Hi jet-setters it’s Calvin I’m at Newark
International Airport today and I’m flying Polaris business class long-haul
so that means I get access to the Polaris lounge which is an upgrade from
the regular business class lounge that they have I’m super excited about this
I’ve been to their location in Houston and San Francisco and I was blown away
let’s see what they’re doing at Newark okay, guys, I thought that lounge was
amazing..I’m at my gate – and I’m just about to board my flight but I wanted to say I
thought the food was really good the drinks were off the charts the decor I
feel like I’m in some really cool hotel and the views I actually didn’t take the
pictures of these but they were of the whole time like you could see all the
big jets really really entertaining to watch while you’re waiting for your next
flight so I hope I get many more opportunities to go to that lounge… okay
so we’re gonna board in a minute but if you guys liked it that video hit the
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subscribe I’d love to take you guys along until next time happy travels