Seoul is one of the most
visited cities in the world. Sometimes it may be hard
for you to find a hotel. But don’t worry! Let me introduce
the most historical hotel with thousand years of history,
Hotel del Luna. Located in the heart of Seoul and near the shopping district
Myeongdong, Hotel del Luna is convenient
to most of the shopping malls, restaurants and
tourist attractions. The two–storey hotel
is covering with vines, which seems to be old–fashioned
and shabby on the outside. If you think the hotel
might be illegal, just take a look
at the licence on the wall. Your safety
is always the first priority. Although the prices might be
“a little” higher than usual The room charge
is ridiculously expensive Just go ahead.
Wait till night time, then you will get to see the real
Hotel del Luna with no regrets! In fact,
the hotel consists of 100 floors. You can enjoy
the magnificent city view at the sky bar
on top of the building. A so–called indoor pool
as huge as a beach. (The so–called ‘indoor pool’) Rooms of different themes
are provided for customers. If you get cold easily, you can even choose the room
with a fireplace. Do you feel warm now, sir? If you are a keen reader, Hotel del Luna will provide
all kinds of books you would like to read. We will get you any book
you’d like to read. Thank you Time for a feast! Room service is available 24–7
with food around the world. Please go eat everything
you haven’t eaten in this world We have plenty of food. Also, special services
can be provided to enrich your stay at the hotel. You can call anyone you want to freely express your thoughts
and feelings. I believed your songs and dances will touch
everyone’s heart in the world. She didn’t call her real brother. No, I’m just… I love you.
To heaven, forever! ARMY for life!
BTSforever Special services
One final call I’m so sick of
fake love, fake love… If you are single, you can even join the blind date
organised by the hotel. I’m sorry to bother you. Would you like to
go on a blind date? A grand wedding ceremony
with glamorous decoration will be ready
for successfully matched couples. Hotel del Luna will prepare
the wedding dress, accessories… everything you need
for the once–in–a–lifetime ceremony. If you are a fan
of the mother nature, you will definitely love the garden
in the hotel. Just make sure
you don’t go too far. Let me tell you a secret. There is a mysterious withered
tree somewhere and nobody can touch it
except for the owner of the hotel. Why is that? Excellent service and facilities
come with the best staff of the hotel. What do you do? I’m usually very versed in poetry. Now I am… a bartender. The manager of the hotel
even got a MBA from Harvard. I’ve been offered a job
at three of Forbes’ top 100 hotels in the world. Hotel like Hotel Del Luna doesn’t need the resources
to complete a Harvard MBA like me. He, Gu Chan–seong,
is the only human being in the hotel. Last but not least,
here is the owner of Hotel del Luna. Are you Jang Man–wol,
the owner of Hotel Del Luna? She has managed the hotel
for a thousand years. Having a luxurious lifestyle, Man–wol likes to dress up everytime
when she appears in the hotel. She treasures money
more than anybody else. Such a luxurious lifestyle! I hate being poor. I will keep eating cavier
and champaign. For so many years, she has been
self–centred and selfish until she met Gu Chanseong. Gu Chanseong. Gu Chanseong as the manager
of the hotel has changed her life ever since. When you let go of me… Don’t feel lonely. Hotel del Luna welcomes everyone
who has come to an end of his life. Anyone who is still alive
will have to stay at Room 404. If you are curious
about the reasons behind, stay tuned to Hotel del Luna! We are happy to serve you
upon your arrival. (Hotel Del Luna)