Jared and Lindsay back Universal Studios
and I’m walking very fast I’m talking very fast because we were just really
trying to get to the Annual Pass Holder lounge before it closes closes at 4:00
we don’t have much time to make it to it but we need to make it it’s our
last state here and I really want my pin it looks fairly crowded today luckily we
don’t really have anything to do other than the pass holders lounge so if
you’re confused as to where it is because we work it’s in Hollywood
and once you’re in Hollywood you’re gonna want to go next to Schwab pharmacy
the Scooby van there probably won’t be there and the pass holders lounge is
right there and by the time this video goes up there’s probably like maybe
fourteen or fifteen days left that it’s gonna be around it’s not permanent just
what’s going on I think during the holidays and until February we are
inside a solder lounge thinking it was sponsored by code this length of yours are air-conditioned
that are snacks there’s coat that you can buy you get
your free pin it’s decorating you can get a coke ornament various different
ones Sears they’re beautiful coke displayed and they got these great pens at each
table and you can and your input on different questions
every one of these posters has a different question on it like it personalized very nice and there’s there’s dirt with his new
pens he earned a blister for that man I work very hard three days here’s my
it’s complimentary don’t mind if I do I’ll be right back
hey your chips oh yeah I love those that kind that kettle brand solvent so the
other thing you can do here is you can get filing our coat and they stick it in
this crazy thing you make a slushy anyone’s and be ready for tomorrow
my deviations yeah yeah charge their devices I won’t have a charter for this
camera here I wish it did no charge it the same thing always dies on me and I
would have a second battery but I can’t find him anymore
this particular type of battery listen older little handheld camcorder I need
to get a new camera and I will soon sometime this year it looks like something belongs up there
likely they’ve seen or some puppets entertaining us just something
or it looks maybe there something normally goes there and it’s missing I’m
not sure I don’t know what they use this little spot for I use an effort pass
holder lounge I wonder when this one when this one
closes at the end of the month January 29th or if it actually goes all the way okay I wonder they’re gonna do another
one somewhere else I doubt it otherwise it wouldn’t and I
don’t know I don’t know anything about it other than it was here and I really
wanted the bin and it was at the end of our trip but I’m gonna actually put it
up as soon as I can because that way you have the maximum time if you want to get
here and you didn’t know it existed you can get here get your bag yeah it is
decided to meet Homer great okay no it’s actually too so cool I worked so hard to get that
you know what I’m gonna do now no tellin treat myself who was their crew I like that one better than the other
Harry Potter beer so what you want to that’s how you’ve had like the dragon
burger no no I like it was to get the dragon one
but for some reason and I’m ready to the better yeah I know get out of here so we
need to kind of like what is this oh you never see that’s
turkey Sharky’s fan with his head this is mouth it’s a
circus with no way look at all these cool old fashioned
guitars oh my goodness he has found another ally
to they
there’s some more music stuff that we got electric irons
those are not irons Oh clear there wait a minute
those are not toasters those are not irons I think you guys
might have this a little bit backwards barbershop I like it I like these little window
shops they’re great and they’re full and not too far I like it though we like your new little alley yeah I
can’t even ever seen this one before but I was just thinking I forgot to tell
you cuz I wanted to find it here there used to be and from what I understood I
just read and I don’t know if it’s out of century or what one of these clusters
of buildings over here way back when you stamp on House senator had on and I was
in for about how many years and they showed like the facades in the picture
that I saw so trying to find that if that’s not true anybody knows they’re
like now you’re an idiot just call me an idiot you don’t say that’s not true but
I did I did see it one of the haunts was
located in one of these city block cluster of buildings
all right you remember the name of the block more great everyone even looks almost
bloody yeah I don’t know is this a new one too or is
this the same one we usually visit I’ve been down recognize it at night the ice cream truck for more nights
barking great yeah while it’s different to me today
I don’t recognize it either but makes you feel better we walk down this one right now I feel nothing but contempt
for Squidward because he’s prevented even crossing the street away okay so we looked it up by user
Lindsay’s phone according to the website
absolutely there was a ha located in this cluster of buildings and it was
this one right here ah sermons I guess there’s an adjustable side and
so on go out into these little outdoor areas
the last one was Halloween Horror Nights 17 BAM right now we’re just kind of being silly
back here Lindsay says this looks like a hockey fight I imagine something out of
like Harry Potter or something right you walk past us now it was broken boy
starts talking to or nah I don’t know it definitely does
kind of look like it would start speaking well thanks for
watching us today noses are a really short video we have been in Orlando
we’ve filmed quite a few videos that are gonna be coming out over the next few
weeks and this is actually the very last night that we’re here so I know this is
a short one but we did want to show us getting our Pass Holder pins and going
into the lounge because there’s only a few more weeks that it’s guaranteed to
be open it had been scheduled the 29th I’ve talked to somebody they set the
31st it’s gotten a lot of positive feedback they don’t know what they’re
gonna do with it after the 31st but it should be at least guaranteed open until
then and I don’t know where the next I don’t know if you always be able to get
this pin here after January because then it’ll be on to the next one
a party drop in or that’s gonna be picked up at but
you know I think it’s already on the website i justö remember but i do want
to thank everybody for watching her and i also want to say happy 2019 I wanted
to do like a 2019 video at the beginning of the year but I was sick like
like bedridden and sick but I had a bad call I couldn’t breathe my nose was I
sounded terrible couldn’t talk couldn’t breathe in it we just wouldn’t went well
but anyway thanks for watching this and you can look forward all our fun
Orlando area videos coming out soon