The gorgeous and peaceful Harz Mountains in the heart of Germany are an ideal place for abandoned buildings. The climate is harsh and the weather erratic which encourage decay and offers eerily beautiful sceneries from time to time. In some cases the vacancy is alarmingly high which leads to a high number of abandoned properties like factories and sanatoriums but most of all abandoned hotels. With borrowed equipment we’re embarking on a journey through time. Off the beaten tourist path we’re looking for forgotten witnesses of the past. This is part one of Abandoned Harz Hotels. Our journey started with a large question mark. We didn’t know anything about our first destination of the day. We had the coordinates and the name of the hotel but we didn’t find any pictures at all and we didn’t know whether this place was even accessible or not. We were glad when we had arrived and saw that this building was at least not demolished. We never heard of this place before. Was it possible that this abandoned hotel was an absolute sleeper? YES! As soon as we were inside the place we knew that it was an outstanding location. As it turned out this abandoned site was one of the most untouched ones we have explored so far. “Please don’t enter without bathing cap – water depth: 1,35m” The lady from the reception gave us the keys a moment ago. We are looking at our room right now. – This is our room?! We shouldn’t lose the key, it’s the last one they have. There isn’t even a bed here?! But we have… …a beautiful… …makeup mirror or something like that. A door hidden behind a door… Okay, so we’re thinking that this place… …must be really unknown. When you’re walking along the hallways… I’ve just got my backpack from where we started, because I left it there. …you don’t see any vandalism at all. That’s absolutely crazy! Every room is still furnished. There are no graffitis on the walls. No broken windows… No trash laying around or bottles and stuff like that. This hotel is still in a good shape. Right? Well, I would say we’re in paradise. It’s nearly impossible to find any information about this building. But as it seems it was some kind of family business. On the ground floor of the hotel you can find the living quarters of the operators. “Everybody can handle order, but only a genius can master chaos” It’s a fact that the hotel has a long history and that it’s over a hundred years old. In the 1940s, there was a major fire inside the building and several floors were destroyed. Shortly after that the hotel was confiscated by the Nazi regime and used as a maternity hospital. After World War 2 this site was confiscated again. This time by the British occupying troops. Due to the massive number of refugees the total population of the village tripled. A lot of them were accommodated in the hotel. But here our chronicle is ending. We couldn’t find out why this place was abandoned. You can only speculate. Maybe the hotel was too far off the beaten track. But as it seems this place was still in use around ten years ago. How long ago was that? Is there any date on the magazine? – Yes, 2007. All of these rooms… …are in pretty good shape. There’s a TV in every room. This is a bad example, this room isn’t furnished that well. But the other rooms are looking all the better. I would say it’s furnished very well… – Yeah, but not as good as the other ones. There’s some poster unter the bed. Seems like they wanted to sell the hotel. “for sale” Wanna call that number? “The number you have called…” – …is not available. Can you hear me? – Yeah. I can’t open the door. – We will rescue you. Can you get me out of here? So you’re basically trapped and we will safe you? Dude, are you kidding me? That’s why you don’t explore alone. Wtf. – Dude? You can’t open the door from the inside? – No! Just take a look! We shouldn’t go in there together. I just went inside and the door closed itself. But there’s no door handle inside! – Holy crap. WOW! Just bed sheets… Can this be real??? It’s “Plutonium Police”! “The new atomic crime novel” As previously mentioned we were exploring with some borrowed equipment like expensive cameras and lenses but also a drone. Can you get even higher? Stop! Stay there. Now fly up and towards us. Surrounded by the distinctive beautiful nature of the Harz this history-charged building is carving out a miserable existence today. The last hotel guests booked in here approximately ten years ago. Due to only a tiny number of visitors this location is in an unusual mint condition. And it was great to see such kind of structure which is untouched and frozen in time. Next time on Abandoned Harz Hotels How do you like this new series? Tell us in the comments and make sure to leave a thumb up in order to support us and our videos. See you next time!