I’ll change that a little later when I
post this in my channel are you guys doing welcome back to the channel we had
a little bit of fun earlier today at 5 o’clock
couldn’t get on the air for 19 minutes I don’t know what the heck was going on
literally turn off my computer turn it back on again that takes forever but it
got done and we’re back but we survived we made it and we’re here now for trivia
welcome to the show got some questions for you guys they’ll put you through
your paces we’ll see how you guys do with these end up hope you’re having a
good night talking about food earlier we were talking about food it was supposed
to the show started off by five o’clock talking about why why would you book a
balcony cruise what’s what’s so great about a balcony cruisers and inside room
something like that and then somehow the show shifted towards food and I happen
to mention how what how I love having breakfast at dinner I think it’s
fantastic I love having waffles or pancakes with
eggs at dinner talk something like that or even bacon and eggs at dinner time I
love that and I noticed here Robert Brandt just said he had breakfast for
dinner well I with you because I had breakfast
for dinner tonight I did some eggs and some leftover
meatloaf hi my wife makes this great meatloaf Jen and I’ll tell you when it’s
leftover time you slice it nice and thin and you fry it and some butter butter as
we like to say and then and then put that on the plate put in a couple eggs
and fry them up and oh my goodness are we talking delish breakfast for dinner
fantastic that is the way to go of course it also makes a good breakfast
having leftover meatloaf and it’s tasty tasty fantastic so welcome back to the
show you guys so Robert is here and Jordan will by the way Robert I saw you
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thank you so much trivia I will get to just a second I’m
gonna say hi to who’s here I’m going to zoom this camera a little bit bring my
computer a bit closer to me there we are and I will start reading away here and
Jordan came in right after Robert hey Robert ready for trivial of the Costco
food chat today and Blaine hi Bruce and all oh Paul as well I’m ready for trivia
– and Jordan saying hey Blaine how are you doing that trivia is go and Jordan
said we’re just getting our second Costco built but it’s a long drive to go
there the food choices to eat and Robert sing I’m ready I wish we had
those large warehouse stores here in that Tom in the st. Thomas I had the
best we have is Home Depot and Kmart and yeah that’s that’s those are the largest
retailers in Saint Thomas you can see them from the cable car I know I saw the
Kmart store from the cable car the Blaine good and hope you’re you are
well may not be able to stay long tonight but we will see ruff Lena
staying and Jordan good morning cooljazz hope you’re well and and Jordan saying
me too okay let’s see here Tracy Dunlop hi Bruce and all ready for tribute hey
Tracy welcome back and Jordan Tracy how you doing can the tropics again the
topics be alcohol-related tonight Robert wants to know cuz you know he’d do well
he says I do well if it was alcohol related I’ll see what I can do with
Tracy Dunlap he said your son is coming tomorrow I have a good time together
what part of PA I’m originally from North East and Central PA and he says
he’s coming here Saturday he’s in Philadelphia getting a graduate degree
and robert Francis I’m originally from the Philly area about 30 years in st.
Thomas now fantastic Jordan food would be awesome we’ve done that alcohol will
be a go booze is good Robert says Streisand L of good morning and doing
well thanks hope all is okay in Brisbane Robert I’m from toen in PA named
a town named gladwyn but no one knows where that is it’s 15 minutes from
Philadelphia and that means you’re close to where Tina Fey is front Tina Fey is
from Philadelphia originally one of my absolute favorites of all time love Tina
Fey and all her work Robert Brandt I was worrying as the dragged on also see her
oh they’re for rescue with the tie boyce is being talked about and he was worried
it took a long time they got it done they got him all out of there great news
there and beautiful part of the world down there Robert Frane it’s changed a
lot many lots of financial companies and funds moving offices here for tax haven
status in st. Thomas st. Thomas is changing people very nice here and if
you smile or say good day they appreciate it and Jordan wow they’re
still pretty beaches and lots of shopping to do awesome
uh Robert Brandt you were on the air I am JC saying I have family near
Philadelphia Abington not I’ma Russia from Clarks Summit still have family
there go back a boat once a year came to Naples in my 20s and ended up staying
here 20 million years lots of friends and Naples robbers saying to what Paul
Lucas is here hi Paul how you doing he’s saying I all Abington is bucks or
Montgomery company sure he means and robert francis is one of my favorite
dinners Bruce are you back on the air I am back on the air trivia AC keeper
Richard C hello and and Jordan Brenner its Brenner time and Jordan saying hi
Blaine that’s funny I had fried eggs and bacon about two hours ago laugh out loud
Rob’s out or evening because of you at a biker breakfast
what’s a biker breakfast Rob tell me what that is
let’s see your DNG explores hi Bruce and fellow travelers Bruce do you have a
name for your viewers I think travellers works a lot or the twv family something
like that Demi Manuel hi Bruce so Debbie died
Bruce at all am i off or just heading for tonight’s show
say Thursday night good it’d be me it’s a hundred two in Chico today yuck
oh yeah I screwed up it says Thursday yeah yeah I said I’ll be fixing that
after the show don’t worry about that I’ll be fixin a no added that other
unbelievable Rob’s daughter warm beer and cold pizza that’s what a biker
breakfast is I’m not a warm beer drinker in the morning and I’m not a pizza eater
in the morning either that was almost can’t imagine doing so
don’t rap I don’t have a biker breakfast did me Richard see uh Tina’s father owns
a famous bar in downtown Philly a nice Irish bar I never knew that did not know
that and Jordan hey Debbie welcome home how was the Bliss Debbie yeah you’re
back how was the Bliss something tells me you had a good time we really loved
the photos you put on our Facebook group page traveling with Bruce a group page
on Facebook was great to see I know you were having trouble at work today
apparently your internet wasn’t working or something you couldn’t watch and it
was a little frustrating Jim was telling us what was going on
well welcome back home and welcome back to the show and welcome back to trivia
we’ve been we’ve been talking about oh yeah we’ve been talking much richer see
Tina grew up in Upper Darby he says oh right on
and Jordan the Hadean G scores are you guys doing and they’re here and they’re
doing great glad they’re here as well and I’m just looking over my questions
which one I’m gonna give you guys first I got a few skill testers tonight see
how you guys do with this stuff cool jazz that chicken baked must have
affected Bruce’s memory he’s looking forward to his trip come Friday
Debbie Manuel Haiyan was such a terrific ship trip beautiful weather
one day that rain was a sea day so perfect it didn’t matter it’s all DNG
explores Haiyan Jordan great they’re doing great they’re saying hi to her um
yeah of course the beauty of the Bliss I believe is it does have a retractable
roof over the pool does it not one of the pool area so you can stay indoors
the whole time and let’s see Andrew and Debbie Manuel
love the pics on Facebook thanks so much did you end up writing the the go-karts
