So friends, I am on the
road today in a rental car because my 20-year-old
van could not make it hours and hours away
without Travis being with me, and he has to be home with the
kids so I can go out today. So I am going several hours away
to the Richmond, Virginia area, to meet up with my
buddy Ashley Buffa, from Between the two of
us I think we have– I don’t know, 9 plus eight– I think we have 17
kids between us. Two large family moms
going out on the town, we are going to a
restaurant supply store that Ashley loves to shop at. And this store, she tells me
that they have things like a 40-pound case of boneless,
skinless chicken breast for $1.29– or something like
that– a pound. Anyway, very exciting because
I am in a smaller car, and I didn’t have like
tons of coolers and such, I am not shopping for a
lot of perishable items. I did bring one cooler
with me, but not five camping-size
coolers, or anything. I can get nonperishable
items and I can get pots, pans, and
those kind of kitchen things. I’m really going
to scope it out, to learn the store,
because it is something that, two to three hours
away, Travis and I could hit there once a quarter,
three to four times a year. We could go there
if we had a strategy to stock up on specific items. Plus, that would be a fun
mom and dad day out, or take all the kids, however it goes. But we are on the road today
and we are going to meet up. And of course, my
phone’s ringing, so I’ll talk to you shortly. I’m getting excited. My GPS says just
a few more miles and we will be at
Ashley’s house. I love it. It’s just like home– kids with bananas are
starting to come off the deck and come out the door, and
come to check out who’s here. And see, this is good friends
loan good friends nursing pads, because I couldn’t get
through the day without them. So I’m here. I found Ashley and we’re
going to lunch at the Mellow Mushroom– yay. So this is my beautiful
Italian sub of some sort, and there’s Ashley’s
lovely little pizza with– what’s that? Is it Alfredo? White pizza, white-something– White-something– beauty. White-something. We didn’t make it. That’s with real. You guys won’t
believe where I am. It’s the most beautiful thing. I am at The Restaurant Depot in
Richmond, Virginia with Ashley. And look, [CHUCKLES] who
needs a shopping cart? We have– A trolley. A trolley– and right now, we
looking at kitchen equipment. I need this in my life, yes. OK, Travis needs tongs. I’ve been hearing all kinds
of requests for tongs lately. [INAUDIBLE] Oh– Look at these. And look at this– These are fun, too. Oh. [CHUCKLES] I can’t get them into
my cart fast enough. These are spaghetti. Look at these whisks– I mean, professional, here. Aren’t these great–
mash a bunch of potatoes? Yep. So apparently, you have
to have a business license in order to shop here, which I
do, and my friend Ashley does. But if you have a business
license and a Restaurant Depot in your area, it looks
like a lot of fun, here. I’m all about the metal bowls. How big is this one? Big mama. OK, 30-quart, $21– let me
put all my utensils in there. Over here, with their spoons– so that’s a 24-pack for $4.86. Here’s a 24-pack–
oh, yeah, definitely– definitely could us spoons. So Ashley’s going to
give us wisdom, here. She’s going to
show us something– OK, OK. So instead of
buying paper plates, I bought a pack of
these restaurant baskets, which these are $11. OK. And then you buy the
little wax paper inserts, which is about $10-$15– I don’t know. We’ll look when
we get over there. Yeah. And it comes with, like, 500. OK. [CHUCKLES] So you do this when you would
do paper plates, for lunches, for pizza, things like that. Well, we ran into the
problem of ketchup. Yes. So you buy these bad boys. Wow, and those are only– They are $5.37. $5 of Sandy, $5 of Sandy, yes. And then it really is
like we’re a restaurant. Yes, perfect. You feel very professional. Well, load me up– so, yay. Ashley’s oven-shopping, too. So if you need four gallons
of mayonnaise, there you go. [MUSIC PLAYING] And then all the spices– yeah, good deal on King
Arthur flour big bags. Jelly, we got peanut
butters up there. So she’s helping me find
the deli paper that goes in those little hot dog trays. This is it. OK. This is waxes. And you get 500. I told Ashley this is like
the most glorious day ever– oh my, lots of bags. Ashley’s tater-tot diving. [MUSIC PLAYING] Makes ’em like $28 for
a big case of them. For 30 pounds– 30 pounds of tater-tots for $28. Big case of 100 biscuits. Little lop-sided there– I think
it’s going to make it, though– obviously my first trip. So we have to wear
jackets in this part because it’s, like, the
size of a Food Lion, and it’s a giant refrigerator. Big bag of cantaloupe for $12. Look at that giant
bag of cucumbers. I see Ashley’s got her
Tetris skills going. So I’m going to
get the big, like, 100-and-some-odd case
of the nine by 13 pans. OK, so he got me a second
cart for my load, there. [RATTLING] So I ended up with two carts. The helper is helping
push the other one out. Ashley’s got hers. Her and I both stayed under
$500, which is amazing two moms and 17 kids. I think mine was,
like, $450, and hers was $400 and some change. Pretty good, I’m
super impressed. So now the thing
is, of course, we have three of these
carts full we have to get in Ashley’s vehicle. They were super helpful
helping us load everything. That was fun. [MUSIC PLAYING]