Oh my god, right
now this is just– [INAUDIBLE] This is the life Hold on tight, Derek. Hold on tight. [MUSIC PLAYING] Right now, we’re on our
way to New York City because we’re going to try
the $1000 ice cream sundae from Serendipity for free. And we’re also going
to get a $2,000 pizza from Industry Kitchen– For free. Let’s do this thing. And don’t mind my voice. I’m a little sick. Let’s do this thing. There’s a $2,000 pizza here. I’m really excited. Hi. Hey, how are you? Nice to meet you. Hi, I’m Rachel. Nice to meet you. Hi, it was nice to meet you. Welcome to Industry Kitchen. Hi, it’s nice to meet you. Thank you. I’m the chef, and my
name is Braulio Bunay. I’m the Executive Chef
of Industry Kitchen. Today, we’re going to make
the $2,000 pizza, 24k magic. Yeah. I’m so excited. This is going to be awesome. All right, let’s do this. [MUSIC PLAYING] That looks so good. We’re going to add
some truffles on top. This is the gold. That took a lot of time. But worth it. Because now we have
gold on our pizza. It’s true. Parmesan gold. We can call this garlic powder. Garlic powder? I want that. I’ve never felt so expensive in
my life just being around it. It’s very pretty. It’s like a work of art. I almost don’t– The color Is beautiful. It’s the black, gold, and red. It makes a nice contrast. [MUSIC PLAYING] So Derek’s really excited
to have the expensive pizza. So I talked to the
chef beforehand, and he’s basically
going to swap out the expensive slice with
a cheap slice of pizza that looks similar. And Derek’s going to think it’s
the regular expensive pizza. It’s going to be so funny. They’re coming. He’s walking. Ready for this? Oh, wow. Wow. Thank you. You can eat the gold. OK. Oh my gosh, that will be sick. Take a picture of that. It tastes like money. I don’t even know
what that means. All right. Good? Wow. This is like 9000 things going
on in my mouth right now. I’m super excited because it’s
got gold and fish eggs on it. I feel a little bit
bad because I probably won’t have another bite. [CHUCKLE] Really? I mean, something about
it is a little bit fishy. What if I’m allergic to gold? Maybe you’re allergic to gold. [MOANING] Are you guys having fun? There’s a lot of stuff on this. Oh, I licked it. I’m like getting hit
constantly by gold flakes. What just happened? I don’t want another one. I’ll take a pass. I’m glad you guys
are enjoying yours. It’s horrible. You’ve got a little
gold on your lip. It’s to protect
his silver tongue. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is art. This is pure art right here. Life– Hi. Life of a foodie right– Hi, how are you doing? Right there. Amazing. Incredible. Amazing. OK, who’s ready for desert? Me. Me. Our $1,000, it says, let go. I tried to push the pull door. Hey guys, welcome
to Serendipity. I’m Chef Joe. Hi. Today, we’re going to
make the Golden Opulence Sundae, so come on in. [MUSIC PLAYING] So today we are going to be
making the Golden Opulence Sundae, the Guinness World
Record Most Expensive Sunday in the World. We will line the goblet with
23 karat edible gold leaf. We have chocolate here to
put onto the ice cream. It’s a mix of the world’s most
expensive chocolate, which is Amedei Porcelana,
and the world’s rarest chocolate, Amedei Chuao. We top this sundae off
with this beautiful orchid, and this takes about
eight hours to make. It’s made of sugar, and
it’s dipped in edible gold. And then we have dessert caviar. This is salt-reduced
caviar that is infused with passion fruit and
Armagnac to give it a kind of a sweet flavor. And then, of course,
you don’t eat a sundae like this with any spoon. These are 18 karat
solid gold spoons. So when we eat this, it makes
it more expensive, right? Yes. Yes, it does. Thanks guys. I knew it. OK, so I’ve been pranking
Derek and not really giving him the expensive food at
the place that we went, so I want to do it here too. So I brought just Ben
& Jerry’s ice cream, can you just give him that? Yeah, sure. And we have these
sugar fake gold sugar flakes that we can put
on instead of the gold leaf. [CHUCKLE] He’s totally going
to fall for it I will do that. OK, All right. Thank you. I’m going to go back upstairs. I keep just wafting
everything to myself. So this is the ice cream. This is specially made
Tahitian vanilla ice cream. And to give it a more
intense vanilla flavor, we take Madagascar
vanilla bean, and we’re going to infuse the ice cream
with this vanilla essence. That is super impressive
too just to watch. Oh my god. We’re going to
start to gold leaf the inside of the
goblet, just to give it this beautiful modeled look. And working with gold
leaf is very difficult because it flows around
and sticks to everything. Now, most people say, oh,
what’s it like eating gold? Well, it’s a really
cool experience. Gold doesn’t really
have a flavor, but it does have a texture
and especially when it’s on something
cold like ice cream. It’s a dream It’s like the most beautiful
thing I’ve ever seen in my life And then we’re going to
take some of our chocolate. That’s the world’s most
expensive and the rarest chocolate. He’s really taking it. [LAUGHTER] He’s touching Touch. You do it. Later, you guys could make
a grill with these too. What? [CHUCKLE] Oh my god, right
now this is just– Be like Nelly. This is the life. Hold on tight, Derek. Hold on tight. This is a dream. I’m so happy. I cried. I’m going to place them Oh my gosh, it is a
snowman made of gold. That’s a gold snowman. I like that it’s blowing. That’s cool. Can you blow on a rose petal? And that is the Golden
Opulence Sundae. Oh my god. Oh my god. I don’t even know how to react. This is so beautiful. For those who don’t know,
I am a huge fan of food. So this makes me want to cry. He stepped out for a second,
but he finished the ice cream. This is so cool. And this is for you. Rachel said you’re a
germaphobe, so we’ve put some on the side for you. We’re taking care of you. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’m so nervous. OK, looks so good. It’s actually amazing. You don’t even like ice cream. I don’t even like ice
cream, and this is like– this is good. It’s nice. [CHUCKLE] You know, this tastes
pretty expensive. It makes me feel kind of bougie. I feel like I could
be a Kardashian. Ooh. I get it. I get wanting to have this. So even if it’s just a
one-time experience in my life, I had it. I mean, this is the healthier
alternative to candy. It’s probably a healthier
alternative too silver. I can’t even identify
what this tastes like. [CHUCKLE] An almond. They’re fighting
with this thing. No. [SCREAMING] Oh my god,
what have you done? [INAUDIBLE] What have you done? Oh my God. OK guys, so I got my grill. It’s really nice. It’s only on the bottom
of my tooth though. Here, I’ll go buy more. I got it on my lip. Oops. [CHUCKLE] You did a terrible job. No, I’m doing great. Well, I couldn’t afford
the whole tooth, OK? Originally, I said
that I was only going to have one
bite because I didn’t want to get everyone else sick,
but then I decided against it. And now you’re all
going to get sick. Well, here’s the thing. I’ve got my own that I finished. It was delicious And it was really good? It was very expensive feeling. I feel– So you could taste this? You could taste the difference? Yes. It definitely was
a huge difference You’re the definition
of placebo? [MUSIC PLAYING]