Check those postcards. Pictures when it was in use. Go up go up. F*ck. Thre are people very near us. Did we close the door? It’s thrilling. We should wait until the voices are gone. Gonna check. It’s locked. Did you hear them again?
-They are inside..close. Get the hell outta here !