– Okay I like this. This
right here sound good. (upbeat music) My sound’s
full-grown, reminds me of my favorite chronic.
Ball like a SuperSonic, make the haters
vomit, make some money ‘fore you make a comment. I meant to snap a while ago but who know where
the time went. It was witty with the word play but it’s nothing like I could
really relate to or makes me, it don’t make me move. I
don’t make me like ooh. Might’ve been slick, probably said some good
things before this. Some other things after it that made it make sense but
just this right here, it don’t ring a bell. It ain’t really my
cup of tea like that I’ll give it a good three. As far as this rap shit, I’m ten steps ahead
of shootin’ backwards, just for practice ride or
die, hoppin in your casket. Bout to go to hell with
you, blow the L with you. Tell the whole world I’m spittin let em know the shells hit you. I give that a five cause
you know I grew up to that. I know who that is and I
was really banging to that at the time that it came
out so I’m more with that. Let’s go to goes baby. Push the gas, get a
mother nose bleed. She ain’t never met a yougin’ to do it like me. She
got a man but she says she really like me. She
doin’ things to excite me. To me it’s just kinda trash, I don’t know who it is maybe
they got some better shit but this right here
just didn’t impress me. I give it a negative
one. Yeah negative one. I did it for the love
of cash, Your Honor. Traffickin’ across
the Verrazano, coke
and the marijuana. And my persona,
glitters in gold. Unlike the other money
getters who stack, turn quitters, and fold. Dude that be ballin’ good. Five, that’s a classic.
That’s my time right here. I go with that
cause I can relate. Those things being on
the highway with the work and all that.
Coming to the hood, you know you shinin’ like me, I like the shining
shit like that. You know you do
things and other guys you see in the gang they fold. Things like that, so I
can definitely relate. I’m rocking with this. Please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop! That fit you like you
bought it at a kiosk. And they got the nerve
to ask, why she hot? Why you countin’ all
that money that we got? – Yeah, I give that
about a negative two. I don’t… If he was tryin’ to, I don’t
know, it’s like he was, I don’t know. It don’t make no sense to me. Yeah, I give that a
negative two, yeah yeah. Kissin’ on your baby like
the boy a politician. Spittin’ out tough shit,
overcooked chicken. Hoppin’ out the Lyft,
no tippin’, I’m rich. So sick, gettin’ blown, I’m just makin’ a wish. Damn, that was trash. Yeah, that was trash. I mean, it was, really nothing. Kissin’ the baby like
your boy a politician. Spittin’ out tough shit
like overcooked chicken. Hoppin’ out the
Lyft, no tippin’. Shoulda said Uber. I mean, my bread so
sick, gettin’ blown, just makin’ a wish. That sound like
some baby ballers. That was wack. I give that a zero. Too simple, that was
a little bit wack. All the way. Wifey material, she not it. Can’t believe I had my kids
around that thot bitch. Gotta do better,
should’ve knew better. Now I got a buncha
broads like Hugh Hefner. You see, I feel this guy pain. Because it’s like, you know, he’s sayin’ I guess
wifey material, the girl is not it. Can’t believe he had his
kids around this thot bitch. You know, like, you
trusted the wrong one or had faith in the wrong one and now he gotta do better,
shoulda knew better. Now he gotta buncha broads
like Hugh Hefner, you know. He had planned that good. I give that a five,
I like that kid. Something special about him. Stop it, you got
Brooklyn lookin’ crazy. Matter-fact, you got
Brooklyn lookin’ lazy. I got cases in
Virginia, bodies in D.C. You got to think B.I.G.
if you wanna come for me. Now I give that
like a negative 10. (laughs) That’s mad skills, he washed up. That’s what he was trying
to come at me, man. That shit was cold (muted) man. He ain’t got no
mother (muted) bodies, you know he’s a good
guy, like a teacher, so I mean he’s a good
guy, he ain’t never catch no cases in then
that shit in Virginia. Mighta caught a
domestic violence charge or something like
that, I don’t know, maybe something like
that, but he ain’t never put no street type
Brooklyn and all like that. So yeah, kid got a negative
10, know what I mean? But VA I (muted) to salute. Yeah, yeah, what’s up,
this is the boy Uncle Murda A.K.A. Lenny Grant and I just
rated those bars, ya heard? What!