One cup of hot coffee Someone to make me drink it Should we look or not If I look then I get a slap Otherwise eat a papad Hello, yes Rashmi How are you? You haven’t called me since 2 days What happened? Okay listen Did you hear about Agarwalji? His Moti gave birth to 2 puppies Yess 2 black, 1 brown and 1 white Dear tea drinkers Why do you go to coffee shops to drink tea? Why Why do you buy 10rs worth of tea for 500rs? Do you have a lot of money? If that is the case, give it to me, I want money Give me the money, give it Hey listen Why is this coffee so cold? Heat it up Noone has looked at me since 2 days You have noticed me When I looked at you Then I realised love Cheese is crazy, love Now you should only pay the bill You have been sitting her since morning It’s evening now You should order something now Do you know who my father is Why? You don’t know who your father is? No, I actually don’t know who my father is When I was a child, I got separated from him at the fare When it becomes uncontrollable, you have to go One cup of hot tea I dont have tea Someone to make me drink the tea That also I don’t have, noone to make me drink it Someone to hold me close That also I don’t have I don’t have anyone to hold close to me Who will hold me close to them