were you on those well we’ll get more picks up ASAP I only took 1,600 pics
okay she’s gotta go through Costco Costco Richard see Costco is eliminating
hot dogs at the sandwich bar to go healthy from what we understand Richard
we from we’re led to believe it’s the Polish sausage hot dogs are
discontinuing but not the hot dogs but you know again I don’t know anything
going on Debbie Haven has removable roof along with that DNG Explorer is five
months away from the Bliss can’t wait oh I bet you guys can’t either that’ll be
fantastic be a great cruise be pretty cool to see your videos when you get on
that ship with your cameras that’s gonna be something awesome well let’s say
let’s get some trivia started how about that see how you guys do with our
Thursday our unofficial Thursday but official Tuesday night trivia I was in
such a hurry today to get my work done I just punched Thursday night primetime
trivia and just pushed it on a demon look just went ahead and what can I say
anyway what are you gonna do okay let’s see what we’ve got
here I want to ask you guys tell me countries in the world that have the
most children under five years of age or under what countries in the world have
physically the most children five years and under in age tell me who they are
I’ve got 30 countries here that have the most children under five years or five
years and under see keeper 1594 what up what a Photoshop project see keepers and
yeah I guess I wouldn’t be lots of posting through blame is coming in with
China so is D&G explorers right away with China so is Tracy Dunlop coming in
with China right off the get-go it’s number two China has the second highest
number of children five and under and Jordan came in with the United States of
America and it’s number five on the list below that South Africa Richard C was
wondering about South Africa and I’m thinking look yeah number 23 there 23rd
on the list the United Kingdom Paul will guess is thinking uh United Kingdom do
they have enough kids to make the top 30 for kids 5 and under no no the UK is not
on those top 30 nope doesn’t have the it’s an ageing country UK is not in the
top 30 Mexico Diane Sanders Mexico is her guess yeah 12 on the list absolutely
right Robert Brandt Brazil yeah number 8 on the list number 8 Tracy Dunlop Saudi
Arabia what about Saudi Arabia nope Saudi Arabia is not in the top 30 for
children five and under India Robert Brandt number one India number one
country for children five and under absolutely right
Mexico Debbie we got just behind the the the other guy
Tracy dumb what I guess seeing Japan under yep 21st on the list
Rob’s out are no more polish dogs I’m canceling my membership that’s it
and Jordan UK we have C keeper Thailand Bruce what about Thailand for children
five and under yes number 25 on the list island is 25th India we’ve gone
Rob DNG explores is going with Australia no no about Australia is Australia in
the top 30 um no Australia is not in the top 30
with 20 odd million people for the whole country
you know if three or four million are under five that’d be a huge number but
no no Robert Brandt Russia Russia is on the list in 15th
place for that many people only 15th Russians are are not having as many kids
as they used to Italy from Tracy Dunlap Italy Italy is showing on this list at
all nope no Italy is not in the top 30 another country that is aging dynamics
are changing in in certain Western countries and that’s one of them
Argentina Tracy Dunlop is thinking about Argentina
and he let me see again no I don’t think so i don’t think i have argentina here
let me see again argentina is not on the list
no no argentine is not with australia we don’t have either a blaine is thinking
spain espana nope Spain is not in the top 30 either you know Europe is cutting
back on the number of children per family these days Paul will guess is
wondering about Greece is Greece on the list or top 30 nope it is not Ethiopia
Robert Brent Ethiopia is ninth overall Canada Diane Sanders no Canada is not in
the top 30 not at all we only have 36 million people here total we wouldn’t
make the top 30 Argentina we have an Pakistan DNG yes sixth place overall we
have the first which is India China number two USA number five Pakistan
number six now we’ve got Brazil eight and we have Ethiopia nine and we got a
bunch more looking here what countries in the world have children five and
under Tracie Dunlap Nigeria number three on the list is Nigeria Blaine Brazil
we’ve done already Robert bread Germany is Germany on the
list in the top 30 it is not Germany is also aging and
not having as many children Diane Sanders France France just made it 29th
on the list another indicator of Europe in in the case of Western Europe not
having as many kids as in the past and Jordan the United Arab Emirates UAE not
on the list at all Robert Brandt Ireland Ireland is not on the list even with the
restrictive abortion rules that they’ve had in the past which they’ve now just
voted to overturn not in the top 30 now the country doesn’t have enough of a
huge you know overall population to have enough of a smaller population to make
this top 30 list Paul Willis guessing Thailand and I
thought we’ve already done Thailand yeah its 25th already have it Bolivia Diane
Sanders Bolivia is that on the list let me take a look for Bolivia nope not on
the list Japan we’ve already done Philippines another country yeah number
11 on the list is the Philippines Japan was 21st by the way let’s go here South
Korea Diane Sanders is wondering about South Korea uh no South Korea is not in
the top 30 Japan we already done taiwan DNG
explorers they’re coming in with Taiwan as I guess no it doesn’t look like
Taiwan is on the list either no not I want Singapore Rob Sodor no I don’t
think so that would have to be 80% of the country no Norway no I don’t think
so initial reaction here from what I did no no we’re not Norway South Africa
we already did 23rd on the list Morocco here’s another guess Morocco is
Morocco on this list it is not a brick Burkina Faso
how about Burkina Faso no Burkina Faso not on the list
Finland not on the list steam e-beam India we already have India Blane
Nigeria we’ve got a grid see Bhutan what Bhutan is it on the list for 30th top
30th for children under 5 and under No Spain is not on the list steamer Diane
Sanders Iran what about the country of her an 18th overall in Iran ker sixth
and from Richard C crisix tan not on the list Japan we did Indonesia Blane 2007
yep fourth on the list you now have the top six you have India China Nigeria
Indonesia USA Pakistan I’m looking for number seven we’ve got
Brazil and Ethiopia at eighth and ninth having at number ten I got 11 and 12
which is the Philippines in Mexico I’ve got number 15 Russia
I have 18 for Iran number 21 Japan 23 South Africa 25 Thailand 29 France so we
stood about 10 where to go Malaysia is another guest coming in here
Malaysia no Malaysia is not on the list pakistan-pakistan-pakistan-pakistan what
we already have faxed at 6th I forgot Bangladesh number 7 there it is number 7
is Bangladesh Tajikistan is another guess we’re getting the stands coming in
right now nope Tajikistan sorry the Vatican from
Robert Brandt that’s normally steamer there as steamers got the brand Vatican
right behind you sorry guys Richard C Val bard okay whatever that is laughs
and I love Jim Thomas Peru what about Peru is it on the list for
top 30 no it is not not for children five and under Kuwait no Iraq a couple
of guesses for Iraq take a look here yeah number 27 on the list you gotta ask
yourself why would you have children in why would you have children if you’re
living in Iraq why would you do that are you kidding me and yet 27th highest
population of zero the five year olds in Iraq in that country that’s been ripped
