Unox Bakertop Oven S1 – Unox Bakertop Oven – Baking perfection
and uniformity. Technology meets Passion. S2 – XBC1005E / XBC1005EL – 16 600 x 400 GN
PAN CAPACITY S3 – XBC405E – 4 600 x 400 GN PAN CAPACITY S4 – XBC605E – 6 600 x 400 GN PAN CAPACITY S5 – XBC805E – 10 600 x 400 GN PAN CAPACITY S6 – XBC905E / XBC905EL – 16 600 x 400 GN
PAN CAPACITY S7 – Steam generation & Dry Maxi System – high
performance moist and humidity extraction, programmable by the user, combination of moist
air and dry air. Core probe & Delta T ñ Multipoint core probe,
Delta T cooking Door opens forward & down – Door hinges made
of high durability and self-lubricating techno-polymer. S8 – Automatic washing program ñ Rotor.Klean
– obtain maximum hygiene and food safety Digital control panel ñ Baker Touch technology
buttons. UNOX filtration system – provide a quick,
safe and compact solution for high quality filtering S9 – The BakerTopô combi oven line ensures
a repeatable process and a perfectly even baking result. Consistently excellent standards
are always maintained with any load size and conditions of use.