(music) Jessica Rosencrans: Today we are having a grand opening of the veterans lounge here on campus up on the third floor of the Memorial Union. We were able to complete it this summer and it is designed for veteran students, non-traditional students, but definitely open to all of campus. The purpose of the lounge is really to provide a study space, a meeting space, for veterans and other non-traditional students. Basically, a space that they can feel comfortable and a space that they can call their own, especially if they are coming back from military duty or coming back to school for the first time in a long time, just kind of a quiet space for them to meet others that are in the same boat as them. Brenden Trottier: This lounge is amazing! Trottier: It’s kind of a great place for veterans to get together and just relax and talk about what we’ve been through and how we just relate to each other. Chris Seaver: I always thought it’d be kind of a good idea to have some type of lounge, almost like a USO like airports have for, not so much like service members that are in right now, but some of the older members that did their 10, 20 years in the service and are now going back to school. It’s nice that we have this opportunity here at the school, especially at such a military-friendly campus. Lori Reesor: So as we were looking at priorities across campus — certainly veterans are a high priority for the University of North Dakota — we are so grateful for veterans who have provided service to our country, and when they return to college, it’s really important that they get the support that they need, that they have the resources they need to be successful, so we intentionally added additional staff to our veterans services area and are really excited that we have this newly-renovated office and lounge space for them, as well. We want them to be successful, we want them to have a positive experience at UND, to feel welcome and have full access to our services so they can be successful students at the University of North Dakota.