apart unbelievable yeah it’s true Diane and his team are both got Iraq a chili
from Blaine Blaine is wondering while chili is it on
the list it is not uh-oh oh the priests oops
Robert Zane Tracy had Iraq to Lebanon no Colombia for Blaine is wondering what
Colombia Colombia Colombia yeah number 26 on the list is Colombia but but the
lemon on did not make it Turkey Tracie Dunlap wondering about Turkey
17th on the list Isle of Man no sorry it’s Syria
another war-torn country no not in the top 30 for children five and under Rob’s
out over Iraq we have Robert Brandt Mexico question mark I think we done
Mexico it’s 12th where he had it Blaine Venezuela is Venezuela on the list no
and I could not imagine wanting to have children in Venezuela right now what a
mess steaming bean Egypt yes 13th on the list Egypt is still
bringing up the kids Robert Brandt did we say France we did Sri Lanka is a
guest from the steamer Sri Lanka no it’s not on the list
Romania another guest this is coming in from a Blayne Romania let me check for
anybody no sir no it’s not there Switzerland and not on the list no no
Hungary Hungary no not on the list either Israel not definitely not on the
list Robert Brandt they have more kids where they die but they have more kids
where they done while the yeah I guess that’s true of third world countries
where it’s destitute children everywhere Richard C has fallen off the east coast
of Greenland yeah nice try DNG explorers Jordan no Jordan is not on
the list ah Cuba nope Tanzania yes 16th on the list is Tanzania
Honduras no Honduras is not on the list Somalia Somalia is not on the list
Olivia no not Libya Qatar no Costa Rica no Eritrea no Puerto Rico no course
Puerto Rico is part of the United States of America
and their forests the u.s. statistics Maldives and
Mongolia are two more guesses coming in here
neither will work the Central African Republic the Central African Republic is
not on the list either treat no Sudan is yes Sudan is a yes 22nd on the list for
Sudan I’ll tell you how many you have left we have number 10 left it’s in
Africa we have number 14 left Asia number 19 Africa number 20 Africa
number 24 Asia number 28 ah Asia and number 30
Ava those are the ones that are left so then 80 Panama Syria Somalia none of
those will work for this quiz excuse me one here one and one of the Asian
countries is really more Middle East but we’ll get to that
Kenya Guinea Guinea loss Ethiopia Ethiopia we’ve done the others were no
good South Africa we’ve done Kenya we’ve we’ve tried or have we kenya number 19
there we are thank you republic of the congo yes number 10 democratic republic
of the congo is the tenth highest numbers of children five and under Burma
no Austria no Republic of Macedonia no Congo we just got I’m looking now for
one one African country for sure I’m looking for two Asian and one
middle-east Montenegro no no not Montenegro excuse me we have four to go
and just don’t check my guess is here I’m looking for a country that what used
to be separated into North and South but now it’s just one it’s in Asia it’s now
one country only there used to be a northern half and a southern half but
it’s now one Libya another question no Libya not on the list looking for an
African country that was run by a brutal dictator in the 70s and then he finally
died out hello everyone sorry I’m late super late
Tammy ray how you doing Tammy Jim Thomas at least some countries are getting some
that’s true yet somebody’s getting some Molly Stacey Sierra Leone no a richer
saying hi Robert Brandt Vietnam yes Vietnam is number 14 on the list used to
be a self used to be in North everyone come in with yet name name name name
everybody got it Lebanon no I’m not looking at Nabin on
I’m looking at the country there’s one right here I got Uganda thank you
steamer you got Uganda that was number 20 have two left one country is one side
of Pakistan and the other side is Iran it’s also a war-torn country right now
Rwanda is a gas Singapore Uganda just came in Guinea Faso Rwanda and Gambia
none of those except Uganda worked for us I’ve got a country that’s war torn
between Pakistan and Iran I’ve got a country that’s beside Thailand I believe
that has just been getting in the good books of the USA again but they’re
screwing up again and then I have a country that’s war-torn in the Middle
East big-time war-torn in the Middle East
Rwanda Gambia Iraq Yemen there’s Yemen thank you that’s number 30 can you
believe it 30th for children Oh to survive war-torn Yemen unbelievable that
Turkey I’ve got Burma no and no I need two countries one is war-torn beside
Pakistan on the one side and and Iran on the other this country is right in the
middle of the two of them and there are US troops there right now the other
country is beside Thailand and I believe Bangladesh and it is a country that was
shunned by the world run by military and they would always put on house arrest
their democratic democratic spokespeople including this one gal who was very
famous and she was visited by Obama Afghanistan DNG you got it that is the
country war-torn in the between Pakistan and Iran thank you and I have one
country left and it’s beside it it might have been called Burma in the past
what do you call Burma what do you call Burma today
Turkmenistan is not the answer I’ll give it a few more seconds
otherwise always give it away for you it is the military run country and they’ve
been annihilating people again it’s terrible
Croatia Afghanistan Dee Walker saying hi Heidi Jim Thomas Afghanistan got that
last yes the country I’m looking for here it is DNG Myanmar
yeah that used to be Burma I think I think used to be Burma and that finishes
the first one of the countries with the most children five and under India China
Nigeria Indonesia the USA Pakistan Bangladesh Brazil Ethiopia Democratic
Republic of the Congo the Philippines Mexico Egypt Vietnam Russia Tanzania
Turkey Iran Kenya Uganda Japan Sudan South Africa Afghanistan Thailand
Colombia Iraq Myanmar France and Yemen those are the 30 correct guesses for
most children five and under that’s true Robert you’re right both are correct and
thanks me okay we’re good on the first quiz um I’ve got a second one for you
and I’m trying to figure out how to give you this quiz because this one is one of
its kind of a two-parter and to me it was absolutely fascinating
I’m actually looking for the largest retailers in the United States the
largest retailers and I thought what I might do is is I have two lists I have a
1997 list and I have a 2011 list all right but I’ll just ask you folks give
me the names of the largest retailers in the United States and I’ll just knock
them off and once the quiz is over I’ll tell you where they ranked on the lists
okay we’ll just do it that way wrong a richer see is coming in with Walmart
right off the get-go and it is number one it
happened to be number one in 97 and his number one today wall the number to
guests was Amazon from Richard see and Amazon today L in 2011 I shouldn’t say
today 2011 which is the most recent survey I of God Amazon was tenth at 48
billion dollars in sales in 2011 we know it’s more than that now
all right moving on Tammy ray Costco Costco in 2011 is number three on the
list but in 1997 was ninth so it moved up Kroger Blaine was going for Kroger
Kroger in 1997 was the sixth largest retailer Kroger in 2011 was number two
moved up the list as well Richard seat target or tarde excuse me
target was in 1997 was the fifth largest retailer target today are in 2011 is the
sixth largest region right in the same neighborhood and Jordan laugh out loud
Robert Tracy Dunlap Walmart we haven’t Blane Home Depot Home Depot in 1997 was
