You ready to go? Checkout is at 11. Just a second! (laughing) Look at this room! We got an ice bucket, a microwave, AND a fridge?! Whoa… Awesome! I think we get HBO… We do! (laughing maniacally) Alexa: turn on the fan. (phone ringing) (on phone)
Hello. Front desk. Yes, give me another glass of the bubbly, and perhaps an artisanal cheese plate, please. (on phone)
Uh…we have a vending machine downstairs…) Oh perfect! Bring that up, room 305. Thank you. Mmm this is the life. (alarm clock beeping) It’s time! (air horn noise) Unlock your adventure in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The key to the South. Special thanks to the city of Vicksburg for having us back again. We had an amazing time! There’s so much great stuff to do here, no matter what type of hotel person you are. Unless you’re the noisy one. Then, just…stay home. Be sure to check out our other videos and subscribe to our channel.