My friend, India’s friend, the president
of the United States of America, Mr Donald Trump.
Namaste Trump. The first lady and I have just travelled
8000 miles around the globe to deliver a message to every citizen
across this nation. America loves India.
America respects India. And America will always be faithful
and loyal friends to the Indian people. The life of prime minister Modi
underscores the limitless promise of this great nation. He started out by his father’s side
as chaiwalla, a tea seller. When he was a young man, he worked
at a cafeteria in this city. Everybody loves him. But I will tell you this:
he’s very tough. The prime minister and I will also
continue our important discussions about how to deepen the relationship
between our two great countries. Both of us understand that when
leaders put the interests of their own citizens first, we can forge
strong and fair partnerships to build a safer and more prosperous world. As we continue to build our defence
cooperation, the United States looks forward to providing India with
some of the best and most feared military equipment on the planet. We are in the early stages of discussion,
for an incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment
between the United States and India. And I am optimistic that working together,
the prime minister and I can reach a fantastic deal that’s good
and even great for both of our countries. Except that he’s a
very tough negotiator.