the seventh largest retailer today or 2011 action sake today 2011 that fifth
largest retailer moved up two spots Kmart
steaming bean has the has K Mart Kmart was the number three retailer in 1997 in
2011 Kmart is now at UH it’s not even on its own anymore it’s actually merged
with another company so I’m gonna hold up for a moment and wait for a second
Richard C came in with Sears right behind that guess Sears was the second
largest retailer in 1997 Walmart Kmart was the third largest retailer in 1997
today Sears Kmart is one company and there’s the twelfth largest retailer
combined so in 97 Sears and Kmart had 73 billion in sales 73 billion in 97 today
combined 41 billion can you say going out of business I read today that the
last Sears store in Chicago is closing the last one in
Chicago Sears is almost out of business it’s an incredible downfall absolutely
amazing going one way and that’s out of business
blamed Walgreens Walgreen’s was 14th in 1997 Walgreens isn’t on the list today
fourth fourth largest retailer Walgreens big move up
Macy’s Diane Sanders is thinking waist Macy so is Tracy Darla excuse me Macy’s
in 1997 was 11th largest retailer Macy’s today is 15th dropping four spots esteem
e-beam JCPenney JCPenney was the fourth largest retailer in 1997 JC Penney they
see penny today is no longer and stand alone corporation I’m sure I don’t know
what it’s part of does anyone know what does JCPenney part of if they’re part of
anybody Blaine has Costco we already got a Dee Walker came her we got it steamy
bean target we got it west Marcin Sam’s Club I don’t have it
as a standalone it’s part of Walmart and I think that’s how it’s viewed here
Robert Brandt lows lows in 97 was not on the list
and lows today in 2011 was ninth Solo’s was not even on the list in 1997 it’s
not its ninth in 2011 amazing girls curve steamy bean Amazon we’ve done it a
CVS Blane looking at CBS CBS core mark is seventh place in 2011 and CVS was
16th in 2017 moved up five in 2003 1997 it was in 16th place CVS is up five
spots now to straight-up more net up sorry up now
spots am i right yeah to a seventh-place 2011 CBS has moved up a lot Richard C
Starbucks no Starbucks is not our retailer it’s a restaurant or food chain
so it doesn’t count Stacy has target and we’ve already done
target excuse me what’s this place to sixth place
Tesco Blaine Tesco I don’t have in either in either category I think Tesco
doesn’t show in North America Dianne standards Home Depot we’ve
already done and Best Buy Robert bread is going with Best Buy Best
Buy is eighth place in 2011 but Best Buy was not on the list of the top 19 in
1997 wasn’t on the list Amazon stock a buy at $1,800 Richards saying yeah well
Stein Samer sander Sam’s that’s part of Walmart wilco steaming bean a Canadian
company not on the list Amy bean Sam’s Club same thing as part of Walmart the
gap Robert Brandt is wondering about the gap the gap I don’t know what company
the gap is part of so if anyone knows I’ll look it up but it could already be
one of the companies we’ve mentioned because the gap isn’t the standalone
retailer it’s got retail stores but it’s part of
a larger entity Robert Brandt 7-eleven that’s food Diane Sanders JC Penney
we’ve done already a steamie bean office depot not on the list either way and
Jordan Subway that’s food Jim Thomas loze we’ve done Diane Sanders McDonald’s
that’s food doesn’t count Stacy’s got Sears we already done it Kmart Sears are
the same correct Safeway Blaine is thinking Safeway Safeway was the eighth
largest retailer in 1997 Safeway is now the 11th largest retailer in 1997 Tower
Records come and gone blame that Dollar General doesn’t show yet Robert Brandt
laugh-out-loud the steam and being blamed Albertsons Albertsons was 12th in
1997 and Albertsons today tells me I think
Albertsons is part of somebody else is it part of Safeway or part of Kroger
I think Albertsons merged with someone is no longer stand alone Toys R Us not
on the list at all Toys R Us may have been a top 30 back in the day of 97 and
maybe also in 11 but of course Toys R Us is now gone Dollar Tree Diane doesn’t
exist on these lists Verizon telephone company’s not a retailer Blaine Kohl’s
Blaine is wondering about Cole’s didn’t make the list in 97 is not on the list
today DNG explorers Michaels Michaels no I don’t have Michaels in 97 and I don’t
have Michaels today as a stand alone corporation Blaine Whole Foods no
neither list it’s not on there either Bloomingdale’s no blade Bloomingdale’s
is also not on either of these lists 7-eleven doesn’t count Ross Stores DNG
what about Ross Stores look in here no don’t have it Kohl’s we tried
Marshall idea new explorers thinking about Marshall not in 97 and I’m not
finding Marshalls in 2011 either best buy we have Blaine Apple yeah the Apple
store chain if I recall I mean double triple check that I
thought I had seen this let me just double check this Apple Apple no Apple
as a retail operation is not on the list of sorry Publix yes
Publix Publix was number 19 in 1997 Publix is number 14 now it’s moved up
five spots Nordstrom’s from Jim Thomas Nordstrom’s I don’t have
Nordstrom’s on either list but it might be that Nordstrom’s is part of a large
entity staples we’ve already looked Piggly Wiggly not on the list Rite Aid
Rite Aid I believe as part of a large entity I take that back in 1997 it
was 18th overall excuse me looking today for Rite Aid or looking for it in 2011
yes it was 16th moved up two spots Rite Aid is on there Barnes & Noble Traci Don
look very good it’s not on the list in 97 it’s not on the list in 2011 no
Dollar Tree didn’t make it Ace Hardware didn’t make it Fresh Market
didn’t make it Victoria Secrets didn’t make it
Bed Bath & Beyond neither list has it Orchard Supply no Woolworths is American
but wool co is Canadian and no longer Tammy ray Future Shop that’s Canadian
Brittany Lockwood hybrids hybrids Blane Yum Brands that’s KFC food bean
Woolworth was part of Kmart yet that eventually became part of Kmart that’s
true Paul what it says Tracy don’t let Publix we got Brittany Lockwood Whole
Foods not on the list Jim Thomas rallies no Brittany Lockwood Old Navy nope
Richard CL brands Victoria’s Secrets and other manufacturers Ella brands I don’t
have el brands on the list either no let’s see here d ng Save Mart no men are
Maynard’s nope sorry Diane cool jazz Lord & Taylor no cool jazz Macy’s we did
Macy’s already Federated Department Stores Robert Brent Federated Department
Stores pardon me while I take a look here I am not finding it on either list
either Zayn’s no hmm no eBay nope
sales jewelry no target we did steaming bean Toys R Us nope and Jordan Bank of
America no that’s not a retailer Bass Pro Shop retailer but not the list
Dick’s Sporting Goods not on the list either but good guess uh Richard Goodwin
being had a good sale a couple weeks ago steaming bean jo prints no Debbie man oh
just got home what is the question again top retailers in the United States 1997
2011 any of them you can give me we’re kind
of stuck right now just give me beans got lows we’ve done that already Wes
Morrison BJ’s Wholesale BJ’s Wholesale I don’t have and I think
the problem we have is a some the guesses you’ve given me may be
correct guesses because they are part of large corporations which I think I’ve
listed here and I’m having trouble putting one and the other together
Academy models marshals and Ford Motor Company none of those are well Ford
Motor is not a retailer Marshalls is but let me tell you while I got here I have
in 2011 you’ve got the top bunch first of all let me read off what you got for
2011 you got Walmart Kroger Costco Walgreens Home Depot target CVS Caremark
Best Buy Lowe’s Amazon Safeway Sears Kmart those are the top 12 then you’ve
