OVR Travel Hi everyone During September 2018 I stayed at the
Trump International Hotel in Las-Vegas Here’s what I think you should know about it… It is a remarkable 64-story golden tower
with 1,282 non-smoking guest rooms The location is north to/above
“The Las Vegas Strip” The hotel’s environment is relatively quiet
and a bit far from the crowded Strip The Strip is where you will find the more
popular & conventional attractions But I think some of the best attractions in town
are right next to the Trump hotel The Bellagio Fountains which you see here
are about 30 minutes walk from the Trump hotel Keep in mind the Trump doesn’t offer any
casinos or shows like other hotels nearby Visitors of the Trump can use
a free shuttle during most of the day One place it stops is at the “Wynn” hotel And the other stop is at the Caesars Palace Right next to the Trump hotel is
the “Fashion Show” shopping mall It is a big and modern shopping mall with
many branded shops & reasonable food court BTW, while I was visiting Vegas
there was a convoy that drew a lot of attention It appears there was a political rally… that was hosted by someone who goes by the name… Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the hotel… The Trump offers free parking to its visitors From the moment you step inside
you realize how classy this place is The lobby is very impressive The reception, concierge & the rest of the staff
were welcoming, professional & available 24/7 At the lobby there’s a restaurant I didn’t eat there, but it seems luxurious
and the menu is priced accordingly At the lobby you can also find
“The Trump Store” gift shop To reach the elevators you’re required
to show your keycard to a staff member There are 3 elevator sections,
each one will take you to different floors Next to the elevators you will find ATMs Let’s take a ride to the upper floors First stop – the pool floor Here you’ll find a fully equipped gym And right under the desert’s sun
is an outdoor swimming pool Lovely view huh!? Around the pool you’ll find hot tubs You can grab yourself a chair or a daybed And even a cabana if you want to spoil yourself… But keep in mind that some of
these amenities are not cheap Also, there’s a pool bar / restaurant And an attractive spa Now I wanna show you the room I stayed in Let’s see what’s hiding in here… Remember – the cardkey is your best friend! First, let’s look at the view… Now you can realize the distance
of the Trump hotel from the Strip The room was relatively spacious,
well-equipped and maintained properly This is a “Superior King Room” for 3 people
with an extra-large double bed & a sofa bed The bed, sofa & pillows were very convenient And I would like to praise the room service
that proved to be extremely efficient! The only problem I encountered was that
upon arrival I found used coffee capsules It took the staff less than
5 minutes to solve this issue The housekeeping staff was kind, efficient
and didn’t save a thing to make my stay fantastic The room was well decorated I had free WiFi that was quite fast
but it occasionally disconnected There was lots of storage space The bathroom is an extension of
all the superlatives I used so far I enjoyed an abundance
of clean towels & toiletries The free toiletries were from good quality This hot tub was a genuine pleasure… The shower’s water flow was excellent
and the water were hot right from the start The shower head dripped a bit when I shut it off
so I had to play with the handle to make it stop I cannot express in words
how I feel about Las Vegas Leaving this place was a hard thing for me to do… But I’m already planning my next visit to Vegas And I will definitely consider booking another
round at the brilliant Trump International Hotel… Thanks for watching a video by
“Original Video Reviews”