We’ve taken the box office,
and we’ve moved it here. This is the new box office for mostly
our premium seating members. Now the Jordan statue is under the East Atrium. This is the skyway that we built to connect the two buildings.
That used to be a parking lot. We’re now connected to the old building.
Those used to be all our old offices that are now gutted. To get to the building, you either go this way underneath
or in the basement like we did. We just had our suite holder party here.
It was the first event in the east [atrium]. Eventually our sound system rigging for
small stages and events will all be held in here. We’re putting in screens here that’ll have Bulls, Blackhawks, video, logos. We brought in an L train. It’s a new, fun thing.
It has video and interactive [displays]. We have a Hawks game tonight, so it’ll go
70% Hawks merchandise, 30% Bulls. I think it’s 70/30. And then Friday, it’ll switch here. Everything switches,
and it’ll go 70 Bulls, 30 Blackhawks. This is the new club. There’ll be an entrance there.
This club will be one of our VIP restaurant clubs. There’s just so many different things
that are on the table right now. A lot of people come at 7:15 for a 7:30 Hawks game.
Bulls, it’s even later. So by taking these people and hopefully congregating
in here and coming in at different times, it will alleviate [premium] customers, as well as the general public. This suite started here, and this is what’s been added.
It gets bigger as you’ll see. So what we did is put all the food, beverage,
and entertainment on one side, and then the seating area and bathroom
on the other side. [Suite holders] got to pick the new artwork
from a variety of about 60 choices. And we built-out craft bars.
These have been an incredible hit, obviously. We call it Chicago Pours.