Anna I will have 2 Pao Bhaji’s Out of those two one will be with cheese 1 Sev Puri, 1 Pani Puri, 1 Bhel Puri, 1 Chinese Bhel Do you have Dahi Batata Puri? Give me one of that too Give me two Diet Cokes 1 Idli Sambhar 1 Plain Dosa what do you guys want? Her latest boyfriend has given it to her Have you seen her shoes? Who wears boots in Mumbai? Did you check out the hottie? She is in my Chemistry class I can introduce her to you if you treat me with a plate of Pao Bhaji What are you ordering for? You topped the class in History right? Next time you will definitely top it Treat me with a plate of Pao Bhaji for good luck You are looking very hot today Can’t I just give you a compliment? But since you asked, can you treat me a plate of Pao Bhaji, Dosa What about Masala Dosa? Plain Dosa? Dabeli? Samosa Pao? What about a Vada Pao? Just give me a glass of lemonade I’ll do all the assignments for you All you men are the same That is why you don’t share your phone password with me Tell me what’s your Facebook password I sent you a message on WhatsApp at 7:26 You didn’t reply till 7:29 Checked out the girl applying lipstick? Finished eating? Run away then! You are new hence I am telling you Post 3 pm this table belongs to us Where do these freshers come from every year? Who gives them admission? The guy with the hair was cute Ask him if he will come out for a cup of coffee with me If he doesn’t come then… Move Aside Anna, 2 half cups of tea Prajakta can you please give me your chemistry notes Go and sit in the library now See There is no value for the sincere kids in this college That guy took and ran away Why does this madam always walk in slow motion I don’t know