we have touched down in Istanbul as I
said in my last video we are flying to Manila today back to some sunshine back
to some daylight and I am so excited to get back to the Philippines but I’m also
excited for the journey there I don’t normally look forward to long flights
but today we’re flying business class as I said we’re currently in Istanbul and I
didn’t film the first bit I thought it might look boring compared to the second
part but we have like a nine-hour layover we booked this on purpose so
that we can go in the the Turkish Airlines business class lounge which is right here
behind me it already looks pretty fancy and then obviously we fly business
class all the way to Manila okay so we made it into the lounge I’m
kind of whispering because people are sleeping and working around me and we
found somewhere to sit and I’ve gone straight for the food there’s so much
food in this now I’m just basically two whole floors they’re massive it’s like a
shopping center or shopping mall or something in here
and yeah there’s just so much to do that I don’t know if nine hours is going to
be enough and part of that is loads of different
food stores and food stands there’s a popcorn stand I’ve got my eye on there’s games
room there’s also what’s going on but I’m starting with the Indian food this
is a chicken tikka masala and I’m about to go from hangry to happy in about 10
seconds okay now I’m all set and rested have
some nice curry I want to show you around this lounge like I said it is
huge it’s like two whole floors so I’m just gonna take you around the floors
and show you all the crazy things that are in here I don’t think I’ve even seen
the more so this could be a surprise for and nine hours later we’re ready for our
connection to Manila this flight is about 11 hours maybe just over 11 hours
it’s 1:00 in the morning here now so it’s 10:00 p.m. UK and Icelandic time so
I’m definitely ready to sleep and I cannot wait to go on the plane normally
this is the part where I’m dreading it but today I’m just I’m looking forward
to it I actually have a bed for sleeping think that you can see it is super
spacious in here and there’s so many little gadgets I don’t even know what
they do I want to push all these buttons and see what happens but I also
realized I probably shouldn’t do that until it goes dark and everyone’s
sleeping and can’t see what I’m up to so I’m chilling out in all this
space I don’t even know like how to use the space to be honest I could like I
could like sit on the floor and have loads of space and the best
part about this is when I get sick of Brendan there’s a little button just
down here and he’s gone don’t get rid of me it looks like it’s fun it is a fun we
probably need some sleep did I mention that it’s 2am yeah it’s like a free workout the thing
I love about this service is it’s just endless gift they just give me a pin and
I’m gonna treasure it forever I really like this pen but I was wondering why
they gave it to us and then they just gave us these this is the menu for
dinner and for breakfast and it is like a whole book this is longer than some of
the essays are very universe somewhere in here there’s a little list
for me to put in my food okay I’ve got a real issue with this man
here no an issue I quite like it first on
this one it says stuffed eggplant on this one it says with
saya fishing is using for the same vegetable it means we can’t argue about it we
always argue about this way I know this they just came by and check on dinner
order and then I have to fit it in spoon for my breakfast and it’s like what a.m.
and the first thing they make you do when you get on the plane or for
traveling is make the decisions and I don’t make decisions very are the best
we also have and they all I don’t even know equal is to Allah to get this
promoting ground like it’s actually quite nice so I think I’ll probably keep
it and inside we have done sucks which is lucky because I forgot to
pack some for the plane I usually look at that they’re like grippy
non-slip he sucks awesome and it sucks also gotta pack earplugs it’s like they
just knew I forgotten gave it to me and I must I forgot to buy a new eye mask
because somebody broke my wine in Greece sorry taste brushing teeth face I always rely
on the airline for that I used to pack it
this is what brendan has discovered it’s like a brush to comb in one I’m so pretty put the flutter back up what is this sticker and stickers so you can tell
them if you want to be woken up for which I obviously do what is this a
shoehorn I did find new shoes for this trip I
know lots of people have commented that my trainers were getting scruffy so
you’ll be pleased to know that I now have shiny new trainers and the pink lip balm
again forgot to pack in my hair loaded moisturizer also forgot to pack and
cream my hair like it should basically I’ve become a really bad traveller and I
keep forgetting to pack everything but it’s ok because we’re flying business
class and they think these things for you the monster the canvases covers can’t hold like the
ones good listen to the growing sound of all unknown it’s me farewell disability
that I am now dinner is served and it’s a very
romantic candlelit dinner obviously this is not a real candle but it’s kind of
cute it’s like a little I was expecting the feed to be pretty
good on occasion is next incredible that I think I’ve ever been
this excited to eat food what could enhance if there’s nothing
that they hope in what could our hearts if you bury them all was actually some
of the best food ever missing on the west
it’s just terrible and if you’d like them
my food was better than most of the food at World Summit I feel like I would fly business first speaking of which I found the button the
tensor I’m not sure if it’s a place to sell goodnight – Myka I just woke up when I follower checked
the time to see not thinking about that and I have been
it is like 11:00 a.m. Tigers time so I think we have
which is crazy yeah I think I may have been the last person
to wake up on the plane it’s not over for me and I sleep brilliantly
and other stuff before really strange because they haven’t been
sleeping they’ve been wet breakfast the nominal and we made it to Manila this isn’t
actually where we’re gonna be staying here in Manila
like I said we’re here for about two months and we have an apartment a base
in Manila and we’re going to be flying off to a few other places to explore
this is just for one night this is just outside the airport because tomorrow
morning we are flying off to our first destination here in the Philippines but
off to saga for about five days we’re gonna have a little bit of a holiday and
there’s also quite a few things I want to blog about there and I’m sure I’ll be
making some videos I’ll be honest I always kind of thought that maybe
business class was a little bit of a waste of money given that it’s so much
more I thought yeah it’s probably good for a voiding jetlag it’s definitely
worth it if you get two days back because you’re not jet light and you’re
not tired and Giro you’re able to work on the plane as well when you arrive
refreshed but I didn’t really think it was like totally worth it if I’m honest
after flying business class with Turkish Airlines today I think it is so worth it
and I actually feel like I’ve had a holiday which is crazy since I started
living nomadically I’ve always kind of struggled with switching off and not
working and finding a way to take a holiday and I did try that in Greece on
my birthday for one day I struggled a really struggle to just have a normal
normal holiday or what I used to do for a holiday which would be to go to a nice
place and stay in a nice hotel and maybe lay by the pool and then go and explore
and today I feel like about a holiday so I think I may have found the way to have
a holiday as a digital nomad I think flying business class could be my new
kind of treat my new holiday that I look forward to every few months I know we
don’t really like flying and today I really really enjoyed it I was actually
sad to get off the plane so I guess I finally found a solution to one of my
biggest problems and yeah it was just a fantastic flight everything about it was
so good the the plane itself the staff the food everything there was just so
much attention to detail everything was thought of even things that I wouldn’t
have thought of all the things I forgot and of course the staff were amazing so
lots of Philippines content coming up over the next few weeks I hope you’re
looking forward to it make sure you’re subscribed if you’re not
ready I post new videos every Wednesday and every Sunday the next one will be up
on Wednesday I see that currency I was staring nervous caught up in the glory
– the night started turning into morn and I was hoping you and Natalie