mom, I’m in Cadu’s vlog – say hi
– hi, mom I guess if you sent “hi” in Túlio’s vlog you’d recieve more views I just wonder good morning last day of… activities as a Star Player I forgot the breakfast card again but it happens, it happens at least, I didn’t forget the key this time now we’re doing down ‘cuz’ we’ll go to Ubisoft Lounge and after the Lounge, we’ll go… I guess we’ll be going to E3 again Don’t record this, Cadu! as you can guess, I’m totally sweaty normal and people can play other games yesterday I played Mario+Rabbids,
it’s really cool, I liked it so let’s pause this video a
little bit, ‘cuz’ I’m editing it I forgot it’s name, I know there’s “rumble” I know there’s “rumble” somewhere it’s exclusive for Switch and it’s really… well, at least, I thought it was really cool I could play only half of the song because they called us to another activity in this mode, you use both joy-cons to play a lot of people knew that but there is a special reason for using both joy-cons there are some actions on screen
acordding to the theme you picked of this “music”, just to put in that way and on this music will appers some coaches that will take turns and at the time you’ll be copying that specific coach the joy-cons will vibrate according to what the coach holds on his hand for sample: if one of the coaches
is a construction worker and he’s using the drilling machine so you’ll feel like it’s a drilling machine of it’s a mariachi and he’s shaking his maracas, so
you’ll feel like you’re shaking them because the joy-con has a rumble technology that’s different, Nintendo called it HD Rumble that, instead of vibrating all
the control, it has some it’s like the controller can
simulate different sensations again: I couldn’t play that much I thought it really interesting so, as they could talk that much or even talk about it, and they let me talk about share with you, so I’m sharing we’ve just left a Masterclass that, WOW what a awesome game we couldn’t shoot of else the game seens really awesome there are some pieces that can be removed it’s shown on the trailer but it was really amazing so, yeah, we’re in the bus again,
that we’re going to we’re going back to E3 we’re going there to dance on stage to go back to Ubisoft Lounge later look at that how cool it’s good this time we can walk, right? they got people taller than me to do the cosplay and now we wait Mo Chocolate is there the most interesting about today is that today is way more empty it’s “walkable” unfortunalety the day schedule to visit E3 wasn’t today because if it was today, we could see a lot of stuff actually, not that much stuff, but I guess maybe we could see a significant amount of stuff something really neat about E3 I’m seeing it’s that almost like almost like BGS you don’t have only the big booths
of companies like Nintendo but you also see booths of people showing their projects, there is space for indie games, and I love it each person there is being able
to play a multiplayer game but each one is watching your own
screen, they can’t see each other player’s bye, E3, bye yesterday was too crowded I think people was so hyped they were like “OMG I need to go there on the first day,
OH, if I don’t go in the first day, I’ll die” in a fair, you can’t see everything it’s a piece of advice I give you:
usually, if you’re going all days of a fair it’s more interesting to create small objectives for example: I’ll see one specific game,
another game too, not more than three because you’ll have more chances
of seeing what you want no, what, what do I need to agree? Brazil is wonderful there are… I won’t say wonderful women,
I’ll say people wonderful people bye Convention Center that can’t be shown because we’re too close guys, it’s massive and there’s even a upper level, with some rooms and
I think there’s even a building however, this is huge now we’re, we have just…
they kinda changed the schedule there was supposed to have some
surprise we don’t know what it is later we would have dinner,
but they changed, so… however, IDK so now we’re about to have some surprise and a very special meet & greet so, we don’t know, there are many
mysteries in life and mystery specially for those two,
that probably don’t know what I’m talking that’s my point and we’re finally using stairs good, exercising, right? we ended up having kinda some talk not a talk, it was more like a Q&A with THE MAN Ubisoft’s MAN it was nice, because we could have some questions about the games,
about the company answered and after, I talked a little bit with
him, he seemed really cool in theory, we should be on
a party, but in reality… Kelvin, Pâmella, Arthur and me and Túlio came with us we went have some business done the guys got some stuffs they needed, I guess and we ate something later and that’s is basically we’re back at the hotel at 10:48p.m. or 10:49, however but I’d rather this way, because the party must end at 2:00 a.m. and I don’t know if you can leave the party any time so so, for me, I think it was the best solution I’ll get some stuff organized now so tomorrow I’ll just wake up, have breakfast and leave, go back home but I’m happy with the experience, I’m happy meeting all people I met in person or the meet the ones I’ve already met again grateful for Ubisoft providing us this experience some people don’t know, but I really like programming, developing and I think it motivated me to keep trying developing, try to do things I feel like saying goodbye happily for being here, because I was part of I’m being part of this experience and saying goodbye hoping it won’t be the last time I’ll attempt to E3, I’ll visit LA I’m finishing the vlog with the Just Dance wristlet I got and that’s it, guys I hope you enjoyed this video, all vlogs there’s nothing to vlog tomorrow, I’ll just say goodbye and go home but I hope you’ve enjoyed those vlogs see ya and don’t forget to be nice with your mates