Hi, I’m Sarah from Hypop. Today, we will be unboxing
and taking a closer look at the Foldio3,
25” Foldable Studio Light Tent. Thanks for tuning in, guys. For more information,
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let’s get to it. Okay so, the Foldio3 box
is so much bigger than the other ones. It takes a while
to pull everything out, but first things first
is the actual studio. It’s so little. And then, we have… …the backdrops. These ones come with Velcro instead of using the magnets. So, the Foldio2 has magnets
to hold the backgrounds in, Foldio3 has Velcro’s. So, if you want to make
your own backgrounds, you’re more than welcome to. And then inside here,… …we have some instructions. And… …we have–… …it’s really heavy,… …this is… …power cable. Oh, and the dimmer. So, this one comes
with a little dimmer in the power cable and it’s just more power cables. And then… …inside the Foldio,… …the lights are already attached. Okay, so the Foldio3 is quite a lot
smaller than other light tents. Most other light tents
probably come up to about here, so they’ve done a really good job at
making it really compact, really light. It’s got a built in handle,
so you can take it with you. It’s also put together
with magnets. So, it sticks itself
back in together. In saying that,
it’s pretty easy to put together when you’re setting it up. Where you see the Velcro down the bottom here, that’s the bottom of the panel– of the setup. So you start from the top,
pull it out, attach a magnet
to the magnet. And then, all you have to do is keep attaching… and you’re done. Okay, so the Foldio3
is made of the same material as the 1 and the 2,
the corrugated plastic. They have gone ahead and attached
the LED panels for us this time, instead of us
attaching it ourselves. And they have also added
an additional panel for more light because there’s more space
in here. With the backdrops, they’ve attached the Velcro
to the backdrop for us as well, and the Velcro stickers
on the back. So, you’ve got four up the top to keep
it as close to the back as possible, and then, two at the front to help
keep the backdrop in place. Attaching the backdrop
is super simple. All you have to do
is line them up. So, I’ll just go ahead
and line this up for us. And then, this on the center,
just come in the front. And there you have it. So, plug in the power adapter. It’s pretty simple
putting everything together and then you’ve got
a little dimmer here as well. So, you just plug that in
just like that. You’ve got two ports
at the top. So, one is for the LEDs
for the Foldio3 and the other one is for the Halo Bars,
which I’ll get into later. And then, you’ve got two dials
one for each port and they just change
the intensity of the LEDs. So, this part here
goes up the top. You just plug that in. And then you just dial up and down
for whatever intensity you need. The Foldio3 has three LED panels,
I guess, you’d call them. They’ve got a total
of 96 LED chips, an inbuilt diffuser,
and it’s a 5700 Kelvin temperature. These are the Halo Bars,
you get two in a pack. And they just plug in the front,
which we’ve already plugged in, and then, you can attach it up here
if you want to. You don’t have to
if you don’t want to. This part here is what plugs
into the other port that I was telling you about, and then you just go up and down. The coolest part about these
is you can just sit it in front to light up from the bottom
or they have inbuilt magnets. So, then you can attach it to the side. And then you can light them
both up at the same time or just one or the other
or none. They’re pretty fun little toys. This here is the 360. I’m not going to plug it in today,
but it plugs then just here, just here. And then, it’s got an inbuilt LED light
at the back as well, which is more handy
for white backgrounds. So, you put it in the middle. You put your item
at the top and then that halo light at the back
will light up to help eliminate any shadow
that this will create on the background. All of these items can be controlled
by an app on your phone. At the moment,
it’s only available on iOS. They don’t have an Android app,
but I’m sure they will soon. I’m sure you guys
already know what the 360 does, but it is essentially
like a lazy Susan. So, it goes around in a circle. You can either have it
as a constant speed or you can attach it
to a DSLR or your phone, and then it will stop in intervals. You can tell it to
stop at 24, 48, whatever you want to do as to how many
images you want it to take when it stops. So, it controls the phone
and the DSLR to stop and take a photo
when it goes around, and that’s how you create
those 360 videos. The 360 and the halo bars are an
added extra if you really want them, but I would recommend
getting the whole kit because the whole thing
is designed for product photos. So, if you want to take
your own product photos that look really professional, but you just want to use
your iPhone or you’ve got like
a small DSLR or even if you’ve got
a big DSLR, the whole thing is set up
to make it really easy for you. You can use it
for other things. It doesn’t have to be
product photos. We have had some people come in
and use this for hand lettering. So, they do like top down
put the phone up in here. They like to take a little video
of like flat lays, hand lettering. So, it was just a quick and easy
overview and unboxing of the Foldio3. It’s a really simple
studio setup. Quite small and compact
for people who are space conscious, but they still need the space
to take photos of bigger items. For more videos, unboxings,
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