I’m Hantou I’m was the president for
UBC eSports last year and I just graduated now currently I’m working for
Wang Yue and working on projects alongside UBC eSports with our new
president so my name is Charlie I am with ncx PC I do product management we
build custom handmade gaming and enterprise level pcs and we’re very
excited to be working with UBC eSports I’m Victor Howe on the president of UBC
eSports Association so as the president of the club I manage and oversee all of
the operations of the club and I’m involved in basically every single
Department of my club whether that’s talking with sponsors and communicating
with them or communicating internally inside UVC with the alma mater society
or Human Resources hiring I’ve been with the club for about four years started as
just a member beside I wanted to volunteer and get more involved and then
I jumped up into an executive position where I became the VP external and then
I was voted in as president this year our club has definitely been around UBC
reporter well and all of these projects lead a path towards a future eSports
program and we can definitely see that and we have a lot of good players at UBC
and a lot of undergraduates who are entering the first years from high
school from all around the world and a lot of talent that’s coming in to UBC
and that’ll definitely help our push for a scholarship program we hope to utilize
the some of the projects that we’re working on including the gaming lounge
that we just opened as well as another eSports education program that want you
starting at UBC in January to build the infrastructure needed to create the
transition from collegiate level to a professional level much seen in the
n-c-double-a and other professional collegiate these horses becoming one of the largest
industries in the world right now and we see more and more external sponsors
coming into large eSports clubs around all of North America in order to bring
better content and give the hardware that we need to perform all of our games
play on all of our games and as well as practice I am actually a alumni of UBC
here and I was involved in the eSports scene when I was at the school and I
actually spoke with Victor and hand towel before the the lounge idea and
they kind of approached me with this pitch about the uvcs burst lounge and I
said wow that sounds like a really good idea because I was doing product
management and see I said hey let’s you know get some partners together let’s
put something together that’s gonna be really good for the community here for
the club and just grow that eSports platform here at UBC and they wanted to
bring these fourths of our city and said let’s let’s have NCIX PC here as as part
of that platform to support you guys on your journey to really growing that
platform here in Canada so with this project in mind we talked to AMS
negotiated with them throughout the summer and then we also approached ncx
PC NCS PC is BBC sports associations official Hardware sponsor and they were
the ones that provided the PCs inside the room so they’re really nice pcs with
all the graphics cards the processors motherboards etc those were built by
entire PC and NCR PC helped us reach out to Corsair and to Asus Republic of
gamers to provide components inside the computers and by getting those two on
board we managed to get all the components source put into the computers
and ncx PC was the one to build them and manufacture them and make them look all
pretty with all of the equipment set in place we just had a few more tasks left
in that one the room needed to be equipped properly and
fitted actually be able to support all the computers and all the monitors all
the peripherals as well as actually be function so long a cybercafe was the one
that helped do all the furniture all the servers and all the networking inside
the computer and basically hook up everything for us while ncx PC Corsair
and Asus Republic gamers were the ones to provide components and build the
computers so inside the computers we have some pretty
top-of-the-line equipment so we have an Intel Core i7 6 gen processor we have 16
gigs of gigabytes of RAM from Corsair as well as an SSD card inside we also have
Asus GTX 1060 graphics cards inside as well as an asus motherboard and we also
have 144 144 hertz monitors from asus so the peripherals that we have on inside
the gaming lounge are corsair m65 pro RGB zazz the mice coursera mm 300
extended edition so that’s the long most pad as the mouse pad we have the corsair
k70 luxe RGB keyboard as well as corsair Boyde RGB headset the thing is with
these force right now is that it’s a really rapidly growing industry it’s
actually huge amazingly huge but it still manages to stay underground
somehow and that’s a problem when it comes to getting support from school so
it’s different how every single school does at SFU
Thompson River University etc everybody else they have different ways of
handling clubs so I can’t give exactly how to do anything when it comes to
establishing a relationship but really go out talk to people contact as many
people as you can because no matter how many times you might get shot down or
some people might not apply to you because they’re busy there are always
people that are interested in supporting eSports and there’s always people that
will want something to happen in the community and what better help what
better publicity can just want to get and having everybody happy and excited
that they’re supporting their local club first and foremost I’d like to thank all
of the sponsors that put in a ton of reasons a ton of time to actually make
everything come up to life so huge shoutouts to our official Hardware
sponsor NCS PC as well as Wong a cybercafe Corsair and Asus Republic of
gamers for public contribute to everything inside those computers
helping contribute to the infrastructure and helping network everything and
building all of that and bringing everything together to make everything
operational and as well I’d really really like to thank my executive team
because even though they might not be in all the interviews or they might not
have their logos on the computers none of this would have been built if they
weren’t there to help and support me and my team and my club huge shout outs all
the executives that came out on the long weekend just to set up everything in the
room and make everything for that gaming lounge work out and finally none of this
would be possible without the members that love and support the club and found
a home and friends within our club it’s the members really ultimately that
make me want to do this for the club and for the community and the members are
what drives the passion for my executive team in order to keep making projects
like these or making events like these that we have and making everything just
succeed for the club so without the members none of this disease
thank you you