– Welcome to TWA Hotel. (upbeat music) – Never been so excited
checking into a hotel. (upbeat music) Whoa! Amazing, look at this! There’s a constellation right behind me. I love the uniform you’re wearing. – Thank you. – Just so classy! I’m heading to the TWA Hotel. That will be our next vlog. (upbeat music) – [Front Desk Agent] So for the keys. – [Narrator] Make a key. – [Front Desk Agent] You’re
gonna, right here, all right, second key. – This is so cool at the
TWA Hotel check-in here. Look at all this, like
look at this, the room card and everything. This is so cool. Tell me where’s my room? – [Check-In Agent] So
you’re gonna go right up the central stairs. You’re going to take the
Howard Hughes flight tube. – Oh my God, I’ve never been so excited checking into a hotel. So let me just quickly go
to my room, drop my bags, and start to explore.
– What’s up, how are you? – Hey, how are you? Nice to see you. – I follow this gentleman
on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. – Thank you, thank you so much. Hotel has two wings. This one is called the Saarinen Wing, and the Howard Hughes Wing. So Howard Hughes Wing is where
the runway view rooms are, so I’m just walking through this beautiful red carpet tunnel. And it feels like time’s winding back. Wow! Look at this. – [Elevator Announcement] Going up. I mean every details
feels like back to retro. Look at all this buttons on the lift. Everything, everything is amazing. (upbeat music) Oh my God! Wow! Oh my God! Look at this. The room size isn’t very big, but we’ve got killer view all the way. All the planes come in and
out, and lots of cool features. Let me show you. (upbeat music) (shower hissing) I just took a shower. Look at my bathrobe, TWA
logo, and all the lights. Isn’t it glamorous? (elevator beeping) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Hi, my flight is TWA 1, around the world flight. It’s not on the board. – Oh, well that would be
because TWA no longer flies. (board clicking) – I love the uniform you’re wearing. – Thank you. – It’s so classy. – Thank you so much. Yea. Uniform is actually from
the 1970s, 1971 to 75, to be specific. It is a Valentino, 100 percent polyester, and the actual airline
hostess wore this in the 70s, and it was donated or pulled
from the museum for us to wear. We had to go through a casting. (upbeat music) (board clicking) (upbeat music) – Haven’t seen this before, have you? – [Narrator] Yo, what’s up? – What’s goin’ on? – Hey. – This a vlog? – Are you guys paid to sit
here or you’re just passenger? – We’re passengers. This
is the Uber right here. – Oh okay, I thought you were models. – (Laughs) – I thought you were a statue here. – I own the Crashler, so
yea, they’re just passengers. (upbeat music) – I just met Justina from London. She’s visiting the hotel, and
I understand you actually have a few hours transit stop in JFK here. – If you have even an hour
and a half, guys come over and see it. It just brings you back in the day. Frank Sinatra is in the back. 60s are going. Service is fantastic. People are easygoing. Guys, just do it, all the way. And the swimming pool, we
were just talking about it. – I know. – It’s amazing, isn’t it? – Amazing. – Yea, so if you have an hour
and a half, you have to do it. (upbeat music) – Wow, I just can’t think
about any other hotel cooler than TWA in terms of aviation. There’s a constellation right behind me, and the historical behind. Beautiful! It just so classic. (upbeat music) This is so cool, the TWA gift store here. I just bought this T-shirt, $22. T-shirt, very, very nice. I’m gonna change it on now. (upbeat music) I’m at the TWA hotel rooftop pool here. This is amazing! Look at this. Look at this, 747 Boeing behind. (upbeat music) What’s the best plane you’ve seen? – Uh. – The Delta. – Delta? – Yea. – You see A380? – What? – Airbus A380? – Right there. – Right there. (upbeat music) Also, this is the best way
to relieve from jet lag. If you have jet lag, just
come to the swimming pool, and sit here. It’s really enjoyable. (upbeat music) This side of TWA hotel pool Ar, Armen. – Hi. Yea. – Armen is my friend here. She recognised me. Do you like this pool? – I do, it’s a cool pool. A
little small, but it’s good. – You know your planes, you know MD-11. – (laughs) – Oh my Gosh. What’s your favourite aeroplane? – I like A380s. – A380s. – They’re big and comfortable. – There’s so many here.
– Yea, they’re ready to go. – Which one you like? Singapore? Emirates? – Etihad. – Ethihad. – Ethihad. Cool. (upbeat music) – [Loudspeaker] Follow the
Delta, heavy seven, six from the right. And monitor tower on one,
two, three point nine. – This is so cool inside
the constellation. There’s a bar inside. (upbeat music) Good Morning. The time is 10 to 6AM. So you can tell, I must have jet lag. I woke up only after about
five and a half hour sleep. It’s just so stunning when
I push the curtain to go up. I can see the whole TWA
historical wing view. I’ve actually move room last night. My original room has a
runway view and however, the air conditioning was malfunctioning. It was really hot and sticky,
so they move me to this room. It was a shame because I was
hoping to watch all the landing and aeroplane runway view from the comfort of my bed this morning to wake up. (upbeat music) I’m just having breakfast at
the Paris Cafe at TWA hotel. One glass of orange juice is $8. Hopefully, it’s refillable. And the breakfast is
not, certainly not cheap. (upbeat music) It’s a shame that orange
juice is not refillable, $8 a glass. But I have a Smoked Salmon
Omelette, which is really, really nice looking. (upbeat music) I just met two beautiful lady here. Tell me your name. – Sophia. – Sophia. – And I’m Marisa. – Marisa. Now you guys visited on your
stopover between Florida and London, right? – Yes. – Yea. – What’s the best thing
you like about TWA hotel? – [Sophia] The best thing
is probably the pool deck. – [Marisa] Yea – [Sophia] I think the
hospitality of the staff. Everyone is just so nice here. It’s crazy. – [Marisa] I love the style of the hotel, that it’s old school. And it’s so nice. It’s so new. – [Sophia] They really kept
the vintage vibe as well. (upbeat music) – This is maintained so well, such a historical flight centre. Look at all the tiles, and flooring. You can tell they probably
have been there since 1962. (upbeat music) (board clicking) Well, I just check out of my room, and I had a wonderful 24 hour
stay, pretty dramatic as well. I had a amazing room with a runway view, I spotted from my room. And then I went to the amazing pool deck, and the observation deck, amazing JFK. I did all the spotting, time lapse. I met some spotters as well. Then my room had a problem
with air conditioning. I was moved to another
room with a different view. But then the staff tried to recover, and sort it out everything. I think this hotel is iconic. The TWA flight centre is truly historical, and it’s one of a kind. This hotel is independent. It doesn’t belong into any hotel groups, so there’s no loyalty programme,
no status recognition. The hotel is just two months old. Also, staff are new and
fairly inexperienced. I think they are still trying
to improve their service. They clearly have a
maintenance issue as well, where they’re trying to
sort out all the problems. And for every athlete, you
must come here one time to see it yourself. There’s so much to see. The constellation, all the
memorabilia on display, all the history, and
fantastic JFK plane spotting. (board clicking) `