got Publix and Macy’s at 14 and 15 and Rite Aid at 16 so you’ve got all those
correct but I have a couple of gaps here that I’m gonna probably have to help you
with Big Lots no Bacardi and kono Michaels no Payless Shoe Source no
Bayless is under they went broke nope here we go one of those firms I’m
looking for is a grocer is a grocery chain but I think they owned so many
different brands that you may have already guessed one of the brands and
don’t know it the company is called Super Value their 13th place in 2011 in
17th place a company called a hold USA 8h o LD a hold USA I don’t know who that
is a hold USA was also 13th in 1997 I don’t know who they are staples was one
of the others that came in and I think one of you may have guessed staples if I
I’ve missed you I apologize they’re the 18th largest and then TJ X
is another one for 2007 2011 they came at 19th place people are guessing here
Hobby Lobby Walgreens a and P winn-dixie Albertsons Neiman Marcus shoppers value
a whole USA there we are Trump question mark a hill USA is that Trump in 1997
here are the largest retailers at the time it was Walmart Sears Kmart JCPenney
Target Kroger Home Depot Safeway Costco and an outfit called American stores
which I think has been merged into somebody else then NORs Macy’s
Albertsons a hold us a Walgreens Dixey which someone just put up here CBS
May department stores Rite Aid and Publix and the some of the surprising
losers from 1997 to 2011 number one loser Sears and Kmart combined they had
seventy three and a half billion in sales now they’re at forty one point six
this is 2011 they’re 41.6 today I don’t even know if they have ten billion in
sales they might even be under five billion that company is bankrupt
JCPenney in a to 1997 was the fourth largest retailer in America with twenty
nine point six billion in sales JCPenney is not on the list anymore I don’t know
if it’s been acquired by anybody is it still alive I don’t even know tarjay
target was number five it’s now number six Kroger was six it’s now two moved up
by acquiring competition Home Depot was seven Home Depot is now five Safeway was
eight thanked ways now eleventh Costco was ninth it’s now number three big move
up American stores number ten doesn’t exist anymore on its own
Macy’s number 11 is now Macy’s number fifteen Albertsons number twelve is now
Albertsons or is it even here Albertsons not even on the list anymore I think
it’s part a Safeway or perhaps part of another monster like Kroger not sure
healed USA like I said is still around Waldron was fourteenth is now number
four they’ve bought up competition when Dixie was 15th it’s off the list CVS was
16 it’s now seventh they made buys May department stores was 17th
they’ve been absorbed by somebody Rite Aid was 18th and I think they’ve been
absorbed – oh no they are still alive sorry Rite Aid was 17th in US they were
18 through now 16th scuse me and the last one unless publics number 19 is now
number 14 there you go so that’s what happened to retail in the USA between
1997 and 2011 from 11 to today changes again unbelievable changes again
comets coming in 8 hold is a large holder of food markets Trader Joe’s is
another guess Robert Brent a laugh out loud my bed he
got it got the joke Office Depot Jim Thomas Stacey a hold is a food line and
other supermarkets Robert Brett we don’t have any of those stores
Debbie manual pennies trying to get out of bankruptcy I think there you go
Robert Brandt retail in general I think is hurting it is West Moore’s and Jule
Debbie Emanuel isn’t Albertsons now Kroger I think you’re right and Jordan
none of these magical stores Diane Sanders Petsmart a rot Robert see
another fine show Wes Morrison Petco DNG explores hey guys don’t forget to help
Bruce out and hit the like button thanks you guys appreciate it
give them donations too that’s a flood all right I got two more I got two more
for you we’ll see how you guys do on these two the first one I have is is
called wheat this trivia quiz is all about wheat a crop wheat I want you to
tell me the top ten countries countries that produce wheat that export wheat or
import wheat so whatever country you give me if it’s a correct answer I’ll
tell you where you got it right then you got thirty shots at this but tell me the
biggest growers of wheat the biggest exporters of wheat and the biggest
importers of wheat and let’s see how you do uh we’re starting off with Brittany
saying I’m a former winn-dixie shopper of a flood that happened in Baton Rouge
back in 16 Richard C beer is what he’s thinking Tracy is coming in with the
guess of China Stacey you got a tripleheader here
China is the number one producer of wheat in the world China is the number
one importer of wheat in the world I squirt I’m sorry to say I thought they
were an exporter but they’re not an exporter there are the largest producer
and there’s the largest importer because they produce 90 odd million tons but
they actually import about 7 million tons of wheat they don’t make enough
it’s amazing Tammy ray Canada yes Canada is the
number one producer us right the number six
producer of wheat number six but it’s the number three exporter of wheat in
the world Canada Richard C USA Canada only one guess allowed Richard C I’ll go
with the USA yes number three grower number one exporter the United States of
America they don’t import they don’t need to
import stacey has us age so does DNG so does an Jordan so does Diane Sanders and
Debbie ma’am oh I’m allergic to the stuff and Jordan got the United Kingdom
UK UK export suite number eight on the list
but they’re not one of the largest growers Rob solder has Canada the
steaming bean Ukraine the Ukraine is not on the list for growers or exporters or
importers Ukraine’s kind of middle the road I guess Wes Morrison has Canada
Paul will guess Russia Russia is the fourth largest grower of wheat in the
world they’re the sixth largest exporter of
wheat in the world Brittany has a USA Debbie is USA those are correct answers
steaming bean Poland Poland is not a huge enough producer to be in the top
ten they’re not in the exporters side of things and they’re not in the import
side there amid there in the middle somewhere
Tammy ray Japan Japan is not a grower Japan of course not an explorer but it
is the third largest importer of wheat in the world it’s Japan Germany Robert
Brent is wondering about Germany is the eighth largest grower of wheat Germany
is the seventh largest exporter of wheat that’s surprising to me
they don’t import of course a Mexico Diane Sanders Mexico does not grow to
make the top ten is not an exporter and Mexico is the ninth largest importer of
wheat of the in the world steamy bean China we already have and
Jordan Australia seventh largest grower of wheat the second largest exporter of
wheat just ahead of Canada in that game in that world in that business Brittany
a lot with Mexico we have steamy bean Russia we have Rob
Brent China we’ve got importers China yet we’ve got it Robert Brent India
we’ve already done in the I believe let me double check guys oh no no we have
not India second largest grower of wheat is India
it is the tenth largest exporter of wheat they just it make the top tenth or
exports but they’re not an importer Ukraine we’ve got canner we’ve got a
Robert Brandt France France interestingly enough the fifth largest
grower France grows more wheat than Canada Canada sixth Francis fifth I
don’t know how France doesn’t Canada has three provinces that grow wheat
everywhere but Jen and I were talking about this tonight and we’ve noticed
that in the last 10-15 years Canada has shifted away from wheat production to
soybeans to lentils to hops oats other crops paying more yeah
rapeseed or for vegetable oil a big moneymaker for Canada anyway
