(Instrumental music playing…high-five slap
sound) Narrator: Where in the world are Jared and
Jordan? Jordan Harris: Alright, we’re here at Machu
Picchu. Jared Moon: But are we in Peru?
Jordan Harris: Not exactly. We’re in Pineville, just a little bit south of Charlotte, and
let’s see how close we can actually get to Peru here.
Jared Moon: Let’s see. (instrumental music playing)
Jared Moon: So I’m here with Adolfo, the owner of Machu Picchu restaurant here. How
are you doing, Adolfo? Adolfo Peñaherrera: Good. Thank you for coming
and welcome to Machu Picchu. Jared Moon: Thank you much. So first, I might
hear that you’re a UNC Charlotte student. Is that correct?
Adolfo Peñaherrera: That’s correct, that’s correct. I’m doing a double Master’s in
Latin American Studies and Spanish in the Spanish program.
Jared Moon: So tell me, where you from originally? Adolfo Peñaherrera: I’m from Peru. I was
born in the coast of Peru, Lima and my family’s actually from the Amazon, the jungle of Peru.
Jared Moon: So how important is food in the culture of Peru?
Adolfo Peñaherrera: Peru is so diverse. Every region in Peru has their own dishes and they
take a lot of pride in promoting and the originality and that’s exactly what we’re trying to
do here at Machu Picchu, keep that originality. Jared Moon: So Adolfo, when you walk in here,
I kinda felt like I walked into Peru and I think that you kind of had that feel. What
do you kind of think of people when you see them walk in here?
Adolfo Peñaherrera: Well, that’s exactly what we’re shooting for. Once you enter
the Restaurant, you smell the Peruvian food, you see the pictures of our different dishes
– our amazing Peruvian dishes – you’ll see that very rustic environment that we have
here, Peruvian colors everywhere, our bar that that is filled with Piscos and we have
people that are gonna welcome you and they’re gonna be able to give you that Peruvian experience.
We have our desserts that are very well-recognized. We have alfajores, we have iholla’s…
Jared Moon: I’m getting pretty hungry now just talking about it. I’m excited to try
it so let’s go take a look at that as well. (instrumental music playing)
Jordan Harris: Okay, so Adolfo, we have three traditional Peruvian dishes in front of us.
I’m excited to eat them, but you’re going to give us a little background information
about them. Adolfo Peñaherrera: Yes, yes. Well, we have
our star here, the Ceviche, the most famous dish in the world. Well, the Ceviche, let’s
see we have a lot of seafood in there, okay, we have scallops, we have shrimp, we have
fish. One thing about the Ceviche here, it’s marinated in lime juice, alright? But the
seafood is brought directly from Peru. We are the only ones in Charlotte to…in North
Carolina actually…to bring seafood directly from Peru. We bought a fish that cooks perfectly
with the lime juice. Jordan Harris: Now I can tell you I do Ceviche
at home and it has nothing on what you are serving us.
Jared Moon: Well, stop hogging it all. Jordan Harris: I’m trying not to. Alright,
so what do we have over here? Adolfo Peñaherrera: Lomo Saltado. This is
our most beloved one by our clients, the number one dish here, beef sautéed with French fries,
onions, and tomatoes. Alright, also a combination of Peruvian spices that makes it; it’s got
a good flavor to it. Jared Moon: It’s good, huh?
Jordan Harris: Mmmm. Jared Moon: Jordan is speechless. That never
happens, let me just tell you that. It is so good.
Adolfo Peñaherrera: I’m so glad, I am so glad that you like it.
Jared Moon: We have made Jordan quiet which that never happens, so there you go.
Jordan Harris: That never happens. Adolfo Peñaherrera: It seems like a simple
plate you know beef, onions, and tomatoes; but the herbs and spices, the Peruvian spices
that we put in it, is what makes it so good. Jared Moon: And then French fries, right?
Adolfo Peñaherrera, Jordan Harris, Jared Moon: And French fries!
Adolfo Peñaherrera: I see why, you know, everybody loves this dish, everybody loves
it. Jared Moon: Let’s dive into this one next.
What have we got here? Adolfo Peñaherrera: We have an Ají de Gallina,
Chicken on our Peruvian yellow sauce with like I said Peruvian herbs and spices that
we bring directly from Peru. We also have potatoes, boiled potatoes on the bottom.
Jared Moon: It’s so good. That is delicious. (laughter) So this is very representative
if we were just at home in Peru? This is what we would have right here?
Adolfo Peñaherrera: Sundays, you get that on Sundays, Fridays, you get that every day
of the week. Jared Moon: I feel like we’re a family here
sitting down to eat, you know? A nice little family…
Adolfo Peñaherrera: Every day of the week…you guys come back.
Jared Moon: Dare I say? Jordan Harris: Yes…
Jared Moon: 49er family, as a student? Adolfo Peñaherrera: 49er family, exactly.
Jared Moon: As a student, 49er family. Adolfo Peñaherrera: Exactly!
Jared Moon: This one is delicious! Do you have a favorite?
Jordan Harris: Ummm, all of them, but Ceviche is top-notch.
Adolfo Peñaherrera: Yes! The Ceviche is so good.
Jordan Harris: My gosh, like I need every day to be Sunday, so I can have this every
day. Adolfo Peñaherrera: Yes.
Jared Moon: I’m gonna be honest, I think they’re all delicious. So Jordan’s back
into eating again. Adolfo Peñaherrera: The ceviche.
Jared Moon: Well, Adolfo, thank you so much. Adolfo Peñaherrera: No problem, no problem.
Jared Moon: I think now we gotta…let’s eat.
Jordan Harris: Yeah. Jared Moon: Let’s actually eat this. Right?
Cheers? Jordan Harris: Cheers.
(instrumental music playing)