France number five on the list for growing France number four on the list
for export big exporter all right after France we have a guest coming from Diane
Sanders Brazil Brazil is not an grower not an exporter Brazil is an importer it
it’s the fifth largest importer of wheat in the world I’m surprised that Brazil
is not growing much weaker I’m surprised at that uh Debbie Manuel nobody around
what about Iran Iran does not is not a big grower so it’s not a big exporter
and Iran does not import in the top ten either so they’re kind of
middle-of-the-road they probably grow enough to use but
that’s about it China we have Japan we have Mexico we
had late steaming bean Russia we’ve got Blane Vietnam Vietnam is not a grower or
an exporter Vietnam is also not a big importer either so not not in the road
not anywhere there Brittany La Quinta Paraguay there’s gonna be a great not on
any of the lists at all Richard see Italy importer yeah Italy
is the second largest importer of wheat in the world I’m amazed that Italy can’t
grow wheat surprised that it doesn’t grow very much at all steamy bean I am a
grower not a shower I’m a grower not a shower Brittany Lockwood North Korea odd no
North Korea does not make any lists anywhere on this survey I don’t know how
we’d verified even if they did New Zealand DMZ explorers think about New
Zealand New Zealand is not on the list in any category here
South Korea is an importer tenth largest in the world as an importer Spain Blane
is wondering about Spain is an importer the a seventh largest importer of wheat
in the world Italy number two blame to me bean as
Italy as well steamy bean as France already got at a
mere a I guess Japan because of their beef consumption yeah well you know they
don’t they don’t eat wheat the cows don’t eat wheat but or beer consumption
Oh Tammy raised guessing because of their beer consumption very interesting
Bangladesh Blaine wonder what Bangladesh Bangladesh is not an importer not an
exporter not a grower in the top ten in any way so they must grow some their own
Burkina Faso is a guess Burkina Faso is nowhere on these lists at all
Australia we’ve done a Thailand cooljazz is wondering about Thailand I don’t have
Thailand anywhere on this list at all Egypt Blane is thinking about and
wondering about Egypt Egypt is a importer in an importer eighth largest
importer in the world Belgium another guests coming in they’re
not big grower they’re not a big exporter they’re not a big importer so
no Pakistan DNG we’ve done we have not done let’s do Pakistan
ninth largest grower Pakistan does not the ranked as an exporter and they’re
not an importer either so they must grow enough or close to enough for their own
Brittany would turkey 10th largest grower is
turkey and doesn’t it are not in the export side of things and they’re not on
the import side either Spain we’ve done Australia we’ve done Morocco Lane is
wondering about Morocco I don’t have Morocco let me go this list one more
time we’ve got the producers now top 10 producers China India the USA Russia
France Canada Australia Germany Pakistan Turkey they make the most exporters
we’ve got the USA Australia Canada France then we have a gap and we have
Russia Germany UK another gap in India I need two more for exporters importers
I’ve got China Italy Japan Brazil Spain Egypt Mexico South Korea I need two more
on the imports guesses Morocco Sudan Spain Brazil
Yemen is yemen anywhere here new it is not a Neen a long time no see and Jordan
saying Cuba India Bulgaria No India Bulgaria we have and none of these are
here Iraq no Uruguay no Mina’s watching she says Rob’s daughter barley and hops
what else does Canada need beer country blaine kazakhstan kazakhstan is a an
exporter the ninth largest exporter of wheat not one of the tenth growers
biggest growers though blame hungry is a guess hungry is not on the list Czech
Republic Robert Brent is asking about the Czech
Republic nope they’re not on the list either in any list the Vatican of course
the Vatican will be guessed by the steamer
Nina Frank Iran we’ve done it a Greenland Britney Lockwood Iceland
Britney Lockwood none of those being the Vatican goes
through a lot of hosts slap out loud at the ng explorers Serbia no Richard C
Greenland no for an exporter it’s a South American country which is not
Brazil not Venezuela not Colombia starts with letter A for importer I’m looking
for an African country starting with a letter a and I’m looking for
an Asian country big population country in Asia island nation that’s what I’m
looking for only looking for three guesses South American country beginning
with a Argentina there we go we got it and I’m looking for two more countries
for importers an African country beginning with a and a Asian country big
island nation lots of population the guess is for Argentina came flying in
like crazy everybody got Argentina right Japan as a
guess already have it looking for a country in Asia big hi Papa seven
hundred million people more Muslims there than anywhere else in the world
and wonder if you can guess it and then an African country beginning with the
letter A Algiers yeah Algeria thank you LG I’ll take
Algeria Angola close but Algeria is the one and I’m looking for one country in
Asia and island nation was seven hundred million people the highest number of
Muslims in the world it’s not the Philippines it it’s not Malaysia starts
the letter I the country starts letter I 700 million people the sixth largest
importer of wheat because they can’t grow enough Indonesia thank you there it
is we’re done we’ve got that quiz all finished off well done you guys one more
quiz and I’ll let you go now this one is kind of cool let me have a little drink
cheers to everybody by the way from traveling with Bruce our best wishes kind regards and thank you Robert Brandt
for your contribution today to my channel on PayPal thank you again here
we go all right this one is what countries belong to what is known as the
USA visa waiver program what is that the visa waiver program allows a person from
certain countries to come into the u.s. to stay up to 90 days without requiring
a visa it’s like a tourist visa come on in business you don’t need a visa there
are certain countries around the world that have the ability to send people
into the US without a visa requirement there’s a bunch of them so fire away
with your countries and let’s see what we’ve got
we’ll start off with I think Richard C is starting us off here with Japan and
yes Japan is on the list visa waiver program
Canada technically you’re wrong but you’re right
Canada you do not need a visa to come into the United States but Canada is not
part of the visa waiver program Canada and the USA have their own agreement
their own little buddy buddy deal Americans allowed in the Canada
Canadians are allowed in the US and we have free trade theoretically and you
can old property in each country and you can run businesses in each country so
we’re like above that we’re higher than the visa waiver program but it’s a
correct answer all right Australia from an Jordan that is a
correct answer I’m just looking for there it is
Australia is one of the countries Brittany Lockwood United Kingdom fall
Wilgus United Kingdom you guys are right the UK are more than welcome Sweden yes
Swedes are welcome in America absolutely England and Richard C yes we have a
steamie beam New Zealand is the guest and you are correct New Zealanders are
welcomed with open arms the United States of America come on over
Ireland Richard C is thinking about Ireland and I’m looking for Ireland on
my list it is here yes it is the Irish are more than welcome UK
absolutely steamer Debbie Manuel China no Chinese are not welcome without a
visa you have to have a visa to come to China let me tell you a secret you need
a visa to go to China to Nina Frank Austria she’s guessing Austria I believe
that is a correct answer I’m just looking for the there it is I’ve written
down Austria is a good one Japan we have Belgium another
guess Belgium yes another country allowed in Ireland yes we have a Norway
or near way from the steamer Norway is also good to go come on in from Norway
visa-free I know the Czech Republic Robert fried the same I know the Czech
Republic is that true checker yes it is Czech Republic you’re allowed in without
a visa to the US of A Wendy McCullough UK we have it Denmark
Nina Frank is thinking Denmark and I believe she is correct I’m looking for
then there it is got Denmark Poland Nina Frank thinking about Poland Ural
are you allowed in from Poland without a visa the answer is no from Poland right
now at this point they are not part of the visa waiver program not yet
Poland stand living has been rising but lately it’s politics has been going far
to the right and America is not all impressed so we’ll have to see what
happens Wow Oh Debbie Debbie Debbie you darlin did you win something in the
casino down and that lists Debbie just sent me a of a donation on PayPal god
bless you darlin welcome back I’ve missed you thank you
so much that you and you and Robert are all stars tonight thank you so much
where was I Poland from Nina Frank’s the Poland’s on the list okay South Korea
steaming mean wondering about South Korea looking for say yes South Koreans
you can come the United States without a visa Visa Waiver is good
Robert rent Austria is correct not Australia US needs a visa Richard C
Australia Australians coming to the United States are allowed in without a
visa but Americans going to Australia need a visa and that’s been an
interesting little thing not sure why not Joe’s gonna back off on that Robert
Brandt is wondering about German me which let’s it is good to go
Germans are more than welcome in the United States without a visa Britney
Lockwood South Korea we you are right Britney we got it Netherlands Nina Frank
than Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Netherlands yes the Netherlands are good to go come on over Portugal Nina Frank
is wondering about Portugal and I’m looking yes it is Portugal Portuguese
are welcome in the United States without a visa
Richard see Israel are Israelis allowed into the United States without having to
have a visa the answer is no they’re not part of the visa waiver program it’s a
shock to me don’t know why but it’s at the moment not in there is that
something Robert Brandt France yes sir Rett France definitely the French are
definitely welcome Vicki hey hey traveling with Bruce how are you
hi everyone hi Vicki how you doing welcome the show we’re looking for
countries in the u.s. visa waiver program in other words where can you
travel to the United States from without having to have a visa to get in what
countries Ricky Lockwood is wondering about Mexico
New Mexicans need a visa to enter the United States of America the answer is
yes they do a mayor of Mexicans need a visa and it is not that easy to get one
but millions do travel to the United States with a visa and so it is possible
Robert Brandt Ireland we’ve done it a steaming beam is wondering what Finland
the country Finland yes the finns are more than welcome in the United States
Robert Brandt Netherlands we got it Wendy McCullough retractor Richard C
Australia is not a visa-free country your citizens need a visa
we know that Americans going to Australia do need a visa Australians
come in to the United States do not apparently need a visa that’s what I’m
trying to say unless you’re trying to say it the other way around
Nina Frank Italy Dalia Italians are more than welcome in the United States of
America without a visa South Africa steaming bean is wondering about South
Africa no sorry South Africans need a visa to come into the United States
Spain Nina Frank is wondering about Spain yes you’re good to go from Spain
no problem Russia Richard C Russia I don’t think so I think from Russia you
need a visa to come into the United States Thailand
Brittany Lockwood is wondering about Thailand frantically looking at my list
excuse me nope tie line is not on the visa free
program you need a visa if your Thai if your tie if you’re from Thailand your
Taiwanese the right time Thailand knees I may say that Switzerland
Nina Frank Switzerland yes Switzerland is good to go
you can come on in any time you want Monaco yes I’m certain you’re good to go
from Monaco one moment yes come on in from Monaco any time you want cool jazz
didn’t you need a visa for Canada and now what is that question they keep
asking when you buy a ticket now you know you don’t need it you don’t need a
visa to come to Canada no and Canadians don’t need a visa to come to the United
States not yet steamy mean Germany we’ve done at North Korea good luck with that
steaming bean Spain we’ve done at France we’ve done it steaming mean Portugal
we’ve done it inna Frank Finland we’ve done it for Robert Brandt Greece and
Nina just think about Greece as well looking Greece you’re good to go
all Greeks are wrong in the United States without a visa
Brittany Lockwood Cuba I don’t think so don’t think so no no no nothing on Cuba
Argentina Richard C is wondering about our gen Tina no Argentinians need a visa
to come to United States don’t see Argentina unless steamie be Netherlands
we haven’t Brittany Lockwood st. Martin um that would be either France or the
Netherlands because st. Maarten is a territory cut in half the islands cut in
half half is French half I believe is Dutch
and so yes you’re good to go from st. Maarten Robert Brandt Slovakia yes
Slovakia you’re good to go the other half of Czechoslovakia Slovakia you’re
good to go come on over steaming beans whistling we’ve got it
nina frank iceland yes i slender’s are welcome in America without a visa
Richard C Italy we have it Liechtenstein Robert Brent Liechtenstein you are
correct sir steaming bean Canadians need a visa to
visit Australia that is correct a Commonwealth brother and brother a
country and we need an visa ridiculous don’t know why Australia has these rules
don’t understand it Richard C Burkina Faso Burkina Faso no Burkina Faso
not part of the visa waiver program in the USA New Zealand we’ve got it already
cooljazz Jamaica not a chance you need a visa to enter the United States of
America from Jamaica without you cannot just show up a new sorry Richard beam
yes beam what’s up with Australia I have to pay 30 bucks to get into Australia US
should impose the same you kind of wonder what what’s up with that
Brittany Lockwood Greenland no that’s part of Belgium so you’re good to go if
you’re from Greenland Nina Frank Monaco we’ve got it Iceland we’ve got it let
land who cares I don’t know anything about that
Hungary Vicky is wandering about and I will double check for hungry yes hungry
is unless one of the few former Soviet satellite countries they’re a part of
the visa waiver program hungry Debbie manual actually Mexico does not need
visas Mexicans don’t need visas to enter this country there’s need legs to walk
in well swim or back of a truck or tunnel you know how are crafty you can
make it you know Lithuania Nina Frank my father was born in Lithuania and I’m
happy to say Lithuanian –zz are welcome and many who the way nians live in the
United States family of my extended family from you know generationally live
in the USA Slovenia Robert Brandt yes sir you got it
Slovenia right beside you like Andorra Nina Frank the little tiny fiefdom of
and or yes and Dora and door ends I guess is that what they call them and
dorrance they’re welcome they’re stuck between France and Spain I believe is
France and Spain is Endora beautiful vacation area tax-free jurisdiction
Debbie Manuel good one laughs odd luck and Jordan sorry Richard see do you you
do need a visa I agree with you we should have a waiver program as well I
don’t know why it is I don’t either and I don’t know and Jordan attacks it could
be attacks could be just a money-grabbing tax Nina Frank Malta is
Malta part of the visa waiver program it is the small island country of Malta
just south of Italy is of there allowed to enter the United States without a
visa Vicky Singh hi aunt Nina San Marino San
Marino is also on the list a tiny little fiefdom in the middle of Italy correct
and saying hey Vicky Robert Brandt the steaming bean asks you ask your favorite
answer steaming bean comes in with Italy we already have it France we’ve got Nina
Frank Ireland we’ve got it richer see most of the Euro Commonwealth on the
east side of the common area needs a visa they do not have trusted documents
so that’s the issue in the east side of the European zone that’s right steaming
beans we’ll be in Slovenia we have it Robert Brent does Malta count it does
Nina Frank Japan we’ve already got it South Korea Nina Frank we got it Nina
Frank Singapore here’s another one very good Nina you’re nailing him tonight
steamy bean Greenland uh us or okay they’re part of Denmark that’s right
Taiwan Nina Frank is thinking about Taiwan and it is correct from Taiwan you
can come visa-free China you need a visa interesting and Jordan $30 for a visa
I’m sorry for all our Commonwealth countries we should all have wavered
visa program I agree and I think should be standard fare Robert Brandt
Luxembourg correct answer I’m just looking for here
Luxembourg we are running out of countries you guys are doing well
Richard see how about the Vatican uh you know Bruce how about the old Vatican um
something tells me it’s not part of the visa waiver program but you don’t need a
visa to come in from the Vatican anyway I think you’ve got the you got one of
those passes from up there there’s some sort of an arrangement I think going on
Monaco we’ve got it Robert Brandt the Vatican we’ve tried a Vatican Brittany
Lockwood Bermuda Bermuda Sparta United Kingdom and you’re good to go sober
mutants bur mutants are allowed to come in visa-free as well and Jordan it could
be a tax I’m not too sure I could well be a tax for for cash a Robert Brandt
Brunei yes Brunei is part of the program DNG I
can’t believe there are so many countries isn’t it son
and Jordan I think it’s a tax Nina Frank Australia we’ve got it Robert Brandt
diplomatic passport from the Vatican I think so
Richard C sorry bean had to jump on that one Nina Frank New Zealand and New
Zealand we’ve got all right I’m gonna tell you the ones you’ve got
and they’ll give you hints for the ones you have it okay Canada was the first
guess we don’t need a visa we don’t have a visa waiver program but we don’t need
a visa and neither do Americans to come here Czech Republic France Malta Finland
Taiwan Germany Luxembourg Norway Liechtenstein Hungary the United Kingdom
Monaco Iceland Portugal Slovenia San Marino Slovakia Spain Australia
Lithuanian Netherlands South Korea Belgium Denmark New Zealand Switzerland
and Dora Ireland Greece Italy Singapore Japan Austria Brunei and
Sweden all are in the program there are some that are you have not guessed yet
one of these countries is in South America another country is in Europe
near Lithuania very close by another one is also near Lithuania close
by and that’s it that’s all there is to European countries one South American
country and we’re done and Robert Brandt is spelling it in a new way Cheerilee
Cheerilee and then he did Chile the old boring way and Viki did Chile and
everyone is right Chile it is Peru is not on that list but chilly is
Maldives no but there are two countries in Europe besides right next to
Lithuania that also are in the program and Latvia is here and Estonia is here
here they are they just came in and they both qualify for entry under the visa
waiver program between the United States and these countries there’s a whole
bunch of them and more and welcome to come on in stay up to 90 days no problem
in some cases in Canadians case if we stay up to 180 days in any one calendar
year perfect I can stay longer than 180 days but then I have to start paying the
IRS on my taxable income because the IRS now starts thinking you’re kind of a
resident you should pay but I think there’s limits as to how long you can do
this before you kind of get asked to leave very well done cool Jes I was just on
Weston and it says if you’re a foreign traveler who used to travel to Canada
without a visa you’re now expected to apply online and get one and it’s called
an e T a it all depends on where you’re from but if you’re from the United
States you don’t need an ETA Americans do not need one it might be Mexico it
might be other countries but from what I know I’m not that I’m the expert on
Canadian in visa regulations but Canadians do not require Americans to
have visas a lot of folks right now are in British Columbia in RVs campers and
they just drive across the border they meet with the agent of course and they
ask them if they’re carrying any firearms
you got any pepper spray on you not allowed to bring that into Canada and if
you do have firearms you’re allowed to bring them into Canada but you have to
register them and you have to have them you know inspected and so on it’s all
good but anyway that’s the way it works anyway what a great show
thanks you guys thank you – Debbie Emanuel and thank you Robert Brent you
two guys are just phenomenal for your contributions to my PayPal donation
channel thank you very much keeping me on the air keeping me alive I really
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nights everyone here saying their good night Sir Richard Sam goodbye Britney
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channel and all the gang missed all you guys see you next time toodles Robert
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Nina Frank thank you Britany Vicki and Jordan DNG explorers
thanks for coming by again you guys great to see you steamer of course
Robert Fred there he is live-chat just got $4.99 oh my gosh I
just got a $4.99 super jet can’t believe I haven’t had one of those in like two
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thank you so much live chat top chat thank you very much
$4.99 that’s awesome sauce Vicki thank you um and Jordan of course who else was
here today I think I’ve kind of covered everybody because it’s the same name so
we’re and over again because we’re playing trivia I’ve got to tell you my
trivia channel the videos I do on trivia have the highest number of comments
because every guess is a comment so when I see my statistics that says how many
comments did you get in the last 28 days it says you know 3,800 well yeah it come
from the trivia show what’s fantastic and the other live shows of course
wonderful Debbie Manuel yeah Vicki and Jordan CEO
Debbie we missed you as well welcome home Brittany Lockwood trust me I will
be watching lots of reruns episodes I have not seen fantastic Britney Robert
print no thumbs down and no M G well I don’t know if M G likes playing trivia
that much but you know he is as he is a unique guy I’ll tell you that but anyway
all you guys thank you so much for all your contributions it was Vicki that
sent me 499 Thank You Vicki I love that smiling face of yours on your avatar
it’s fantastic I love it I really appreciate that too
guys have a great night I’m gonna rest up and post this video and change the
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